My difficult pregnancy road (9) ovulation -promoting process

To detect follicles, ovulation promotion is a long process. You need to have a strong inner heart and determined perseverance, otherwise it is really easy to give up.Many times I almost couldn’t hold on. A small data would make me collapse and make me cry.As a person who struggled for so long on the road to pregnancy, I really want to say cheer for friends who have the same experience as me, and we will definitely succeed.

I hope that we can all tell our experiences, give some references for friends who are still on the road, and take less detours. This path is not easy. We encourage each other and give each other some warmth.

1. I am a versatile. The typical symptoms are irregular menstruation, fat, and follicles are not developed. There are more than a dozen follicles without medication each time.Intervention will grow up.

The polypool promotion will use specialized drugs. If you do not use it under the guidance of a doctor, do not use it randomly. The consequences are very bad.There are also ovulation needles. At the request of the doctor, it can only be played after the follicles mature. You should not hit it in a small clinic. The follicles are not mature.

2. After the follicles are mature, the follicles are generally discharged from 24 hours to 48 hours. During this period, they should be in the same room under the guidance of the doctor.Within 3-5 before the same room, the man is best to exclude the essence by himself, so that the sperm can reach the best state when the doctor requests the ejaculation.

Generally, after the same room, you need to go to the hospital to do another B -ultrasound. See if the follicles are ruptured. If not, you need to take other methods to break, and then the same room.At that time, the doctor basically asked me to have the same room the next day.

3. When I am ovulation, I go to a hospital with a combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, so in the process of follicle development or follicular rupture, I often take some Chinese medicine methods, such as moxibustion, buried threads, acupuncture stickers, acupuncture, electro -needle,, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electric needle, electro -needle, electric needle.Chinese medicine soaking feet, etc., these more or less have some effects.

Some people are very good for the follicles. Soon, they do n’t break, and the oval needles are not broken. At this time, the doctor will use the method of writing Chinese medicine according to the situation. Many times it is also effective.Once I was that the follicles were almost the elder, and the Danshen given by the doctor could not describe the pain.

I will continue to talk about some things on the road to pregnancy. If you have any people who want to ask me, I will tell me privately, I will tell you what I know, and I hope to give you some suggestions.

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