My boyfriend hurts me to get pregnant, and wants me to become a loss of money.

Before getting married, I was pregnant.

The boyfriend’s family seemed to be prepared for this.

The good ceremony became a paper agreement, and it was explicitly asked me to be a nanny to his son.

Even loses money to marry.

This is not the case. I accidentally learned that I was pregnant because the scumbag secretly broke the condom!

All right.In this case, don’t blame me to flow off the children and give you a gift!

—— The next day, the scumbag’s family faced the posting of a male in the post.


It is easy for the two people to love each other, especially when discussing marriage leave, the most easy to see the character.

Fortunately, my boyfriend He Zhi did not disappoint me.

My boyfriend’s home has 100,000, while our family returns it all, as the startup funds for our little family.

He Zhi’s family was not affluent. His dad went long ago. His mother lived a living, and a younger brother He Ming, who was still in college.

He himself was a few years of public, and finally went ashore this year. Although the benefits were good, the salary was scary.

Cai Li 100,000, just walking over the field, being able to make up money is considered to pay attention to me.

After all, what I want is never 100,000, but He Zhi.

We are long -distance love. I met him at the age of eighteen. He accompanied me for ten years.

Ten years, I believe He Zhi.

As for the family problems of my family’s dangerous noodles, my family has never been within my consideration.

"Lin Lin, come to eat porridge, my mother also stewed chicken to eat."

The voice of her boyfriend He Zhi rang in a timely manner.Then I remembered that the prospective mother -in -law Wang Guizhi and Xiaozhang He Ming came.

Before I arrived at the living room, I smelled an oily smell, smoked.

I frowned secretly, and then coughed sharply, and the pepper was too crowded.

I shed tears while coughing, holding He Zhi, and whispered: "You didn’t tell your mother, I don’t eat spicy. What’s the matter?"

He Zhi held me, and after running for me, he also gave me a glass of water: "You know that my mother loves to put spicy food, this may be a habit, I will talk about her in the future."

Looking at He Zhi’s apologies, I wouldn’t continue to lose my temper.

In the end, I endured my emotions.

My mother -in -law Wang Guizhi welcomed me to the desk: "Linlin, this is the soil chicken. After stewing all morning, I waited for you, come and eat."

As soon as she said this, I felt a little uncomfortable in my heart.

I am not blind again. He Ming still flows oil. This is what she said, "Just wait for me"?

She looked at me poorly, she smiled, and hurriedly changed her mouth: "Waiting for you all morning, this … eat two. First, put the belly."

She doesn’t say it’s okay. When I say, I think it’s wrong. Is this suspected of getting up late?

"Mom, obviously, Lin Lin doesn’t eat people’s leftovers, don’t do this next time."

He Zhi helped me talk in time, which warmed me.

Fortunately, he is a manifestation, which makes me more confident. If he really has a dispute in the future, He Zhi will definitely help me.

My mother -in -law seemed to know that I was in poor mood, holding meat in my tableware.

But the old lady was still sticking to the chopsticks after eating the saliva, and I couldn’t bear it anymore.


There was a tumbling in the stomach, but I couldn’t restrain the vomiting.

I quickly rushed to the toilet and vomited with a toilet.

Just as I was puzzled, I suddenly heard the words behind me.

"Azhi, shouldn’t this be pregnant?"

Pregnant?I stunned in my heart.

What follows is negative. We have always been very careful, all contraception measures have been done, and it is absolutely impossible to get pregnant.

I hugged the toilet vomiting and vomited, and when I turned around, people were gone.

Those three people stood on the balcony. As soon as I passed, I quickly pretended to happen.

What are they talking about?


The sky is getting dark,

"What is your mother? I still plan to spend the night today? How suitable is this?"

I said dissatisfied.

It’s not that you only live for three days and discuss the wedding, so you hurry home.

In the past few days, I don’t exaggerate that she can make me messy. I really regret it. Why did I let them live in?

