Mother and daughter are pregnant with a man’s child at the same time. In the end, the man was killed alive, and his daughter committed suicide by taking poison.

At the same time, the mother and daughter were pregnant with a man’s child. After learning about it, the mother killed the man alive, and the daughter was angry.

Afterwards, the woman went to the police station to surrender, and still did not regret her behavior, saying that the man was a beast.

So what did this man do?It can make him unforgivable after death

In 1995, in order to make the family’s life better, Xu Peng (husband) had a bold idea. He felt that the fire paper industry of Wang Jiaying (wife )’s family could change the status quo of the family.

So the two let go, holding the idea of being unsuccessful, and planning to open a fire paper factory

Under the hard work of the two people, the fire paper factory also made a lot of money for themselves, which made them happy.

At this time, there was another joy, and Wang Jiaying found that he was pregnant

Want in October and give birth to a daughter

For the arrival of the first child, any family will be happy, and Wang Jiaying is also happy to be a mother. Only her husband does not show the joy of being a father for the first time.

Xu Peng caused himself to be male and female because of his ideological reasons.What’s more, when you drive such a large factory, you need your son to pick up this class, not the daughter who finally marry.

Since her daughter came to this family, Xu Peng has become more and more indifferent to their mother and daughter

The change of the husband was naturally not concealed by Wang Jiaying. He could also think that he had given birth to a girl to make Xu Pengster not seeing herself, so he investigated his husband.

After some investigation, he found that his husband was derailed for many years and gave birth to a boy.

Xu Peng, who had the heir, did not even take the mother of the mother, but Wang Jiaying couldn’t swallow it, so he found Xu Peng’s showdown and proposed a divorce.

Since the factory was set up together after the two got married, the property distribution should be five or five, but because Xu Peng had a son, he wanted to leave more for his son and disagree with the practice.

This made Wang Jiaying, who had been silently paid before, and vowed to prove himself.

So Wang Jiaying re -developed the distribution of property, took a small part of his own, and divided most of the property to Xu Peng.

Wang Jiaying, who got the money, decided to open a fire paper factory herself

Because she wanted to prove herself, Wang Jiaying was a bit too successful. Whoever persuaded her could not listen to it, insisted on buying a lot of Zhuma, and wanted to produce a city early.

Xu Peng is because it has not been affected by any affected, and manages this own factory step by step

Bamboo Ma is flammable, and a large amount of accumulation will have great safety hazards

Wang Jiaying now only wants Xu Peng to understand that the fact that the factory business was good before because of his own efforts, and Xu Peng couldn’t do it alone.

Wang Jiaying followed the magic, and the family didn’t care. I only thought about the factory and laid a foreshadowing for the factory.

Xu Zhenzhen (daughter) broke the disaster and let Wang Jiaying’s efforts to pay the east

Because Wang Jiaying also relaxed his daughter’s supervision in order to fight for a breath, the young Xu Zhenzhen accidentally ignited Zhu Ma when he was playing.

When the Wang Jiaying reacted, the fire had exceeded the controlled range, and the finally pile of bamboo Ma Ma was burned.

Wang Jiaying watched the ruins in front of him. The family was gone, the family was gone, and the factory was burned. He even made a fire burning the fire.

Wang Jiaying, who had nothing, did not hold back, directly scolded his daughter, scared the young Xu Zhenzhen to sit on the ground and crying.

Fortunately, the factory employees opened Wang Jiaying in time.

Debields come to the house every day to debt

After the factory was burned, Wang Jiaying had to deal with aftermath, but also caused debtors to collect debts due to orders. Wang Jiaying also begged to want to be able to limit a few days.

After a period of time, Wang Jiaying, who had no improvement, made a plan to sell his own fire paper factory. Only in this way can we pay foreign debt.

When Wang Jiaying desperately, the appearance of strange men helped Wang Jiaying over this crisis

The strange man named Liu Kaihe, saying that he had a way to let Wang Jiaying complete his debt

Wang Jiaying has just been hurt by a man, and naturally I will not believe that Liu Kaihe’s words are ingenious.

Liu Kaihe explained: After the bamboo hemp is burned, it will become a fertilizer. This fertilizer is an indispensable nutrient for taro. If you can plant taro in this factory, it will help him through the crisis.

Liu Kaihe’s explanation is also the idea of making Wang Jiaying ignite the taro

Wang Jiaying has no money in his hands, not even the foreign account.

