Moving the shovel officer after getting rich, and the pregnant dog waited for three months in place, but the owner was not the owner.

Pets have now become an indispensable existence of every family. For people, they are not only loyal, but also depend on others.Unexpectedly, some people still abandon them for various reasons, but they don’t know what happened at all, and they can only wait silently in place to wait for their owners.

The rural dog was abandoned because of the shovel officer moved, and it was still pregnant, which was very sad.

This idyllic dog, it has a happy home, a shit officer who loves it.Because the shoveling officer was rushing to move, he threw the dog there, and the shoveling officer said to it before leaving: I will come back to pick you up.

The dog thinks that the shovel officer will really come back to pick it up, and it is waiting at the intersection where the shoveling officer leaves every day.

The dog waited there for three months. Even if she was pregnant, she still insisted on going to the intersection to wait for the shit officer every day.It didn’t take long for its belly to be bigger, and it was going to the point of delivery, which caused its legs and feet to be inconvenient.

The behavior of the rural dog was discovered by a kind sister and wanted to help it.

As soon as the kind sister is about to approach it, it runs immediately. It is a little afraid that people will grab the children of it, so they are very vigilant. The good -hearted sister can only watch it endure the pain of having a child.

This rural dog can only eat leftovers in the community every day. Now she is still pregnant, and the kind sister is even more uncomfortable to see it.The pain of the dog’s side is even more powerful, but you can’t give birth to life.The kind sister decided to contact the pet hospital to help it, and explained the dog’s condition with the hospital, so the veterinarian let the good sister directly cover it when the blanket is not paying attention.

Fortunately, the dog’s actions were a bit slow, and the kind sister hugged it directly.

The kind sister quickly brought the dog home and put it in a delivery room that deliberately prepared it.The veterinarian quickly went to check its condition and found that its pelvis was too small, which caused it to be painful, and the baby could not be born normally.

The dog baby is stuck there, and the veterinarian must pull the dog’s head with his hands. As a result, its baby has no breathing.But there is still a child in its belly, which is dangerous.

The veterinarian decided that it went to the hospital for surgery and gave birth to four dogs, three of which did not wake up.

Fortunately, one of the dogs was rubbed by the nurse.Help to save the dog’s kind sister decided to adopt them and become their new shovel officer. The kind sisters also prepared a comfortable nest and clean dog food.

The kind sister is very worried that the dog will not be able to adapt to the new home, and then holds it and says: We are a family, and if we want to live together, I will love you well.The dog seemed to know what she was talking about, and leaned warmly beside her.

It is really not easy to encounter such a good shit officer for it. After experiencing the last abandonment, it has no hope.

Rio Dad thinks that dogs are the animals with very simple ideas. Once they promise what they have promised, if they are not fulfilled, this is a blow to the dog’s heart.They will always wait for us, but we give up them.

I hope that all shovelers should not abandon them at will, after all, they are all stupid.

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