Now it’s hard to get the last day. What is the situation, the old lady went downstairs to dance?And that He Ming, who doesn’t know the size, goes to take a bath?Intersection

"Oh, how old is my mother. Do you let her go back to the night? How are you safe."

"Isn’t there any way? This is more than eight o’clock. Which is the night?" I turned my eyes and dared to go home at eight o’clock and go to the night road to dance downstairs to dance?

"How old is He Ming, Lin Lin, isn’t my mother come? She is busy taking care of you after she comes. You have a face, and my mother can’t even dare to come out.

I did not expect that He Zhi, who had never had me loudly with me, suddenly became so hard?

I laughed at him, how big He Ming?A college student, 22, a one -meter -eight big man, escorted an old lady home, is it so difficult?It is really impossible to be a seven -year -old child.

"He Zhi, who do you say you do n’t talk about your conscience, do n’t forget, this house was bought by my parents!"

I couldn’t help but raise my voice and moved out of the right of the house.

He Zhi lowered his head, and then turned his back, and he didn’t say a word.

I also took my mouth, so don’t mention it easily, this involves the issue of men’s dignity.

My family conditions are good, and my parents are doing business. I bought me a house of more than 100 square meters.He Zhi lived in me.

"Lin Lin, don’t be angry, I will let my mother and my brother go tomorrow."

He Zhi was still soft and coaxed me to say a lot.

However, what made me feel very strange this time was that the dressing mirror had just shown his face.

Angry, dissatisfaction, and even … a hint of resentment?

How to turn around, this face can become so fast.

I suddenly felt that this man was strange.

When I was intersecting in my heart, her mother came back.

A stinky sweat sat on my bed, discussed with me, and did a marriage check together tomorrow.

Ignoring her without talking about hygiene, I looked at her with each other.

Yes, I’m going to get married.

The marriage check is very necessary. The old lady finally did something I recognized.

I should be down.


I went to the hospital the next day.

So old, I was afraid she was scattered in that run, but she was still in a hurry.

I am more nervous to my own body than myself.

I feel guilty secretly, such a good mother -in -law, I am still so stingy, it shouldn’t be.

No, she ran to me like Duo Sunflower, and I barely smiled at her.

Under her hot eyes.

I took the test report.

I am pregnant.

When I learned this news, my whole person is like a thunderbolt, how can it be!

He Zhi and I made contraceptive measures …

Before I wanted to understand, I heard He Zhi’s mother told He Zhi about the news.

Then, I saw He Zhi, who should have been at work to help me go home.

The doctor said that I have been in this child for three months. No wonder I always feel uncomfortable recently. It turned out to be pregnant.

I wanted to be quiet and think about how to go in the future. I heard He Zhi’s mother a afternoon.Pregnancy.

This is an accident, even if I am not happy, I have not taken off my child’s plan.

Fortunately, He Zhi served me after running before and after running, making me feel a lot of feeling.

Anyway, the marriage is also close, and pregnancy is also a cake. I comfort myself in my heart.

I communicated with my parents for a bit of pregnancy. My parents mean that since I am pregnant, the wedding will be advanced.

It ’s not that my stomach is big, and it’ s apparent.

"Mom, Lin Lin is going to have a wedding in advance."

During dinner, He Zhi suddenly mentioned on the dining table.

But I never expected that He Zhi, who had been hundreds of times more anxious than my family, had no cavity?

Before I want to understand it, He Zhi’s mother actually said, "Lin Lin, the wedding can be advanced, but I have a ugly saying that it is ahead, this gift is 100,000, our family can’t get it!"

"Not only that, but my family is also older. It’s time for Zhang Luo to get married next year. As his sister -in -law, you are a mother -in -law, which is more helpful."

The old lady’s mouth closed one by one, and I couldn’t understand what I said.

What kind of elder sister is the mother, dare to dare to die, I have to have a cheap son?

"What do you mean? How much do you plan to give gifts?" I asked quickly after reacting.

