Moxibustion warm uterus

When the uterus is warm, the qi and blood are unobstructed, and the menstrual period is as usual, and the palace is cold.

Women’s Gonghan is cold, just like the sky is without the sun, the seeds are difficult to germinate, and the seedlings are difficult to grow.Cold and warmth are the most important indicators for women. The warmth of the uterus is warm, and the qi and blood in the body can be developed smoothly., Tire stopping and abortion.

We have come into contact with many moxibustion friends of Gonghan. There are indeed many of them infertility, or that the fetus development is slow, stopped, or even abortion after pregnancy!Basically, because the qi and blood in the palace are not running smoothly, the uterine cavity is in a cold state. During the growth and development process, the baby lacks sufficient warmth and nutrition, just like the lack of sunny seedlings difficult to continue growing!

Then, we use moxibustion to warm the palace and adjust the environment in the palace to give the baby a safe growth environment, so infertility and pregnancy are suitable for moxibustion.

Why can gynecological diseases be cured only with moxibustion?And it is easier to relapse with western medicine?This is because Western medicine has no concept of Gonghan at all. What they see is only the result, but they do not expect the reason that the cure is not cured.

TCM moxibustion focuses on the treatment of syndrome differentiation. When the cure is cured, pay attention to the conditioning of the lesion site, such as joint pain and skin diseases.The palace Han needs more moxibustion acupoints, such as Guan Yuan, Mingmen, etc.

Where do gynecological diseases like to breed most?It likes cold places, cold is condensed, and it is easy to get gynecological.The body’s abdomen is in a low -lying area, so it is the place where cold and humidity are the easiest to gather, and the quality of cold and dampness is heavy.Favorite environment -Gong Han.

If we want to eradicate gynecological diseases, we have to let it be dissatisfied with the soil and water, so that it does not have an environment that grows wanton, otherwise the wildfire will endless and the spring breeze will be born again.So conditioning gynecological diseases, what we need to do most is to warm the uterus!It can be seen that moxibustion is not just cure, but also conditioning physique.

The abdomen is the softest part of the human body, and it is most easily invaded by cold.And if Gonghan is cold, it is easy to make the belly -like "swimming circle" like fat.One reason is that because the uterus is cold, the human body will naturally produce a circle of fat to keep it warm, which is the same as that we wear a cotton jacket in winter;

Another reason is that the pulse is not connected, the lower abdomen must be fat, and Gong Han will cause the pulse to be unprepared.The pulse is a vertical run between the waist and the human body. If it becomes a stasis, the meridians running vertically in the abdomen will traffic jam, and it will increase the chance of producing abdominal fat.

Moxibustion warm the yang gas and disperse the cold and dampness, just restrain the palace cold!

The reason is as follows:

First, the thermal force of the burning of moxa has a strong penetration power, which can penetrate the cell palace to remove the cold and dampness. This is also the difference between moxibustion and baking fire.The heat can go to the meridians, and the frost and congestion caused by the cold can be used to make the qi and blood run smoothly.

The second is due to the medicinal properties of wormwood, wormwood, can be wet and cold, and activate blood.After the wormwood is burned, the efficacy of the wormwood, that is, the essential oil material will volatilize, as Ai Yan is exposed to the skin, and then it can penetrate into the meridians with the heat.The two are strong and united, dual restraint of Gong Han!

Gong Han, Preparation, Moxibustion Basic Acupoint

1. Mingmen acupoint: the fire of Zhuang Mingmen

2. Simoric acupoint: Direct warm cell palace

3. Zhongyu acupoint: regulate spleen and stomach, strong future days

4. Guanyuan acupoint: nourishing kidney qi, tonic

5. Return to the acupoint: nourishing kidney qi, warming the uterus

6. Zusanli acupoint: regulate the spleen and stomach, the whole body is strong

7. Sanyinjiao point: not much to say, gynecological moxibustion acupoints

Instructions for moxibustion

1. The above acupoints are only outlined, and acupuncture points can be added according to your physical fitness.The limbs are 15-20 minutes per hole, 30-50 minutes of the torso per hole, and rest for 1-3 days within a week.

2. If you can’t finish so many acupoints at a time, you will choose 3-5 acupuncture points of moxibustion each time, and use it circular. Pay attention to each moxibustion to take into account the waist, abdomen and lower limbs.

3. The temperature should be warm without causing burning pain.Moxibustion at home moxa boxes is very convenient. If the palace is severe, ginger moxibustion can also be used, and the effect will be better.

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