My brother -in -law and I were pregnant at the same time. My mother -in -law said that she couldn’t take care of it, and let me do it.

[Emotional story.Oral: Xiaoxiang Organ: Mo Yinuo]

Knowing with my husband is in college.In my sophomore, we felt good at each other and determined love relationships.After graduating from college, my husband and I each found a job that suits you. Although the income is not high, it is also sweet.

Over time, parents of both sides also acquiesced in our things, and a wedding for us after graduation.

On the same day, there is a twin brother of her husband.In fact, I am not new to get married on the same day.So when the in -laws proposed to give us a wedding on the same day, we also readily accepted it.After that, they returned to their peaceful life.

It’s about half a year, I’m pregnant

Husband’s parents do some small business locally.It is really busy during the peak season.Since I am pregnant, my mother -in -law has intentionally or unintentionally said in front of me that there is business in our family who is busy, so I may not be able to help you bring your children in the future.Although I was uncomfortable, I didn’t say anything.

My daughter -in -law is a nurse in our local hospital. Soon after I was pregnant, I was pregnant.Unfortunately, when I was five months pregnant, I found that there was a problem with the fetal heart, and I could only do induction.

During that time, my daughter -in -law had a low emotional mood and asked for leave at home.My mother -in -law often boil her chicken soup to make up for her body. I can fully understand that after all, no one is willing to happen.Gradually, her brother -in -law recovered, and she went to work normally.But I can obviously feel that every time she looks at my eyes with a big belly, it always makes people feel heartache.I sincerely hope that she will have a healthy baby after raising her body.

But often things are not as good as people.My daughter is still three years old. Her belly is still not improved.

On January 1, 2016, the national two -child policy was officially implemented.My husband and I planned to have a child who would have to regenerate when the policy permit, so that the daughter would not be alone in the future.

Because my husband and I were not young, it took me half a year to prepare for pregnancy in the early stage. I was pregnant with a second child as expected.

I didn’t plan to tell my mother -in -law the news of pregnancy. After all, they were busy and said what they took care of.

At this moment, good news came from his brother -in -law, knowing that his brother -in -law was happy after his pregnancy.Coincidentally, the due date of my brother -in -law is about 10 days away from me.I wanted to go, but I still decided to tell my mother -in -law about my pregnancy. After all, the two daughter -in -law had to have a psychological preparation in advance when the two daughters -in -law had to have a confinement mother -in -law at the same time.

I called my mother -in -law. I thought she would be very happy. I didn’t expect her to say, "Your brother and daughter -in -law have to take a confinement. I can’t take care of it alone. You already have a baby.Regenerate in a few years. "

I couldn’t believe my ears at all, and I couldn’t believe it was what my mother -in -law said to me.The mood was suddenly bad …

In fact, my mother has been helping me to bring my children in my mother since my daughter, and my mother -in -law has hardly control it.Sometimes I can feel my mother -in -law’s favoritism to my brother and daughter -in -law, but that’s all causes, and I can understand it.She said today that I was so indifferent to life, and I was really shocked.

In the evening, my husband got off work, and I had a big argument with him for granted …

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