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I thought I would cry excitedly. After all, I was looking forward to more than two years from getting married in May 14th to 16 years, but it was actually quite calm.I believed the test paper, but I was still afraid of getting wrong, and then went to the hospital to draw blood officials.At that time, I was very excited. I wanted to tell the results quickly that they were also happy. The husband was very calm. It was notified to notify the family after a while, and then the family was as happy as expected, and then caring for all kinds of concerns.

The pregnancy was also very surprised that month. According to the usual menstrual cycle, there should be two or three days before the ovulation day, and no ovulation monitoring was performed.After deciding the test tube, the mentality is a lot relaxed. It is estimated that it also affects endocrine, causing ovulation to advance. Sometimes I wonder if I was wrong in the same room before. I was not pregnant. In short, this is an unexpected surprise!

After pregnancy, I have joy and worry. I am happy to be a mother. I am worried about whether the baby is healthy, and then go to the hospital for examination. Fortunately, everything is smooth. Except for the first B -ultrasound, there is any on the right side of the right side of the B -ultrasound.A cyst, it is estimated that it is recurrence after surgery, or it may be a physiological cyst, but the menstruation will not come after pregnancy, and the cysts will not be long, so it is not very worried.Then there are various inspections such as building cards, Tang Si, three -dimensional, sugar, and so on. Vajrayana passed smoothly.(I joked with the old public, saying that I had King Kong to protect it, and then named it to the baby in the belly :)))).).It is quite sensible for King Kong Was. Not only did it not use test tubes, it saved 30,000 to 50,000. Tang Si also low risks to avoid secondary screening. King Kong baby was really a good baby.

When I was pregnant until three or four months, I started my pregnancy reaction. I would vomit my teeth in the morning. The stomach was empty. I also vomited when I smelled the smell of the car’s tail.Very considerate mother.By 4 months, the response slowly had less, then my appetite was better, my weight began to grow crazy, and I did n’t eat too good things during the actual pregnancy. Because my husband and I were alone in the city of N, there was no loved ones, and eating was basically together.Make up, I feel sorry for King Kongwa, but maybe the pasta eats a lot, the weight is going up quickly, and the people are a lot of fat. They no longer use cosmetics.EssenceThinking that after giving birth to King Kong, you must lose weight and maintain yourself, otherwise it will really become a yellow -faced wife!

The three -dimensional appointment time is later. Go to the women and children to perform three -dimensional B -ultrasound according to the appointment time. The process is quite successful. I thought I would see the general appearance of King Kongwa, but the B -ultrasound was printed and blurred.The image is a little disappointed.Although I was a little curious about the gender of King Kong and a little worried about the family. After all, the old man was a little heavily male and young. Although he did not say it, he could feel it.But I will love him/her, no matter men and women, let him/her grow happy and healthy!Do not let anyone bully him/her.

After the three -dimensional report came out, the card was transferred to the large card built by the Military Region N.I didn’t want to go to the military region, but considering the place where the place where it lived, it was relatively convenient to go to the military region and easy to stop. Finally, I chose the military region. I thought that I would return to my hometown after the year, but I did some routine inspections here.Go to build a card the next day, the doctor gave a bunch of orders, which includes the training course fee of pregnancy production, 11 conventional production inspection fees from built cards to production, hepatitis B HIV inspection fee, etc.These are superfluous. On the one hand, they plan to return to their hometown to produce. The training classes are carried out on their working days and the traffic is inconvenient. I will not listen to classes at all;The inspection fee is also unreasonable, and the previous surgery including community hospitals has performed infectious disease examinations. It is not necessary to repeat repeated inspections. Therefore, I don’t want to pay these fees. HoweverFei can know that there are so many unreasonable fees. If you have to refund the fee after paying, you must sign the doctor. Take it to the doctor and disagree with it. And the attitude is very bad. It is really angry to think about it!IntersectionNot only does the M -city military region, including community hospitals also have such a situation. Many lists are opened without the patient’s knowledge, and many of them are unnecessary.I built a small card in a community hospital before, and I went to the 800 yuan list for the first time, including what nutritional guidance. This cost is not necessary. It should be considered whether the patient agrees., Directly open the order, do not give printed cases, do not know what fees are before paying!IntersectionIn addition, the general first pregnant person does not understand these examinations of the hospital at all. In the psychological and obedient payment of the doctor, the doctor uses the patient’s psychology to make profits. These may be the hospital’s income way, unscrupulous!IntersectionIntersection

If the refund is not possible, the New Year will be celebrated after a long time. If you do n’t want to take care of them to affect the mood, you will temporarily open the card. After about two times in the past, you will simply check the fetal heart and quantity.The abdominal circumference is not done, even the conventional hematuria is not done (these are within the scope of the medical insurance, the hospital is estimated that it is not profitable), 3*weekly B -ultrasound returned to his hometown after annual leave.

