More than 20 stones were taken out of the gallbladder.

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A few months ago, Xiao Mu, a gallstone patient, underwent a minimally invasive and bile gallstone surgery at Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital.During the operation, there were more than 20 "stones" from small and small gallbladder.After the operation, Xiao Mu recovered well, and Xiao Mu’s husband and mother -in -law were full of love for her.With the gradual release of the inner pressure, a few days ago, Xiao Mu, who was in a happy mood, "upgraded" as a pregnant mother.

Xiao Mu and her husband fell in love for seven years, and they finally entered the palace of marriage last year.From university to entering the society, the two came along all the way, and they have been loving sweet.

However, since her mother -in -law came at the end of last year, the atmosphere of Xiao Mu’s family became nervous.It turned out that Xiao Mu’s mother -in -law was a traditional elderly man. This time, the coming came mainly to urge the young couple to quickly give her a fat grandson.She feels that Xiao Mu is not too young. If he is dragged into an older woman for a few years, it will become difficult to have children.

In the face of her mother -in -law’s "birth", Xiao Mu has a lot of pain.In fact, it was not Xiao Mu unwilling to give birth. She also wanted a cute baby herself, but for more than a year, she had never moved her belly, and she and her husband were in a hurry.However, her mother -in -law mistakenly thought it was her playful and didn’t want to give birth, which made Xiao Mu feel stressful.

After the Spring Festival this year, Xiao Mu’s right upper abdomen often had pain, and occasionally nausea and vomiting. She thought it was a stomach disease, but she just adjusted her diet and didn’t care.However, her mother -in -law thought that Xiao Mu was pregnant and couldn’t help it. She urged her son to take Xiaomu to the nearby hospital for examination. As a result, it was found that it was not pregnant, but cholecystitis+gallbladder stones!

When I got home, my mother -in -law heard that Xiao Mu was sick, and quickly apologized to her, saying that she had blame her before.Seeing Xiao Mu’s emotions, her mother -in -law asked her son to pick up Xiao Mu’s girlfriend to accompany her, and he cooked a hometown dish he had sex for her.

Later, with the companionship of her husband and mother -in -law, Xiao Mu came to Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital to find Dr. Hu Mingyan, the director of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital and the leader of the Department of Science of the hospital.After a comprehensive evaluation of the gallbladder function, Hu Mingyan performed a minimally invasive and bile stone surgery for her. A total of more than 20 gallstones were taken out during the operation.

After the surgery, Xiao Mu’s mother -in -law released the suspect, and her husband’s love, her body recovered quickly.One month after the operation, I went to the hospital to review. The stones in her gallbladder were not only gone, but the gallbladder function was returning to normal, and everything was gradually getting better.

Recently, Xiao Mu and her husband and mother -in -law returned to Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Hospital again. Xiao Mu’s family made a special trip to thank Dr. Hu Mingyan and brought a good news: Xiao Mu was pregnant!

According to Hu Mingyan, gallbladder stones will not affect pregnancy.Earlier, the factors affecting Xiaomu’s pregnancy may be mental state, physical diseases, etc. If the emotional is too tight and anxious during pregnancy, it also easily leads to a reduction in the chance of conception.He analyzed that Xiao Mu was pregnant after the gallbladder and stones. To a large extent, it was because of the healing of diseases such as gallstones. Her spirit was relaxed. The family cared about her.Go to the baby.

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