Mother and son are safe!The woman was lost at 25 weeks of pregnancy and was rescued. Her husband saw his wife on the headline for a day: "Isn’t this her, holding a big belly!"

On May 26, 2019, the local police in You County, Zhuzhou, Hunan, found a pregnant woman in Huangtingling Town. It was suspected of suffering from mental disorders and could not communicate normally. Then he sent him to Youxian rescue station to resettle.

According to the staff of the rescue station: the rescued woman is about 1.55 meters tall, wearing pink T -shirts, black pants, and blue slippers. The B -ultrasound shows 25 weeks of pregnancy.

Youxian Rescue Station immediately sent the information to today’s headline public welfare finding project team, hoping that she was rescued to pregnant women with the spread of the pop -up window technology of the headline to help her find her family.

On May 27th, the headline was found to receive information from You County rescue station, and immediately released an article entitled "Zhuzhou You County Rescue Station: Middle -aged pregnant women were rescued, pink T -shirts, blue slippers, and pregnancy contract."25 weeks" in the founding of the family, at the same time recommended the information to part of Zhuzhou’s local headline users today, hoping that the loved ones who were rescued by the woman could see the information and pick her home as soon as possible.

At three o’clock in the afternoon of the same day, good news came from the Yixian rescue station: "The rescued pregnant woman has found the family, please withdraw the information. It is the husband who saw the family search information released by the headline and had already come to pick up the station.","

According to the pregnant woman’s husband, on the afternoon of May 26, he went to work on the construction site as usual, leaving only his wife at home.But returning home at night, but there was no trace of his wife."I thought, it’s broken, my wife should be lost alone. She suffers from spiritual problems, but it is normal at all, and I am very assured that she is alone at home.I ran out of the sick, and I was pregnant, can I not worry? "Mr. Chen said.

In the next day, Mr. Chen was widely searching in Youxian, asking neighbors, asking neighbor passers -by, posting a tracing notice, and asking for help, but no effective clues were obtained.

One day later, at noon on the 27th, Mr. Chen was looking for locally in Youxian. Suddenly, a family -looking notice released today on the mobile phone popped up today."When I saw the word" pregnant woman ", I felt like my wife! Click in and see the picture. Isn’t this her?. "Mr. Chen said excitedly.

After putting down the phone, Mr. Chen rushed to Youxian to rescue the station for the first time, led his wife to go through the procedures for departure, and took it home safely.

"I have been daring for the past two days. I have to work in workmanship, but I can’t watch her every day.I am also convenient for making money to support my family. Thank you for your headlines and help me find my wife! "Mr. Chen thanked him.

This is the 9525th lost person who has successfully found today’s headline tracing public welfare project today; it is also the leader of the headline tracing with rescue stations from various places to help the 7556 rescue stations of the family.

Headline search is a free public welfare project nationwide. It is committed to helping all kinds of families find losers. The principle is to find out information near the disappearance of the lost person. With the help of a huge headline, it greatly improves the help of the witnesses help.The chance of finding people.In the past, successful cases have confirmed that the precise regional pop -up window of headlines and people has a high success rate for people with low mobile ability such as elderly people and mental disorders such as elderly people and mental disorders in the short term.Email:

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