My boyfriend, who had been dating for five years, said that he would not give Cai Li, but I decided to break up, but found that I was pregnant …

Wonderful Phoenix Man.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for five years. When they talk about marriage, they do n’t give up their family. I resolutely decided to break up, but I found that I was pregnant at this time.My pregnancy is the calculation of my boyfriend. Their family is waiting for my family .. I have fell in love with my boyfriend Zhao Wenyu for 7 years. He is a golden phoenix flying out of the town.He is the chief physician in the 3rd Hospital of the city.Fortunately, the family structure is simple, and it is said that the mother -in -law lives together after marriage.

Seven years later, we have also reached the point of talking about marriage. In order to talk to me about marriage, Zhao Wenzi took her mother from the countryside. I went to the airport early in the morning.As a result, Zhao Wenyu told me that the foreskin trains made by fucking, I remember that I bought a ticket, but the time was too late. I had to take a car to the train station to see the future.Zhao Wenyu’s mother was wearing a half of the old, and she was also covered with dust, and a snake skin bag was dragged behind.

When she saw it, I complained, why did she come for so long? I see that she was my future mother -in -law and endured her scolding.Wen Yanxian justified for myself, I set a ticket for you · … I haven’t finished speaking yet.Zhao Wen’s mother’s slap was pumped on my arm. At this moment, it was midsummer. I was wearing short sleeves. Her rough palms were very strong. When the slap, the arm was swollen and swollen, which hurt me to suck.gas.You … Zhao’s mother yelled, sprayed on my face and lost money.

She stretched out a finger and poked my head. How expensive the air ticket was. I pumped straight and explained that I spent my salary … Your salary is not my son’s money, how dare you dare to mess aroundI spent my money, I was scolded a bit.For theory, Zhao Wenyu’s mother was keenly aware that her feet were sitting on the ground and splashing.

The daughter -in -law hit someone, and a group of people eating melon was surrounded by a daughter -in -law.Seeing that Zhao Wen’s mother was plain, she immediately preferred that my mother bullied Zhao Wenyu, and pointed at me for a while.My face was flushed, and I couldn’t wait to find a ground sewing into it.Hurry up and helped Zhao Wenyu’s mother outside the station. Zhao Wenyu’s mother hummed coldly and threw all heavy objects on me. I made an appointment and was moving to the car.

Zhao Wenyu’s mother saw that the thin body broke out of huge energy. She pushed me to the ground, lost money, and stunned me with my hands.So who told you to spend my son’s money, I killed you with shameless species.I was beaten up, pushed her away, sat on the ground, shouted in the crying day, or the driver couldn’t stand it, and it leaned directly to me.

I sent us two to the house where Zhao Wenzi was rented. The original mother of Zhao Wenzi wanted me to carry a big bag.Tolls, she couldn’t get her face, so she retracted her hand. I made up my mind and would not live with him in the future.

When Zhao Wenzi returned home, I pulled him to the room and poured hard, but when I stretched the arm’s arm to Zhao Wenzi, Zhao Wenzi just pushed me out impatiently. My mother pulled me alone from a young age.Big, if she doesn’t save, can I still grow so big?Zhou Yang can not be so princess. My mother is so old. I was shocked by Zhao Wenyu’s complaints. Obviously I was the one who was wronged. Obviously I was abused.Zhao Wenyu made me tolerate, and you made it clear.

Zhao Wenyu opened the door of the bedroom and walked out, called and pulled her girlfriend out for a meal. Girlfriend Li Yanyan was a lawyer who dragged her sister. She would rush to my house on the spot and kill Zhao Wenyu and his mother.She could remove the roofs.In the end, we went shopping outside the morning and asked to go home in the early morning.There is no lighting at home. The bowl of the kitchen is not washed, and there is a bottle of pickles on the table. The taste is unpleasant.Go back to the room to get pajamas. How can I know that the bedroom door is locked? Zhao Wenyu knocked on the door, there was no sound inside, and the second bedroom opened. Zhao Wenyu’s mother walked out impatiently, slap in my face, and died.Without noisy, she "closed the door to the next bedroom, Guan’s shocking sky, when I wanted to catch up, she had been locked. In this little home where I and Zhao Wenyu, I was abandoned. I was shocked to say thatIf you do n’t speak, you retreat again and again, sitting on the sofa, crying and sending messages with your girlfriend. Girlfriends sent several shocking emoticons and posted several ellipsis. At first glance, it was speechless.She was accompanied by a lawyer as an agent. She was helpless to lie alone on the sofa alone, and the grievances could not be sleepy.Cooking. Zhao Wenyu’s mother put away the cup and scolded me. Who is so lazy as you, do you want to starve our family text? I touch the water on my face.

