Mother -in -law: What’s difficult to get pregnant?Don’t worry, I have a trick!Woman: You are even worse than a doctor ..

After marrying Xiaotao (pseudonym) and her husband, at the beginning, discussing with her husband should not have a baby first, and enjoy the two -person world, but after two or three months of marriage, the mother -in -law saw that Xiao Tao’s belly had not moved, so she began to urge her child.The husband and wife are not too small. Whoever daughter -in -law is pregnant as soon as she enters the door, anyway, let Xiaotao give birth to a baby.

Under the pressure of her mother -in -law, Xiaotao and her husband couldn’t carry it after only half a year, and began to actively prepare for pregnancy. They tested ovulation at home, but Xiaotao’s menstruation was not on time.I couldn’t measure Qiangyang for fifteen days. After three months, I was still not pregnant. Xiaotao began to doubt whether there was a problem. I ran the hospital to start monitoring ovulation.

Others are basically discharged on the fourteenth day of menstruation, but Xiao Tao’s follicles have not grown up until the 22nd day. The local doctor said that Xiao Tao is not good for follicles.Big, it is recommended to take medicine to promote the arrangement. In this way, the medicine is taken on the fifth day of menstruation. One perzole tablet is brushed every day. After 5 days of eating, you start to go to the hospital B -ultrasound to monitor the follicles.Then take a needle to break the egg needle, go back to arrange the same room, go back to see the follicles after 36 hours, the first time it was promoted to succeed, the egg grew up, and it was broken, but it was still not pregnant. In this way, Xiaotao continuedIt was promoted 6 times, 6 months, and each end of the failure. When the menstrual menstruation came, Xiaotao said that she would be sad and crying in the toilet. Why is it so easy for others to get pregnant?Disaster.

Two years have passed, and after so long, Xiaotao still hasn’t moved. The mother -in -law began to worry, nor did he let Xiaotao go to the hospital for further inspection and start to ask where the fortune -telling is good, or wherever there is a half immortal, or wherever there is a half immortal,The calculations were relatively accurate, and began to take Xiaotao to find Banxian. Xiaotao kept saying that it was annoyed until it was annoyed.

Helpless is that Xiaotao’s husband is a mother, and he listens to his mother. His mother said that he couldn’t even say what he did. In this way, Xiaotao followed her mother -in -law to calculate the fortunes, asked the Buddha, and saw half of it.Xian, anyway, was all kinds of toss. Finally, Xiaotao said that he couldn’t stand her mother -in -law. After quarreling with them, they moved out with her husband.

By chance, Xiaotao learned of me on the Internet and came to my outpatient clinic with a trial attitude.After understanding the situation of Xiaotao, I arranged for them. The test results showed that there was no problem with the man, and the small peach tubal was only on one side, and the chance of pregnancy was still very high.So for Xiaotao’s situation, I formulated a treatment plan for her. After the treatment was resumed, and I guided Xiaotao to test in the same room.After almost 4 months, Xiaotao gave me a good news.Congratulations to her in October, congratulations, and finally ushered in her baby.

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