The old lady immediately returned to the room and quickly took a piece of paper to me.

White paper is dark, dense, I am neither a fool nor an illness!

Dare to love this is a long time ago!

This paper "slap" and smashed it.

I have a good look, good guy!

What is broken, this is to make me want to accept his family’s colorful gift. What is even more speechless is that in this agreement, I also wrote the gifts of He Ming in the future, but I actually asked my family to be responsible!

besides!According to their customs, I did n’t give birth to a child.

It’s really a little knife pulling his buttocks and opened his eyes!

This fuck is free surrogacy, free nanny, or free ATM!


"I! Where are you?" I didn’t say a word, tore the agreement of the food.

The tearing was broken, and the fragments were all smashed into the old demon.

"Oh, you dare to move my mother!" Before the old grandmother reacted, He Ming rushed forward with red eyes, looking like me.

"Come and say hello to me."

I was holding my stomach and going forward.

Then He Ming was stopped by He Zhi.

"Don’t compare with you, she is pregnant, and her temper is normal."

He Zhi heard me so uncomfortable. Is this my temper?Isn’t this too bullying?

Seeing He Zhi standing on the same front with them, I was awake.

Yes, how can a college student and an old grandmother in the countryside be so capable of doing such an agreement?

Presumably, He Zhi’s handwriting is indispensable.

"He Zhi. Where did you stand? Isn’t this moral agreement you come up?" The eyes I tried continued to turn on him.

Ten years, to be honest, I don’t want to admit it, I look away.

"Lin Lin, don’t move the fetal gas, our children will be scared." He opened his mouth and closed his child, and he heard me even more irritable.

I don’t want him to give a quasi.

"This daughter -in -law is amazing. My old He’s family can’t be able to be able to bear such a big Buddha. Before the door, I started playing with my mother -in -law. What happened in the future."

He Zhi fucking opened his mouth and closed his mouth and started to say that I hit her. I didn’t do it at all. I was framed like this. Isn’t this not a loss?

I smashed the tableware on the table on the ground, while it was not ready.

I slapped myself, hitting the old woman’s face, sturdy.

Soon, she sat down with her butt pier, splashed on the ground, crying and saying that I hit her.

"Do you need to hit you if you hit you? Dead old grandmother, make such an agreement, and be stuck by Yin De."

When He Ming couldn’t see his mother suffer, he would do it with me, and I wouldn’t.

Just kidding, when I was young, I had a scattered champion, come on, who is afraid of whom.

He Zhi stopped in the middle of us, making people turn around for a while.


He Zhi was pushed by his brother and sat directly on the ground, and the fragments on the floor were straight into his ass.

The blood of one place is bright red.

In the middle of the night, He Zhi was rushed to the hospital.


He Zhi went to the hospital. He applied for his family to accompany the bed.

For a few days, I didn’t go to see him.

I told my parents that the breaking conditions proposed by their family, and my parents couldn’t see it, and I was anxious to come back from my hometown to make me.

I am all dark.

I was reluctant to run around, and finally refused.

Pregnant women were asleep, and I rest at more than nine o’clock, but I still heard a lot of movements in the middle of the night.

I know, He Zhi is back.

The blood that day told me that he was not injured, and I moved slightly. I planned to go to see him.

His room was lit, and just when I planned to push the door.

"Brother, you are too back. After talking about ten years, you will talk about this. This is also fierce."

"This daughter -in -law, we don’t want it, I said to her back, she also wants me to give me a penny."

Their words fell into my ears.

I clenched my hands, letting my nails deeply embedded into my palm, and I left my heart and opened my phone to recording.

Continue to listen, I want to see what He Zhi said.

"Mom, don’t you make trouble, so what are the benefits of early showcases? Then Xu Linlin has a fame, and I have endured it in the past ten years. You can bear it. Tomorrow, I will take you and my brother and her.She was so stupid that she would definitely not be aware of it. "He Zhi lowered his voice.

