Most children have rabbit lips are caused by these 4 factors. Mothers must keep in mind

When some babies are born, they will have the symptoms of rabbit lips. In fact, the parents of these children do not have this phenomenon, but what is the cause of this symptom?Friends who want to know must continue to watch.

1. Genetic factors

If the patient’s father or mother has rabbit lips, the possibility of a child will be very likely to suffer from malformations. The father has cleft lip and palate. The prevalence of the offspring is about three %. If the mother is sick, the child’s genetic riskUp to fourteen percent.Healthy parents have a child with lip cracks, so a child is regenerating, and the chance of suffering from lip cracks is four percent.

3. Take medicine during pregnancy

During pregnancy, some pregnant women may take cold medicine directly because they accidentally caught a cold. In fact, this is what everyone needs to pay attention to because of taking cold medicine, which can easily lead to the health and development of the fetus.The most common consequence is the appearance of rabbit lips.

4. Great mood during pregnancy

Pregnant women need to learn to stabilize their emotions and need to recuperate. If the pregnant mothers have great emotional fluctuations, conflict with her husband, or spend in tears all day, it will increase the incidence of fetal malformations.It will increase.

5. Pickled eaters during pregnancy, malnutrition

Some mothers always like to eat this after pregnancy, and then eat them all the time. For foods that do not like to eat, they do n’t eat it. The problem of picky food is quite serious, which will also increase the risk of the fetus suffering from rabbit lips.Everyone needs to know that the development of the fetus also requires comprehensive nutrition. If the comprehensive nutrition of intake is insufficient, then some children’s functions will be underdeveloped.The fetal intake is insufficient, so it causes vitamin deficiency. In animal experiments, when using foods that lack vitamin A and E, and feeding pregnancy mice, the birth mice will have rabbit lips.

The above is the knowledge about how rabbit lips are formed. I believe that through the understanding of the above content, everyone generally understands this issue. Therefore, mothers who are pregnant must pay attention to control their emotions and take care of their bodies. Do not want to take care of their bodies.Symptoms of colds, do not take medicine, believe that the probability of fetal lips will become lower.

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