Mother who is pregnant must understand these secret words that doctors often speak.

I believe that many mothers who have not yet produced have heard of legends about the delivery room before entering the delivery room, because those legends must be full of nervousness and fear in the delivery room.A fearful place like the delivery room often makes people hear all kinds of difficult industry terms. There are many mothers who are first produced for the first time. Because of the wrong understanding of those industry terms, they have made some jokes.In order to make the mothers who are about to be produced more to enter the delivery room, the doctors in the delivery room often say these secret words, mothers must know that they must figure it out, so that even if they go inside, they will still be circled, at least not, not at least not.Some jokes will be made because of those terms, and they can calm down to cope with the scenes they are about to face.

There is such an industry term called the upper palace. Listening to these three words alone, I don’t know what this means. In fact, these three words mean that they want to give those mothers to urge to urge.The reason for this is because the mothers’ palace mouth is too slow. The doctor is worried that during the process of opening the palace, the mother uses the strength of her body to use it.For strength, the whole body has no strength.Moreover, the palace mouth is too slow. The more time the mother needs to endure the pain, so in order to accelerate the production time and give the mothers to give birth to the baby, the doctor will give the mothers oxytocin.Many mothers heard these three words and thought something had wronged.

After the mothers were broken, after entering the delivery room and waiting for production, the doctor often asked the nurse to say a few fingers.In fact, for many people, this opening finger is easy to understand, but if you really want to ask them what it means to open a few fingers, it must be a few people who can accurately answer this question.Even those mothers who gave birth to dolls for the first time basically knew that they could only be born in ten fingers, but many pregnant women mothers were very afraid at first. They asked the doctor nervously about ten fingers.Can it be stuffed in?In fact, the meaning of this sentence is basically the opening of the uterine mouth. Under normal circumstances, the mothers’s uterine mouth is probably a distance of a fingertip, and when there is a child, the uterine mouth will gradually expand, and the diameter will eventually expand to 10 to 10 at 10 diameters.The size of about centimeter, this size does not refer to the width of 10 fingers.

The doctors occasionally say such a word, the cervix disappears.Many pregnant women mothers will be frightened for the first time when they hear such a sentence, thinking that which organs in their bodies are gone. In fact, this sentence shows that pregnant women are about to produce.A normal signs of production will slowly become shorter when it is about to produce, and finally becomes part of the lower section of the uterus.

Doctors in the delivery room often say that the word of perineal side is cut. If mothers are not familiar with this word, they still have more common side cuts.Many mothers heard such a word and thought they had to cut their lower body.In fact, in this case, it is usually the B -ultrasound that the child’s head is too large.When the doctor is worried that the mother will tear the perineal when the child comes out, and the mothers are bleeding because of tearing. In order to protect the mother’s pot, the process of production should be shortened to allow the baby to be born smoothly as soon as possible and reduce the pain of the mother.

Doctors and nurses are also to make mothers produce faster, so they say these professional terms when they communicate with each other.Moms do not be afraid when they hear these professional terms.

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