Mother -in -law: Don’t tell others three months after pregnancy, not superstition, there are 3 scientific principles

Since Xiaofeng married her current husband, her mother -in -law chased "when do you want children?" Xiaofeng: "Baby Pig can’t keep up, want a mouse or cow."Children, don’t say the first three months after pregnancy! "

Xiaofeng is very puzzled. Why would her mother -in -law say that, is she just superstitious?I consulted with a number of Baoma to know that this is not superstition, but a certain scientific reason, which is related to the factors that are easy to miscarriage.

The fetal development of the fetus in the first three months of pregnancy may have a miscarriage:

Some women will use the pregnancy test stick to detect, and they will be very happy to learn that they will be very happy after pregnancy.At the same time, I will discuss with my husband to go to the hospital to confirm the good news.If you are really pregnant, the obstetrician usually tells the pregnant woman that when you are pregnant for three months, you will notify your family and friends, and look at the development of the fetus first.

Studies have shown that nearly 20%of women will experience abortion during pregnancy.Half of the women will be abnormal due to the abnormal number of chromosomes in the early pregnancy, which causes the embryo to develop normally, which will cause miscarriage.

In the first three months, although the number of chromosomes was not abnormal within the first three months, during the medical examination, it was found that the embryo had defects and could easily lead to the final abortion.

Women’s endocrine disorders may have a miscarriage:

Three months before women, not only should we pay close attention to the development of the fetus, but also pay attention to themselves.When the body has endocrine abnormalities, such as the lack of luteal function, it will affect women’s menstruation and fertility.There is also abnormal placenta function. There are chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, which may occur.

In order to keep children, women should not have a psychological burden and relax.In the face of high blood sugar, it is necessary to control blood sugar under the guidance of a doctor. In the early stage, you can use exercise and diet.

Don’t be too severe in exercise, choose swimming, walking, fast walking, etc.Stay away from tobacco and alcohol in life. Try to avoid second -hand and third -hand smoke.Drinks without drinking lipids, such as coffee and milk tea, ingesting the caffeine content per day does not exceed 200 mg.Ensure that early pregnancy nutrition is balanced and is beneficial to control blood sugar.

If blood glucose control is not ideal, insulin can also be used, which can be curbed early, which can avoid the risk of huge children, newborn hypoglycemia due to high blood sugar during the early pregnancy.

Women’s contact with chemical composition may have a miscarriage:

Women who work in laboratories, coal farms, and production lines for a long time will probably affect fetal development if they have been exposed to harmful chemical composition in the first three months of pregnancy.

Therefore, after the woman learns that she is pregnant, avoid an empty joy, and after three months of the fetus is stable, they can inform their relatives and friends.

Mom, how long did you know that you are pregnant?When did you tell your family and friends?What do you think of the old saying makes sense?Welcome to leave a message to share your breeding experience.

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