My difficult driving test experience

“进”I am afraid there are few people, I have such a difficult driving test experience.

Many years ago, I was in my twenties, and my girlfriend wanted to pull me to take a driver’s license together.I knew that I had a poor ability to do, and I was not bold enough, so I refused without thinking.

After knowing my husband, he repeatedly advised me to go to the driver’s license, saying that the future trend must basically be driving.I still don’t move.Until he said that if I had a driver’s license, I could take turns to drive with him when driving by self -driving, which is far easier and safer than driving by him alone.

This reason persuaded me, so I went to the driving school to sign up day.

Ke Yichi has no pressure.From the beginning of the car into the warehouse, every time I practiced the car, I felt like I was driving the ducks on the shelves. I always touched my scalp and cheekily. As a dark face that did not see the coach, I bought smoke and water from time to time to please the coach.

After the exam, the challenges faced in the three games were obviously greater.Among them, the unilateral bridge has been going well while I have been practicing. The worst is the cake. How can I not be able to practice?None of them can be leaked, just test the cake! "

Although not well practiced, the coach has repeatedly urged me to apply for the exam.During the exam, I took the unilateral bridge.However, the most smoother project when I was practicing the car was smashed by me.

No way, I had to re -practice the car.On the day after paying the replenishment fee, I was sure that I was pregnant.Because this pregnancy is indeed not easy to come, and I have resisted the driving test, so I stopped the driving test, and I did not even return the re -examination fee of hundreds of yuan.

After the birth of the cub, the baby brought it hard, and could not take into account the follow -up driving test.

Until the cub enrolled, a big trouble was in front of me: I had to get to get off work myself every day, and I had to pick up the children.After struggling for one or two years, I finally went to the driving school to register again.

For so many years since the last driving test, I have been so older, and the difficulty of driving tests has also increased. This driving test must be much more difficult than the previous time.However, this time, I no longer retreat.

After experiencing three sections and three exams, I finally got my driver’s license.

In addition to celebrating, you are also considering buying a car again.After watching it on the Internet for a long time, a sudden news came into the eye: the recently listed Mazda CX -5, breaking the 140,000 yuan of the 140,000 yuan of the independent brand compact SUV, the priced price area, starting at 149,800 yuan.

The cost -effective is quite high!How about it?Can you give an opinion?

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