Ms. Lin brought her children at home, had no job or income, and took her husband 100, her husband scolded her as a thief

After Ms. Lin got married and gave birth to a child, she had no job or income. Once she didn’t ask her husband to get 100 yuan from his wallet. Her husband scolded her as a thief.Make her very sad.

Ms. Lin and Mr. Wang knew through others. Because the two sides were not young, they had been together for about half a year. They felt that they would get married.Maybe at a certain age, many things have compromised.

As the saying goes: love is easy, and it is difficult to get along.Because the two did not know deeply, they hurriedly got married. After the two lived together, they found that the two were in the three views. Emotional, the family ownership cognition was different, and the contradictions continued after marriage.

Ms. Lin believes that the couple after marriage are the community, the family is common, and the money is common. You are mine. Mine is yours. There is no need to pay attention to everything.The two are relative, and the blessing and disaster are the couple.

Mr. Wang believes that even if they are two couples, everyone is an independent individual after marriage, personal freedom, and freedom of property.Personal freedom, even two couples, cannot be tied together.

After marriage, because Ms. Lin was pregnant, she had children, took children, and could not go to work. She had no financial source. She once took 100 yuan in Mr. Wang’s wallet.Mr. Wang knew that he was furious after he knew that his wife had not asked him, and he had to take his money without permission. It was an abominable thief behavior, which was annoying.Ms. Lin heard her husband abuse herself as a thief.For a moment, my heart was very sad, just like the snowflakes floating in the winter, dripping in the cold and frozen my heart.

Bringing children at home, eating and sleeping day and night, very hard, how can the husband not see?Is there no credit to bring children?There are hard work without credit!How can my husband hurt people like this?

Moreover, Mr. Wang never took the initiative to give her money. Ms. Lin had already taken out the money that she saved before marriage to subsidize the family. She had no money. When she had to buy a child, she had to get 100 yuan from Mr. Wang’s wallet.Thinking of her husband’s scolding thief, it was too hurtful.

If it wasn’t for marriage and having children, she would also work.Financial freedom and freedom of action.Where can I use so humiliated and humble as it is now?

What did the marriage give a woman?It is said that marriage is a woman’s second birth. It is a grand gambling. If you win, you will be happy for a lifetime. If you lose, you will have nothing, which is very appropriate.

Since then, Ms. Lin stopped asking Mr. Wang for money.I no longer get money from Mr. Wang’s wallet, look at Mr. Wang’s mood, and give it as much as possible. If you have no money, you can find friends, find mothers, and borrow.

After seeing the change of his wife, Mr. Wang not only did not realize his mistake. He was a manifestation of his wife’s silent protest. Instead, he was complacent and proudly showed off to others that he changed his wife’s bad habit of stealing money.But he didn’t know that this was a sharp knife inserted to his wife’s heart.The wife’s heart was dripped with blood and bleed.

If you make money to raise yourself, make money to raise your children, digest your own emotions yourself, and what do you want your husband to do?

After the child was weaned, Ms. Lin gave the child to her mother -in -law, and she went out to work to make money.Through this incident, she understands that it is difficult to rely on this husband in this life.He said that if you steal money, he stole money, and said that if you bully you, you will bully you.So she deeply understands that women have a job that belongs to her own, how important it is to make money to support herself!This is the confidence and a dignity.

Soon after Ms. Lin came out, she proposed to her husband Mr. Wang.Mr. Wang is unwilling to divorce. Please mediate the staff to do the work of his wife, Ms. Lin. When Ms. Lin said that when she took her husband 100 yuan and was scolded as a thief, Mr. Wang still insisted that he was right, but instead, he instead.Proud said that since he scolded his wife as a thief, his wife never took his own money, saying that he changed his wife’s bad habits.

What a sad and ignorant man, you have changed the "bad habits" of your wife, but you also change your marriage, but did you win?

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