Seeing that Zhao Wen’s mother was wearing my new pajamas, or Li Yanyan gave me a birthday gift.I dumbly asked: Why don’t you tell me if you wear my clothes?Zhao Wenyu’s mother is straightforward: Your things are not bought by my son’s money, and I can’t wear it.Seeing that she was about to quarrel again, Zhao Wenyu walked out of the room impatiently, and did not explain the matter of sleeping with his mother yesterday. What was noisy early in the morning, and to go to work.The anger in the heart reminds Zhao Wenwen again, don’t forget that at noon in the hotel room in the hotel last week.In order to watch my marriage to my marriage and Zhao Wen’s family, Zhao Wenyu’s mother came over to talk about marriage. I made an appointment to eat at 13 noon. My parents were waiting in the private room early.I ordered a table that Zhao Wenzi loved to eat, but we only waited for two hours.Zhao Wenyu’s family was late, and before entering the door, he heard a big voice on the corridor shouting: How much does it cost.It’s really a prodigal.How can I live in the future, my face is not good.

Still my mother persuaded him to continue the dust on the position. Zhao Wenzi pushed in in the door. He didn’t say hello to my parents, and only cared for his mother to seat.Zhao Wenyu’s mother picked three crushed thoughts in her mouth, and she was not hot enough for a while. When she picked it, my dad’s face was darker than the bottom of the pot.Zhao Wenyu’s mother took a sip of tea.Since Zhou Buck has followed our text for seven years, let’s find time to do things.Listening to her, I was a little uncomfortable.What is it that I have followed Zhao Wenzi for seven years? In the past seven years, we have been in a normal love, and I also have my life.It seems that I have been a name for Zhao Wenzi for seven years. The underground lover who has no points, my mother frowned unpleasantly, but still squeezed a smile.My dear mother, then let’s open the sunroof to speak brightly. The children have reached the point of talking about marriage and marriage. We have to talk about colorful gifts and dowry.

I haven’t finished talking, Zhao Wenyu’s mother shouted the table, and the tea cups in her hand were filmed by her. What kind of gift was needed?Your family Zhou buckwheat live with our text, and I was unhappy after listening.Continue to say good words: My mother, the two children are free to fall in love, and they are not rare before marriage.Since it is to get married, there are many links: Cai Li and dowry. It seems that it is considered that the problems of colorful gifts in the society have been considered a lot.My mother rushed to add in front of Zhao Wen’s mother.Of course, our family is not selling daughters. At that time, there will be a lot of buckwheat and buckwheat to take them home.

My mother took out her sincerity, but Zhao Wen’s mother was a table. Your daughter asked my son to sleep for seven years. If you do n’t marry my son, you can marry.You still want to be a gift, and you don’t want to think that your daughter’s daughter is something. If you fall in love, you will not check. Now you still want to rely on men to be a gift.Zhao Wenyu’s mother patted the table fiercely. My mother was fainted by this sentence, and no matter how good the cultivation was, she couldn’t stand such humiliation. Besides, I was also my mother’s heart.I have said this. I was also my son chased my daughter. My daughter saw that your son was thin like monkeys, and no one took care of it in the hospital. Then he lived in the house rented by your son to take care of him. My daughterSome kind, gentle and considerate, dog bite Lu Dongbin.Zhao Wenyu’s mother heard my mother’s refutation, and stood up straight from the seat, and the bowl in her hand hit the ground fiercely.I said how dare this little bitch dares to ask my son for a gift?It turns out that your mother is not on the beam and the lower beam, see if you support your non -inspection slut B so much?You did not get married when you got married and let the man sleep?You stop, my mother’s cup of water splashed on Zhao Wen’s mother’s face.Zhao Wenzi’s mother’s face rushed over to hit my mother. I hurriedly reached out to stop it. How can I know that Zhao Wenzi was pushed me to the ground.Do not hurt my mother.My calf hit the table legs, and a large piece of blue purple appeared on the fair skin, which hurt me to suck the cold.Seeing that I fell, Zhao Wenzi flashed in my eyes.B, you’re okay, … to help me get up.But her mother opened his hand and scolded in her mouth.You have forgotten the daughter -in -law without passing the door. You have forgotten the daughter -in -law.My mother almost fainted, or my dad was guarding her.

She begged to be injured by Zhao Wen’s mother.I stretched up my body to get up from the ground, and I had only disappointment in my eyes.To be honest, if it wasn’t for seven years of love, the cost of sinking was too high.I have long wanted to break up with Zhao Wenzi.He forgot his time as soon as he worked, and often put me pigeons.Other couples are sweet and sweet in the cinema.I can only lonely waiting for the empty position next to my seat.Other girls call her boyfriend’s stomach pain, and there will always be Meituan to buy medicines to deliver the goods.I call him not only to be annoyed by him, but only let me drink more hot water.

