My boyfriend said that she was engaged when she was pregnant. I agreed and regretted it.

Oral: Editor Mo Yan: Coco Xiaozhe

My name is Mo Yan. I am 24 years old. There is a boyfriend who has been dating for two years. During the two years of dating, the prospective mother -in -law also urged a few times, but my mother has never agreed because my family is in Guangxi, and his family is in Shaanxi.It is too far away from thousands of kilometers, fearing that I will be wronged, and I am afraid that I can’t see me when I miss me.

Since my mother knows that my boyfriend’s house is in Shaanxi, I have begun to restrict our meeting. I often see me very strictly. I call me a video every day and ask me where I am. Even every corner of the room must be watched.Look at 360 degrees to look at me, just to prevent me from being with my boyfriend.

The prospective mother -in -law called me some time ago and asked me if I really wanted to marry my boyfriend. If I was sincere and sincerely, I proposed that the two people met, but at that time I was still at work and hurriedly returned to the prospective mother -in -law.The sentence rejected the request.

I asked my boyfriend’s thoughts. He said that I wouldn’t think much. He would always be with me and always with me. If his mother did not agree, he resigned from the job over there to accompany me to develop in Guangxi.

I firmly believe that our love will be eternal, so I give my best to my boyfriend without reservation.

Two months later, I was pregnant. After my mother -in -law made sure that I was really pregnant, I called my mother and told my parents to go to Shaanxi to meet with me.

After my parents arrived in Shaanxi, my boyfriend took the three of us to his house. It was ashamed that we had been together for so long. I only saw his home on my mobile phone, but I never really came to come.Pass his house.

Now think about it, if I had been to his house before I was pregnant, I think my life should be very happy now.

The family conditions of the boyfriend’s family are very good. The family is a large villa on the third floor. There are swimming pools and back gardens.

Lunch is very simple, a piece of green vegetables, a bowl of laver egg soup, and a plate of pork belly. My boyfriend kept greeting my parents to eat. Looking at the meal of clear soup in this table.Funny and ridiculous.

After eating this meal for more than half an hour, the prospective mother -in -law kept letting my parents eat more, but our business did not mention it. After meals, we sent us back to the hotel with an excuse.

My mother returned to the hotel and sat on the sofa without saying a word, asking me if I was not married, and I was silent.

My dad hated iron and steel, and he became angry at me: "Resign and go home with me, you have to have a education degree, have a figure, have a figure, have a good value and face value. What good men can find?Why do you look at his face for a lifetime! "

I know that I disappointed my parents, and my boyfriend’s mother -in -law’s attitude also embarrassed my parents, but I still couldn’t bear my boyfriend.

The next day, my boyfriend came to pick us back for dinner. Unlike the first day’s meals, today’s meals have fish, meat, seafood, and rich six dishes and one soup, but my parents still do not want to move the chopsticks.have eaten.

The prospective mother -in -law greeted my parents to eat fruit in the living room. My mother was ready to make the words clearly. After all, this trip was not traveling for our affairs.

The prospective mother -in -law saw my mother’s mind, and still enthusiastically entertained my parents to drink tea and eat fruit. After eating, the driver took us to stroll around, and said that the child’s affairs should not be anxious.

My dad stood up and said to his boyfriend, "You are not in a hurry, don’t you tell us what to do?"

After speaking, my mother pulled me back to the hotel. My dad slapped my mother in a rush, and hit her two palms fiercely.I can’t wait for my dad to slap on me.

Seeing that my parents came to Shaanxi for the old age, I was still awakened. I was suddenly awake. Even if I was reluctant, I was impossible with my boyfriend.

A few days later, I went to the hospital with my parents to do the flow of people. My parents held my hand full of distress and said, "Daughter, otherwise, the child will have your parents to bring you."

But we have left his house for a few days. My boyfriend has never given me any information, and the phone has never been rang. I think it may be that the prospective mother -in -law will not let it. After all, a family like me can’t enter the eyes of the prospective mother -in -law at all.

The prospective mother -in -law kept dragging us. It was nothing more than seeing that I was pregnant and wanted to grasp my parents, and then when we couldn’t sit still, we would compromise with them.

The operation was already at noon the next day. His boyfriend fell on his bed and let my parents pull. He said he didn’t leave anything, and he kept murmuring with me and said sorry to me.

Later, the phone call from the prospective mother -in -law, did not care about no greetings, and only asked us to do parent -child identification. It was sad. The child was not insulted.

I really hate myself at the moment. Why was so wayward, why so stupidly promised this shameless request, sorry for my parents, sorry for children, and even my sincere effort for two years.

I want to pay for my original love, regret it, and pay the price, but some parents are still believed that life can be beautiful.

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