My family (4)

"Daddy, mom, I’m away with Mao Hua. Don’t find me, wait for me to settle down, I will come back to visit you. Barbarian pen."

For a month of dark wind, my mother left a note on her grandparents on her dressing table, and went eloped with her love.

Tian Gang was bright, and the cocks in the hen nest had already shouted three times with his throat, and the hen giggled.Grandma got up early in the morning and put the chicken out of the hen nest, sprinkled a wooden scoop corn grain on the ground, and turned "barbaric -barbaric-" called my mother to get up.

I didn’t hear it as usual "get up -get up–" The crisp echo, my grandmother pushed away my mother’s hidden boudoir door, and saw the empty room, as if I understood something, crying so much.The grandfather came here and saw my mother’s note staying on the dressing table. There was a chest pain and almost fell to the ground.Throughout the day, my grandfather did not get into the water, my grandmother’s eyes were crying, and my throat was dumb; the grandfather "bar" pumping the dry cigarettes, a pot after another, and looked at the distance with no eyes.It seems to be capturing his barbarians.

At the age of eighteen, in the age of age and dreaming, my mother left her parents who loved her like a good year for love, and ran to the unknown ahead.

(Later, when my mother told us about this scene, her eyes were covered with tears, trying to suck my nose, and desperately did not let the tears flow out. There was sadness and regret.)

From the time, the mother’s spirit has become abnormal, Shier crying, Shier smashing the house, sometimes the hair is running wildly in the field ……

Hope with Qinglang’s mother, and only enjoyed the short -lived beauty, we ushered in the dog blood plot.Back to the provincial capital Maohua Yuanlu: I am idle, delicious, alcohol, gambling, and playing with women.I was drunk several times, and when I lost my gambling, I went home to ask my mother for money. My mother hit my mother without giving it, even if my mother was pregnant at that time.Many times, if it wasn’t for his parents, my mother would be killed by him.After finally giving birth to my brother, Mao Hua looked at the son who was waiting to be fed. After a few days of my mother, I punch and kick my mother with a little unpleasant heart.My brother was more than one year old, and Mao Hua came back with a cigarette woman with a cigarette.

My mother died completely.

One day three years later, my mother suddenly appeared in front of her grandparents with a toddler.Grandpa and grandmother looked at the thin girl in front of her, but they didn’t recognize it for a while.When they saw the barbarian that they thought about it day and night, they held my mother and cried loudly.

Grandma took my brother as a heart and liver, and he was sick suddenly, and never crazy again.My mother’s face gradually became bloody, and she looked the most beautiful when she restored the girl.

Marriage that does not get parents’ approval and blessings is destined to be unhappy and long -lasting.

Unfortunately, when we meet love in the rainy season, when we meet love, we rarely calm down and sober.Can you meet your life with your luck.

Maybe this is the shrinking of human beings.

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