"Apologize? Well! Zhizi, we are a civil servant, what girl can’t find it! Do you need to suffer from that?","

"If you conceive the species of our family, you must be virtuous, so hot, where to do it, it is rumored that I have to be laughed at by those people in the village!"

"Mom! Her family is rich, you don’t want the brothers’ gift? Also, she is one of her family. What can this daughter do? In the future, my father -in -law and mother -in -law must give me the property."

"Zhizi, can this really be done?"

"Besides, she is pregnant now, a second -hand goods, one broken shoes, who wants to find! Now men are very savvy, who wants to pick up!"

"Just according to what I said, this wedding, we can drag and drag, do not anger her again during the period.

Hearing He Zhi’s words, I stunned it. I didn’t expect that the ten -year pillow people could actually say that.

"Mom, don’t frown, it’s okay, Xu Linlin is a paper tiger, coaxing is okay, she is so good!"

He Zhi’s determined voice came again. In order to prove that I was very good, he also took the initiative to break the news with the two mother and child.

"Xu Linlin will be pregnant, that’s because I break the condom!"

He Zhi’s words made me like the ice cave .. It turned out that this was not an accident, but a long plan.

Their family is in the inside, and I don’t want to listen anymore.

I bumped back into the room and stroked my belly that had bred a life. I had to suppress the sound of crying, and my tears fell.

It is disappointment, shock, and humiliation.

I think I will never forget this day.


The next day, before I woke up, the door was knocked.

"Who!" I was so angry.

"It’s me, Linlin, I returned from the hospital last night." He Zhi’s flattering voice sounded, and he really wanted to vomit.

Yes, yesterday I heard these goods apologizing for money.

"Linlin, it’s a mother. Yesterday, I was stunned by those people in my hometown. I didn’t care about the Zhizi. Now I also think about it. This is really wrong. I will give you now.Apologize. "

This is old, so I really dare to open my teeth, why dare to claim to be my mother?

Thinking of what I heard yesterday, I clenched my phone, and the recording inside was telling me that Xu Linlin was played by them in this hand.

With a breath, I won’t stop without getting out. The family with a bad belly in the He family, I want her to calculate that there is nothing!

The old lady always patted the door outside, and I opened the door suddenly.

At this point of attention, the old grandmother rushed to me. I flashed in time. The old lady faced the floor and fell heavily on the ground.

When I looked up again, the face had been hanging on the face, and the nasal cavity was bloody.

Before she started crying, I held my stomach in time and sat on the ground with one butt: "He Zhi, my stomach hurts and hurts, the child … the child was scared."

He Zhi couldn’t care about his fucking, and suddenly he rushed to me: "Lin Lin, you’re okay."

This old lady couldn’t care about crying, and she got up and wanted to help me: "What’s wrong with my belly? What’s wrong?"

I threw away the person, and when I saw me crying, He Ming rushed out.

"There is a golden bump in your belly, it’s still a drop? It’s hard to say whether my brother is."

"He Zhi! What about your brother, tell you clearly, otherwise I will tell you, I won’t be for this marriage!"

He Zhi did not expect that he could say such a thing.

I do n’t let go, I will say that I ’m going to death.He Zhi was so troubled by me, and soon gave He Ming a slap.


He Ming looked at He Zhi unbelievable, covering his swollen old face.

"Apologize for your sister -in -law!"

"I don’t!"

"He Zhi, I tell you, my parents need to know that your family treats me like this.

My last blow, I moved out of my parents who did not agree with our marriage.

He Zhi fell his eyes on my stomach, and finally repaired him fiercely. He Ming was beaten and called a nose.The anger’s eyes were like going to stare at me.

Flash!It’s not that I hit him.I flipped a huge white eyes.

In the end, he didn’t know what He Zhi was in his ear, and he quickly softened.

"… sister -in -law, sorry."

"I’m sorry? Then you kneel down for me."

I looked at him with tall toes.

"Don’t be too much, a stinky bitch!"

