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Eat radish in winter and eat ginger in summer. Eating ginger in summer is for a reason.

In the hottest and hottest season of the year, many people feel that they are very humid and they will go to the Chinese Medicine Hospital for dampness.During dampness treatment, some traditional Chinese medicine will recommend that you may take some ginger at this stage, because Chinese medicine has always paid attention to "eating radish in winter and eating ginger".Maybe many people feel strange. Ginger itself is hot. Will you not get angry if you eat in the sweltering summer?In fact, there are two reasons from the perspective of Chinese medicine in summer.

First of all, the nature of ginger is indeed warm, and it can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach.In summer, especially when the Sanfu, the weather is very sultry, and the stuffy season is the easiest to grow dampness.Especially for the spleen and stomach, it is particularly easy to be trapped by wet evil, and the wet evil that Chinese medicine talked about belongs to the evil. It must be used to remove it.The stove is dry, in short, it must be used by heat.It is the same reason to remove dampness with warm ginger.Any food enters the body. Before being digested, it must be equivalent to your body temperature, that is, this food must reach about 36 ° C. Only when this temperature can start workingDigest food.If you are lower than this temperature, the digestive enzymes will not work. In summer, if you eat too much cold things, your body will continue to heat the food by consuming your own yang, so that it can reach 36 ° C.If you often eat some cold, your body will consume yang frequently, which will cause spleen deficiency over time.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is the main transportation of water. When the spleen deficiency, the moisture in the body cannot be transported, causing the humidity to stop in the body. Therefore, the dampness must first strengthen the spleen.Eating ginger in summer or eating ginger in Sanfu is to remove the particularly serious humidity in summer with the temperature of ginger.

The second reason to eat ginger in summer is because summer is hot, and the pores of the human body are opened. People hiding in the air -conditioned room for a long time will be more susceptible to cold than winter. Therefore, modern people are often cold in summer.At this time, warm ginger is very suitable.Eating ginger in summer can help the human body to build a defense line outside the guard. Eating ginger is to keep the line of defense of the body, so that it will not be broken by cold drinks such as cold drinks and air conditioners in summer.

Many people think that ginger is a condiment, and it is a bit spicy. Usually, they do n’t eat it when they cook vegetables, not to mention eating ginger alone.How do we eat ginger in summer?We can use ginger to make small dishes. This side dish is marinated tender ginger.Specific method: Wash the tender ginger that you buy back and peel the slice. After drying the water, add a little salt, rub it with your hands, remove the water for 4 hours, put it in a clean glass container, pour the incense vinegar, then use it with then use it.The spoon is compacted by the ginger slices, and the amount of vinegar is preferably.The glass container is sealed and placed in the refrigerator to refrigerate. It can be eaten after 5 days.When eating, you can eat 5 to 8 pieces a day.Many old Chinese medicine eats this vinegar side dish when eating breakfast, in order to use the cold effect of Jiang to build a cold -proof barrier for the day.Finally, remind everyone that if you have a throat pain when you have a cold, you must use ginger carefully.Because the cold of the throat is hot, ginger can promote the heat, and at this time, the use of ginger may cause the fire of Liaoyuan.(Author Ni Huan Huan is the chief Chinese medicine practitioner of Tianshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital Tianshan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Changning District)

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