Liu Kaihe also saw Wang Jiaying’s embarrassment, saying that she could lend her money first, but she had to do it with her

Wang Jiaying can only promise to do it first. With the cooperation efforts of the two, the taro factory is getting better and better.

But at this time Wang Jiaying’s heart had a different idea

Wang Jiaying suddenly found that he seemed to like the man in front of him

Help yourself and be responsible and responsible at the most difficult time. After all, he is a woman who is strong, so he decided to host a celebration banquet to express his thoughts.

After the banquet, Wang Jiaying said his thoughts by wine, and Liu Kaihe agreed to be together. The two lived together.

For the first time, the two showed their hearts together

Wang Jiaying said that her marriage was unfortunate, her husband derailed, finally divorced, and the property was taken away mostly

Liu Kaihe also said: His wife was not emotional to him, and wanted to deprive him of his property. The two are now divorced.

The two who had the same tragic fate finally came together

I thought everything would develop towards a good place, but some people want to break this hard -won happiness.

Wang Jiaying and his ex -husband’s daughter Xu Zhenzhen, the reorganized family broke again

As Wang Jiaying and Liu Kaihe more and more understand each other, they also like each other more and more, but in Xu Zhenzhen’s eyes, they have changed their taste. From the envious mother at the beginning, to now jealousy.

Xu Zhenzhen, who did not get family care since childhood, lacked a sense of security. Because of his own fire, Xu Zhenzhen also wanted to have a man who loved himself.

The appearance of Liu Kaihe saved the mother and daughter, and also made Xu Zhenzhen feel a relationship with Liu Kaihe

Even when I saw my mother approaching Liu Kaihe, I hated my mother in my heart

Until one night, Wang Jiaying went out of the door and did not tell Liu Kaihe that he would not go home tonight.But it happened that Liu Kaihe was drinking. This wine was also a pushing agent towards the demise.

After returning home, Liu Kaihe was also drunk. He didn’t notice that Xu Zhenzhen came to their room at all. Liu Kaihe regarded Xu Zhenzhen as Wang Jiaying.

After the wine woke up, Liu Kaihe panicked, obviously realized what he had done

However, Xu Zhenzhen is extremely happy. I feel that I will get more care in this man in the future, and the relationship between the two will go further

At this point, Liu Kaihe could only comfort Xu Zhenzhen first. Without the next time, this time he was the secret of our two, and no one could tell, including Wang Jiaying.

Xu Zhenzhen didn’t listen to Liu Kaihe at all, and he still wanted to let the relationship between the two people go further.

The paper will not be able to cover the fire. After two months, the matter will be completely exposed.

Wang Jiaying watched Liu Kaihe, who had just arrived, and told her that she was pregnant

Liu Kaihe was also very happy, and immediately decided to tell the factory everyone to host a banquet to celebrate

During the banquet, Wang Jiaying found Xu Zhenzhen’s wrong. His daughter often vomited recently. As a person over, he can see at a glance that this is very similar to the pregnancy.

So after Wang Jiaying’s forced question, Xu Zhenzhen also said the truth

Wang Jiaying, who heard the matter, was fainted by anger, and pulled Liu Kaihe into the warehouse to lock this door.

Originally, I thought that Liu Kaihe was sent to protect himself, but did not expect that it was more excessive than his ex -husband, and he was getting heavier and heavier.

After hearing the voice, Xu Zhenzhen was also sad. As Liu Kaihe’s voice became smaller and smaller, he decided to solve the farce

"What happened because of me, let me end," so she picked up the poison and drank it directly.

Wang Jiaying, who heard the movement, was a bit awake, but he was still very angry. When he opened the warehouse door, he saw Xu Zhenzhen lying on the ground, so he quickly asked the factory to help him to the hospital.

But it was too late, Xu Zhenzhen and her unborn daughter left the world, and Liu Kaihe was killed by her in the warehouse alive.

Wang Jiaying under despair went to the hospital to make a flow, and then went to the police station to surrender.

Finally, after the court’s decision, Wang Jiaying was sentenced to life imprisonment


Education and care for children are the first place for all parents.

After the accident, Wang Jiaying’s approach is also too extreme. He should sit down and find the key point of the problem, rather than directly solve all problems with violence.

If you were changed to Liu Kaihe and Wang Jiaying at that time, would you have a better way to deal with it?Welcome to comment and exchange

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