My girlfriend dreamed of killing someone, so tell her story

Girlfriend said that she had a strange dream. She killed people in the dream. She felt that she was innocent and not intentionally killed, but the police came to her house to ask her every day.She has been lying, the police can’t find evidence, and she can’t help it.She was very tired and tangled by her daily police inquiries, so she should surrender.

Because I have read some dreams of dreaming.Those books say that dreams are actually reflection of their own hearts, and every dream has meaning.If you want to unbutton your dreams, you must think of what happened before dreaming and what he thought before falling asleep.

I asked her: What did you think before going to bed that night?

She said: I was thinking, should I tell my boyfriend that I have a disease.

I said: What does the doctor say.

She said: The doctor said that her illness can be controlled and can have children, but it may be harder than others. The doctor said that she does not have to tell the people who are not related to her disease.

I said: You don’t think your dreams are actually the result of your own thoughts.You kill people in your dreams, you are tortured by conscience every day, and you are thinking about whether you want to surrender.

She said: Yes.The tangled inner activity in the dream made me uncomfortable.

I said: Did your dream give you the answer?

She said: No.I didn’t tell me in the dream, did I go to surrender in the end.

I said: But your dream told you that you did not surrender, and endured the police knocking on the door every day, and his heart was very torment.

She said: But I went to surrender, and I was sentenced to death.Even if you do not die, I will squat in jail.

I said: Is this like your current situation?You go to confess to your boyfriend, you think he will leave you, your end of the world, is it?But you don’t confess, you live in a torment every day, isn’t it?

She said: Yes.I have no answer.What do you think?

I said: I don’t know.I don’t know if you can withstand the pain of losing him.

She said: You also think I told him that I have a disease, and he will leave me?

I said: I don’t know.The best result is that of course he can accept you, you can not have to suffer.However, what can you do if you say it?

She said: I said, I don’t have to look at the illness secretly every six months, and I secretly hit the needle a month.Not to mention, I have to secretly go to the doctor and get an injection by myself.

I said: How is your disease control?

She said: Fortunately, the blood routine test is normal.And the doctor said that as long as it is 39 years old, the disease will basically not develop.

In the end, I don’t know how she decides.I don’t know what they will in the future.Many things are not the parties. They can’t experience the contradiction and tangled mood.But I bless her, I hope she accepts herself and don’t care too much about her disease.In fact, many times, mental health, don’t want to be so much, it will be much happier.

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