"You are a tattered goods! My son is right, why should you kneel down?" The two of them were one person.

Even He Zhi was embarrassed, and he said with a word of teeth, "Xu Linlin, don’t be too much … the man has gold under his knees."

I ignored He Zhi and stroked my stomach: "Ah, your mother and me, are you doubting the innocence at your nose? I can’t be wronged?"

"Since everyone has doubted you, in order to prove the innocence, I think we are afraid that there is no fate."

Hearing this words, the old uncle was the first unwilling to: "This child, why do you get it?"

I watched his mother, like a splashing skin, He Zhi’s face was green and red, I don’t know how cool.

Starking here, I took He Zhi, pretending to be embarrassed: "He Zhi, my stomach is like this, and our two things are considered to be on the board. I am not afraid to tell you honestly.Bei Cai Li, but my mother said, this can’t tell you … "

"Really? Mom really says this?"

He Zhi’s eyes were shining.

I have a big white eye in my heart. This is my mother, but it’s not your mother of Phoenix.

I just have to do it on the face.

He Zhi’s attitude towards me is just one hundred and eighty degrees, and he goes to kick his brother’s knees in a blink of an eye.

Good guy, go down.

A loud noise of "-",

This product kneels a big gift!

This family was really ridiculous. After such a noisy in the morning, I clearly saw that He Zhi and his brother were embarrassed.

But for the sake of money, I have to handle the tea for me, just like my servant.

But these are not enough.


After that day, He Zhi repeatedly confirmed that my family was a three -fold gift with my family.

Sure enough, I guess it is good. He Zhi has a doubtfulness, and he really has a face and my parents.

Fortunately, I told my parents about these bad things. My parents naturally colluded with me, and I didn’t smash the money on his face.

He Zhi is better to me, it is almost meticulous.

The appearance of this dog’s leg, I am afraid that he will let him drink my urine pot, and this product will drink it.

During this period, relying on pregnancy, I turned their family.

Even more ridiculous, my mother also said that I am pregnant now.

Double joy is about, but I am her golden pimple. He wants to give me more gifts, and it can be regarded as a face for me on the face of everyone.

My family was three times more back and posted in our small home.

As soon as He Zhi heard it, he knelt in front of me immediately, saying that it would be good for me for a lifetime.

I just sneered and sarcastically replied: "But isn’t your family greeted a penny?"

The smile on He Zhi’s face was immediately embarrassed, and later said that it was that his mother was stunned by the eight wives in the village.

"We Linlin, naturally worthy of the best!"

I was farting what he said at the time. Those who tortured their family were unhappy anyway. I was almost forgotten.

But I was inadvertently heard how to give me "the best"!

One day, after noon, I got up, and I actually heard that he was mortgaging his hometown to the bank?

"Six0,000? Why are you so little? Can’t you do more? There is a few levels in my family, so there is an eighty square meter. Maybe you can demolish it in a few years!"

"How much do you want me to mortgage? Can you fight for one million?"

"Let’s go, let me think about it again."

Needless to say, this is all to give me a high gift, right?Just for those three times!

This is the only one of the two steel bruises in He’s poor jingling.

I have never seen such shameless people in my life!Also one million, dare to open teeth!

Okay, I want his meat buns to fight dogs!Go back!

When I stepped forward, I hugged He Zhi who was still calling, crying.A moving appearance, wept for a long time.

"Azhi, you .. For me, do you actually sell ancestral property?"

"It’s better .. You find my dad and friends to loan. This bank is squeezed great. You don’t have to rest assured, let alone … you know, I am pregnant, we will be a family in the future,"

He Zhi’s greedy eyes facing my determined eyes. In the end, he trembled and said, "Is our dad really have a door?"

At that moment, I knew that he was hooked.

I took him to meet a three -five rough ground snake, and the man was the famous brother who was well -known in high loan.

He Zhi really mortgaged his house to his brother.

Who knows, He Zhi saw that his brother was so good, and he leaned another one million on the spot.