In 2017, the company’s operating conditions were not good. On vacation in advance, because the husband had not yet taken vacations, he packed things at home in the past few days. After the 25th, the husband returned to his hometown after his husband holiday, and officially began to give birth at home.Everything I imagined before returning home is very beautiful. It is convenient to take care of people at home. I can also go back to my mother’s house for a while.

I wo n’t say much in the New Year. My husband spent in the process of continuously rushing the field. I did n’t go out because of my physical reasons. This Spring Festival has passed in my husband ’s busy leisure, but because there are often guests who come to the house at homeI didn’t feel too boring. The sixth husband returned to work on the market at the beginning of the year.

After the relatives after the New Year’s Eve, everyone has been idle. He has a big eyes with his father -in -law all day long. There is nothing to do. There is nothing to talk about with them.I went to my mother’s house for a while.When I arrived at home, I felt a sense of relaxation. My younger brother and daughter -in -law went back to work. Usually, my parents and the little nephew were at home. However, the center of gravity at home was on the nephew.I was still struggling to watch him. After all, I couldn’t follow him all the time. I could n’t sleep well at night. My mother chatted with me in the middle of the night. I watched the little nephew out at home during the day and walked. The life was quite comfortable. After all, I was myself.From a young age, everything is familiar and casual, and I don’t feel as boring as my in -laws.However, such a life lasted for a few days. My brother -in -law did not want the nephew to stay in his hometown, and kept urging my mother to return to the city to see the child. I couldn’t go in the city. One was that the space could not live.It is inconvenient to live together. After all, it is not their own home. It happened that the grandfather’s grandfather was going to celebrate his birthday, so he returned to his mother -in -law.

On the day when my in -laws continue to be boring, the hometown is also lively in the New Year. After the young people, the young people have returned to the city to work. There are only some old men and old ladies left in the family. There are also some left -behind children.The father -in -law has been staying at home because he hasn’t lived, and it feels very inconvenient. He also cares about doing something by himself. In addition, his mother -in -law does not make appetite. The days are boring and depressed.Chatting, I was extremely depressed and melancholy, secretly cried several times, and I doubted whether it was prenatal depression. However, there was no good solution for such a life.Adjusting his mentality, I hope that King Kong’s birth will bring a trace of happiness.It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to shorten the time for prenatal rest, otherwise it is really sad to get idle. In addition, I have been working in the field after marrying my husband and I have not lived with my father -in -law.Fortunately, the parents -in -law are very kind people, but their habits are unavoidable to depressed together.

Fortunately, King Kong Was is still very powerful, and there are no major problems in the recent two -time checkup.About 33 weeks, maybe because of the oppression of King Kong, the left waist began to pain, not very strenuous to tolerate. The back of the thighs gradually felt pain in the back, and the belly was obviously falling.It is more difficult, it is difficult to turn over, and sleeping on the left and right is uncomfortable (a little better on the right side), King Kongwa has been kicked, only lying flat on the back, the pads on the back are better, but you are also worried about this.Sleeping can cause diamond to dare not lie down for a long time. In short, sleeping without a suitable position.During this time, the whole person seemed to be bulky, walking like a penguin, the family said that it was more tired than the people who had to give birth. I don’t know if it was fat or other.Pot, but the fetus is generally entered two or three weeks before giving birth. I feel that there are those symptoms in about 34 weeks. I wonder if King Kongwa will report it in advance.

The next few weeks is even more bulky, and sleeping at night has become the biggest problem.The birth check -in once a week is smooth, but every time my mother -in -law follows, but in fact, I can’t help much. I don’t let her follow her. She will only follow her.Come on myself, only the last week before the birth, people remembered to help me line up (I stood in front of me, waiting for others to sit next to others, sweat !!!), think about the whole pregnancy.To complete things that can be done, do not want to trouble others. The help of others feel that it is a burden. In order to make the people who care about it comfortable, they have to accept those who seem to be good at them (in fact they don’t help me, but feel that they feel that they feelRelax and happiness).

37 weeks B -ultrasound showed the diamond umbilical cord around the neck for a week, worried about it, I do n’t know how he caused him to wrap the neck, there is no around the neck in front.After a lap, I chatted with King Kong in the evening to let him go back again, but he was disobedient, until he gave birth to a week, he still reversed.

It ’s 38 weeks, and it’ s about to face production immediately. The baby ’s father asked me if I was nervous. To be honest, I was not very nervous. Maybe I was a little confident in my body. I always believed that I would give birth (170 height, and the pelvis was large).Involved in the issue of the baby’s father with maternity leave, in the heart, the King Kong baby discussed whether it could be launched on Friday, so that his dad could have two days more accompanying maternity leave, but this wish was not realized. King Kong pama chose to come out on Wednesday to come out on Wednesday.It’s!

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