Must see the first pregnancy!What do you want to buy every month after pregnancy and do not get lost!Super detailed …

Full strategy during pregnancy: What do you want to buy every month?

Hello, sisters, I have been 37 weeks, and now I am waiting to launch at home.I can be said to be super lucky.There was no pregnancy and death all the way throughout pregnancy.All inspection is a goal.I know they are particularly confused. What should I prepare throughout my pregnancy?What should I buy?What should I eat?

I will share my entire pregnancy list today with you.

Novice parents must collect it!

January-March of the first trimester | June-June in the second trimester | July-September in the third trimester | Houyi first said that the early pregnancy was 1-3 months.In the first three months of pregnancy, both men and women had to eat, so I suggested that I have to eat throughout pregnancy.

In the early days, I ate the skin care products of Eleville.The next step is to pick skin products.It can be made many times to make up and can skin care.As long as you upload and check, the ingredients of the products on the hand can be used without a pregnant woman with caution.

If you want to recommend a brand, I like Clarins myself.Like their dual -extract series, I am using it throughout pregnancy.If you and your family are really worried, it is also possible to replace all skin care products for pregnant women.

Like Kangaroo Mom, I have shared the sun protection method by myself. The sunscreen is preferred. If you want to apply sunscreen, you must choose a physical sunscreen.

Like Xinbi’s little blue bottle, it can be slightly dry until 4-6 months in the middle of pregnancy, and it will start to grow up at this time.Start rubbing during pregnancy. If you look at the gene, it is not. In fact, do not break the jar and control your weight. You must grab both hands.I have used 5 ~ 6 oil myself.I feel cool and the most cost -effective.At this stage, it must also supplement the development of the baby’s brain and vision.I changed a lot, because many of them contained calcium carbonate, I did not absorb well.

I was replaced with milk calcium under my guidance.This Hui Youxi.My secret really relieves a lot.Like DHA, I am eating Iveian, prebered, two -in -one, HIBION.No need to match it by yourself, the replenishment J & Iron is supplemented according to its own needs.

Not everyone wants.Like the biggest distress of my pregnancy, I have eaten the ethics of Eleville in the early stage. In the later period, I really do n’t want to eat so many insurance products, so I buy it myself.

SUNSWEET is drinking, but Hou Hou Ling.

My mother must supplement the iron.Like this, Floradix iron.Several of my friends are drinking, and they are also very good feedback.Just eat.At this stage, hormones are getting bigger and bigger, allowing us to replace underwear.

Like the previous underwear, I was uncomfortable, and I changed to UBRAS underwear myself.

Like deep V small waves, and frozen strips series.I wear both of these two, comfortable and breathable, 7-9 months in the third trimester.

At this time, I am ready to be a bag.

Raiders to be produced: One video like me was released, which was very detailed.It is true that you are here to prepare.The belly of the third trimester is really big.The suspended belly into the belt, it is recommended to start with the belt, which can relieve pubic discomfort.There are many mothers who sleep in the third trimester of pregnancy. They will be very uncomfortable. Back pain will enter a pregnant woman’s pillow. It is recommended to start with low back pain.I don’t have these two situations, so I don’t recommend any products.

This video is really a super detailed list of pregnancy. I think I have to be careful and encourage it!Finally, I wish you all the best mothers through the whole pregnancy.

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