This is not me forced him, but I just watched it coldly.

Seeing the water fish, Quan’s brother came to the formalities.

The moment He Zhi got the money, he was runny, holding my hand and told me: "Lin Lin, let’s get married quickly, I can’t wait to marry you home."


I was really yue, and I spit all the dirt on him.

Looking at his dark face, but he didn’t dare to attack, I was really cool.

He Zhi just tested a civil servant, and his family would take him as an official.

The tail is about to go to the sky. Now, He Zhi is not even a "official".

A Phoenix man with no iron rice bowl, coupled with a male college student who has not graduated, and a mother -in -law who is farming. It looks like BUFF is full. I let them go.

Oh, I forgot, they are now the only broken house.


He Zhi went to work, and the two shameless goods were still at my house and regarded me as a free landlord.

It’s time to calculate the general account.

I instructed the two goods to go to the west of the city to buy me.

It takes three or four hours to go to the west of the city. Once and one time, it takes more than half a day.

Even if I see their dissatisfaction, what can I do?

Blow!Under the fence, there must be a taste of the fence!

They just went out in front of them, and the next second, I cleaned up their things with He Zhi’s things.

I was so obscure at the door, and I went directly to someone to package it and throw it into the trash can downstairs.

The garbage should stay in the trash, nothing wrong!

In the afternoon, I actually went out of the door. My parents were still not assured of me, and I came thousands of miles.

It turned out that when I thought the strength of my parents was old, all collapsed!

I was not grievance and met He Zhi, but I cried for my parents for my parents.

After we took our parents, we ate a meal at home for a long time.

My parents saw that there was no trace of the scum man, and I was relieved.

"The little bitch on the 508 upstairs, what do you mean, throw all the things in my family, and have never seen such a daughter -in -law, bullying the mother -in -law from the countryside."

"I still go to buy things from a distance, but I was swept out when I came back."

"Xu Linlin on the 508 upstairs, the unit is on the 11th floor of Anji Road. Even if her mother -in -law is out of the door, everyone see, the injury on my eldest son’s buttocks and the younger son’s nose and swollen face are all beaten by her!"

I was eating the fruit after meals, and I was suddenly broken by this sharp voice.

"This family is too much!" My dad was furious, and he rushed downstairs when he took the broom.

When I got downstairs, I was startled. This old grandmother was really amazing. People in the entire community were afraid of it.

Crossing the sea of people, it was difficult to squeeze to the center of the center.

As soon as I arrived, I saw He Zhi’s dark face, holding her hands tightly: "Xu Linlin, what do you mean, don’t be too much!"

I sneered, this He Zhi was really a beast. This dead old woman exposed my personal information. He was on the side. This was to destroy me!

"What do I mean? Your family is used to the habit of playing autumn wind. Yes, you have such a soft rice, and the old ones have to row back! Don’t forget, this is my house, the real estate certificate will beMy Xu Linlin’s name, I love to let you get out of your time, you have to roll! "

"You! What are you going crazy! We are all about to get married!" He Zhi watched that everyone was talking about the house. He couldn’t hold his face, and soon lowered his voice to pull me.

"Don’t touch my daughter!" My dad’s fighting power MAX, pulled me back directly. He Zhi didn’t stand firmly. He went to the ground with a butt pier and looked at his painful teeth. I don’t know how happy.

The line on his buttocks hasn’t been dismantled yet!

At this time, He Zhi’s mother rushed out and yelled.

"You slut! Give your face shameless! The bitch played by my son, with the species of my family in the stomach, but still like this to my son! My son is a civil servant!Smart, see my family, don’t want you, who wants to marry you! "

"Yeah, but don’t forget your old lady, there must be a man with a rotten crotch behind the woman who does not love!"

The old lady’s mouth was worried about the quality, but I was not willing to show weakness and did not fall into the proven vortex. I followed her, and she should not die.

After all, I have been together for ten years, and He Zhi saw that I was determined, and I came true in me.

