My girlfriend is pregnant, let me tell my parents, what should I do?

I saw such an emotional help online today:

The girlfriend was pregnant and decided not to have a abortion.The girlfriend’s idea was to let the boy send a text message to tell his parents that it is necessary to let his parents know about it.But the boy felt that he had only been in love for half a year. His girlfriend had not seen his parents and told his parents a bit suddenly.The boy has been delaying. The girl is a little angry. The boy doesn’t know what to do. He hesitates to tell his parents, and even think the girl is a bit ignorant?

For such a situation, first of all, my girlfriend is pregnant is a good thing. As a boyfriend, she should persuade her not to have a miscarriage. If you really love her, you must try to retain the child.This is the crystallization of two people’s love. Boys are responsible, and their girlfriends cannot be miscarriage directly.In addition, boys should say the situation to their parents.After all, this requirement of his girlfriend is not too much. The reason why this is also to see the attitude of the boy’s parents, and also thinking that the two people can have a good future.The following suggestions may be helpful to the boy.

If the boy loves her girlfriend, she must understand her, understand her true thoughts, and know what she wants.Instead of considering the problem from the perspective of your own, this is irresponsible and not responsible.Judging from the current situation of the two people, my girlfriend may have the idea of getting married and leaving her baby, but girls sometimes do not want to look too active.Therefore, let the boy speak to his parents and see what it means to do.

The boy wants to deal with the most important thing about his girlfriend’s pregnancy.If a boy does not want his girlfriend to have a miscarriage, he must deal with everything around such an idea.For example, how to communicate with your parents, how to persuade your girlfriend, and even communicate effective communication with his girlfriend’s parents. These are all to do.Therefore, the boy must think clearly and be responsible for the relationship between the two.

If a boy wants to retain the child, he wants to marry a girl.Then, we must find ways to tell my parents euphemistically.And, if you think clearly, what if your parents do not agree that the two are together, what should I do if they do not agree with the child?How to persuade your parents and how to better protect your girlfriend are not harmed, these are all considered.

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