My girlfriend is pregnant, making me dumb …

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Lele is my college classmate. When I was in school, our feelings were quite good. I lived together and lived together. After graduating from college, we did n’t have much contact due to various reasons. Maybe we really have a relationship.Two years later, we even went to the same company to apply, and we were all admitted together that day.The company is relatively large, and the competitiveness is naturally fierce. I am a relatively quiet girl, but Lele’s personality is lively and outgoing. In working positions, we naturally choose different.There is a better way out to challenge herself. She chose the work of the marketing department.

However, it didn’t take long to work, and unexpected things happened. Lo Le was familiar with the person who had a relationship with the marketing department for a long time. At this timeIn the early thirties, because of the strong work ability, and the little king, they are also handsome. They are particularly welcomed by girls in the market department.Inadvertently, Lele also had an admiration for Xiao Wang. Every night, he always listened to Lele said what Xiao Wang was. If she could chase her hands, then the love career would be harvested.

Time has passed quickly. We have been in the company for almost a year. Because of its outstanding work ability, Lele has a good relationship with the company’s employees, and it will soon be promoted to the supervisor. As a girlfriend, I am really happy for her, butThere is a kind of anxiety that makes me worry about her. Recently, she is always mysterious. I do n’t know what she is doing. Ask her, she does n’t tell me. Seeing that she is so happy, I ’m not serious about it until last week.Xiao Wang’s birthday, the scene of the hotel made me completely stunned.

At that time, we were eating at the hotel. Suddenly several men came in and punched Lele to kick and kick, until colleagues fully pulled away those talents.Afterwards, Lele did not go to the company to work anymore. Later, she told me that there was a chance to be promoted at the time. Due to the high competitiveness, she was not very sure at the time, so she found the little king, but the little king was alsoShe made a request that she would be her girlfriend in the future. Lele was really happy at the time. She didn’t expect Xiao Wang to like her, so the two were logical together, and Lele got as expected as expectedThe chance of promotion.

I thought that two people could be happy together. What I did not expect was that the little king had a girlfriend who often went abroad to travel abroad, and Xiao Wang had a Lele idea outside because of a long time separation.The person who hit her last time was Xiao Wang’s girlfriend who hired someone to fight her after knowing it. Afterwards, Lele also left the company. Not long ago, Lele called to say that she was pregnant, and the child was Xiao Wang’sShe said that after she was ready to wait for the child to be born, she went to find Xiao Wang and asked me if I could, which made me really speechless for a while.

Sometimes, there are too many temptations in life, and for women who have just entered the society, it is difficult to based on women. In order to quickly improve their status and make their careers less detours, some girls often suffer from benefits.The drive and ambiguous with the boss, the boss, the boss, unknown, the only one who was injured in the end was only yourself.

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