But he is much smarter than his mother, knowing the power of the masses.

"I tell you that this woman is about to marry me soon, but he wants me to make a million gifts. I can’t get it out, so don’t you say, do you have such a person?"

He Zhi looked at me with despicable eyes.

"This bitch is suspected of being poor and loves the rich, and he thinks about the daddy! My family can’t afford it!"

Watching these two mother and son began to fragrant me.I was all laughed at.

"Your son is not a civil servant. I really thought it was an official. I have to follow him throughout the world. I have been ashore after a few years.Dingdang, can you get money? Living in my house, eating my food, now I still hit a rake? Eat soft meals and addicted, right? "

"Ah yes yes, I just think of the poor and rich, he is a waste, and the monthly salary is not as good as me. I am much better. What do I follow!"

With a meal out, they all stunned.

I pointed at He Zhi’s nose and cursed: "At first I said a good 100,000 color gift. Your family saw that I was pregnant, just like a empty glove white wolf, and I didn’t give it all. He Zhi, live like this.Thirty, I have eaten a girlfriend soft meal for ten years, ah! "

"Usually pointing to hundreds of thousands of cars on the side of the road, it was a garbage truck. I asked you to have a 100,000 color gift. You told me that he asked your family to live! If you are you, I will kill a wall."

"Xu Linlin!" He Zhisha’s face white, gritted his teeth.

"Don’t forget, you can get pregnant, I have been accepted for so many years, but it’ s just a broken shoes. Who do I want you! "

He Zhi wanted to slap me when he came up. Unfortunately, my eyes were clear, and my backhand gave him a slap.

The old lady blushed, and like a crazy dog, she came up to attack me.

I pushed this old to the ground.

For a while, the scene was chaotic.


The old lady didn’t cry yet, and a harsh ringtone came.

"Hey, I didn’t work hard to tell you, I’m busy."

The old lady shouted at the phone with a hurry, staring at me with a red eyes, and seemed to want to hang up the phone with me.

"What! Has home appliances have been moved empty?"

The old lady cried and hung up the phone, and described this to her two sons.

"Are you doing it! You are too much!" He Zhi pulled me and went to the ultimatum with me: "I tell you, now you let my mother and my brother go up and return my hometown toYou can continue to marry you … "

"Oh! What kind of Puxin man, marry you? Don’t disgust me, isn’t the home appliances in your tattered hut in your house, isn’t it I set up? I love it if I love it.Your house! "He Zhi hadn’t finished speaking yet, I interrupted loudly.

He Zhiqi’s green tendon burst, as if it was about to explode the next second.

"Don’t say to this bitch, Zhizi, let’s go home and take a look, don’t look back, a bowl is gone." He Zhi’s mother hurriedly pulled He Zhi and He Ming ash and ran away.

What kind of goods this family can see from the three words and two words just now. It is unexpected that most of the onlookers in the community actually stepped forward to comfort me.

I am very pleased.After half a noise, he dragged his parents and returned to his own house.

But I never thought that there was no lower limit for this family.

In the middle of the night, my phone bombed.

I have a good relationship with me. I don’t let me go to the social media. When I was inexplicable, I realized that the living room was brightly lit. I didn’t sleep.

They blushed and were asked by me. Then I knew that it was He Zhi that they edited the pictures of the old lady in the community today and put them on the major social media.

The text below is nothing more than a big gift.

I glanced at it, the video spread was very high. At the angle of the shooting of this video, I knew the location of He Ming Station.

No wonder, when his brother and his mother quarreled with me at the time, the guy did not let it go, standing as one side like a fossil.

It turned out to be waiting for me!

I found the original account, and even my detailed personal information in the comment area. A bunch of crickets underneath said that they would come to me. The following messages and comments below were unsightly.

This is to use the power of cyber storms to let me died of society.

Haha, do n’t think about the strategy of such yin poison, I know He Zhigan.

Then let a fish die!I have to let this shameless thing be dropped!

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