In the family environment, he pushed me to the ground regardless of the blue and red soap, and did not care about what my mother was bullied by his fierce mother.Such a family is not a fire pit, what is the fire pit, I sink down, enough.Zhao Wenyu’s mother was shouted by me, and her fingers couldn’t wait to poke into the tip of my nose.Little bitch, you dare to yell at me, you … I untegivatedly pulled her hand.Zhao Wenyu and his mother were stunned on the spot and shouted shocked: You are no longer married.Your family took out this attitude, and Zhao Wenyu saw that I was going.Do you want to give up if you say that you will let it go in the past seven years?It was seven years together, and it was not enough to disappoint me for seven years?Regardless of the blame of red soap and white, I pushed me to the ground.If I have contradictions with your mother in the future, do you still have to have a domestic violence, how can you predict what happened without?I still miss me like this.Zhao Wenyu’s dissatisfaction on his face.I sneered and greeted the waiter to check out.Zhao Wen’s mother saw that I was going to leave. When she came out, she narrowed her eyes and threatened.If you don’t want to get married, don’t want a point in Cai Li.It wasn’t until the moment I got the medical examination report that I knew what the last words of Zhao Wen’s mother meant?You are pregnant, the female doctor’s words are buzzing, until I walk to the door of the house rented with Zhao Wenzi, I am still at a loss. How can I get pregnant and Zhao Wenzi.Measures also allow him to buy the right condom. I can’t get pregnant?

Renting a set of commercial and residential LOFT, but it is very close to a hospital.At this moment I can clearly hear the high voice of Zhao Wen’s mother in the room.You ignore her in the past few days, cold, and get used to her.You don’t want to think about it, she has been sleeping with you for seven years, and who has to go out, which man wants her.The rotten broken shoes could not let her have a day of turning, and I trembled angrily.Why dare Zhao Wenyu’s mother dare to say so?Zhao Wen’s words were spoken. Originally, I thought he was at least a conscience and would maintain me, but he pushed me further to the abyss.

Zhao Wenyu’s voice was calm and impatient. I don’t know this truth. He sleeps with me for seven years. Not only the people in our hospital know, everyone in her unit also knows that her acquaintance circle will know.The derailed slut is cheap, who can she marry, as if she was poured with a bucket of cold water in the winter, she was shaking.I put Zhao Wenyu in the important position in my heart and deliberately rented a house next to the hospital. It takes an hour to commute to my company here. I worry that he will have stomach disease.Make up the box lunch for him at five o’clock every day. After taking it to the hospital, you can eat it. He never mentioned the colorful house, and never spend a penny of him.But all of this is me cheap in his heart!I took two steps back in a row and almost stood up. Zhao Wenzi went on to follow: Mom, you can rest assured that she was broken and she could not get married.I can’t wait to rush into the door of the door and this pair of mothers and sons.But when I was about to get the key to break the door, I heard Zhao Wen’s mother said: Son, how do you progress with your house?When I heard this, I grabbed the handle hand and shrunk back.Zhao Wenyu answered.Before not receiving a certificate, she kept refused to add my name. She lost money and waited for her father and mother to die. The things in her house were not all of our family. You will let her add your name in the house tomorrow.You hold her real estate certificate and ID card, and add the name first.I don’t know where she puts the real estate certificate. I know the ID card. I have a cold body, and my feet seem to have a lot of weight. They want to eat a unique household. I retracted my hand and forced myself not to enter the door.Now go in is to fight grass and snake, but will put themselves passive.

Judging from the shameless personality of Zhao Wenzi and her mother, they will be the wicked to tell the wicked first, and they will even break my reputation on the Internet.This society is more stringent to women, especially some lace news. These netizens who eat melon are the most faithful.In order to not be injured by public opinion, I have to get evidence of their mother and child attempting to eat a unique household. I forced myself to retract my hand and turned around.

I told Li Yanyan about this that she gave me an idea, and the victory was greater.In the cafe, Li Yanyan almost broke the coffee cup with bare hands.This family is too shameless.She calmed down quickly after she scolded her.Now it is a legal society. When you encounter this kind of rogue scum, let them and the public prosecution law encounters to see if they are capable, or the public prosecution law is capable.Now you still have an advantage. You first look for a chat record with Zhao Wenzi. I flipped a few pages with Li Yanyan. Finally, I found me clearly that Zhao Wenwen would not get a certificate to register and get married. I will definitely not add your name to the real estate certificate.Zhao Wenyu’s reply is buckwheat. Our relationship is seven years old. Is there a real estate certificate for seven years?I replied that this house was bought by my parents.It’s just that I haven’t renovated yet, it belongs to my pre -marital property.If Zhao Wenzi does not depend on the property before marriage, can’t you add my name? Does it make me feel at ease?

With this screenshot, Li Yanyan finally had a smile on his face. You can determine that Zhao Wenzi knows that this is your pre -marital property. You don’t want to let him be touched when you are not married, and you can be more convinced that he seeks the motivation of your property again.This dog man is the attending physician of the Third Hospital of the city. The reputation is too important to him. The reputation is related to his promotion. No wonder every time he is in the hospital, Zhao Wenyu is deeply affectionate with the catfish that I perform.I was impatient, as if I owed him a hundred thousand and 800,000.

It turns out that this is the case, it turns out that affection is performed.It turned out that the old and gentleness was to be promoted for the hospital evaluation title. It turned out that every minute and every second in my seven years was calculated about my family property. I was angry.Seeing that I want to drink a bite and ask the waiter to help me replace it with hot milk. Don’t be confused.Why not?Li Yanyan is much more sensible than I think. You are very high -quality. The undergraduate of 211, if not to take care of this dog man, but he is also a doctoral student, don’t be nothing, and by the way, he can sue Zhao Wenzi.

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