More than 20 days of blood, a 25 -year -old girl fainted in the toilet!Don’t care, serious life -threatening life

"Doctor, I have fainted in the toilet recently! What is going on?" The 25 -year -old young Luo Luo (pseudonym) was recently unwell. I went to the hospital to check it. I didn’t expect it to be because of hemorrhoids!

In most people’s cognition, hemorrhoids are very small problems, and they do not know that it will also cause life risks.

Intermittent blood in the stool for more than 20 days

Once I fainted in the toilet

Xiao Luo is usually healthy, can eat and sleep, but recently suddenly her limbs are weak and her face is pale. She has never understood why.One day, Xiao Luo Jing’s family reminded: Is it because of that "unspeakable"?

Xiao Luo quickly came to the Department of Anorectal Hospital of Fuyang District.After the anorectal director, He Qifeng learned that Xiao Luo had intermittent blood for more than 20 days. When many times, the blood in the stool appeared as a spray shape.

"Because it is not painful or itchy, I don’t pay much attention to it. In the past few days, the number of blood in the stool has become more, and once I fainted in the toilet." Xiao Luo said.

After a detailed specialty, He Qunfeng was initially considered to be bleeding caused by internal hemorrhoids.Internal hemorrhoids do not care because of no pain and itching.

He Qunfeng said to Xiao Luo, "Do you know? Internal hemorrhoids bleeding will also have a life! Your current situation must be transfused, and you must arrange hospitalization surgery to prevent bleeding again!"

There is blood when you go to the toilet

Hemorrhoids develop into severe anemia

There is no unique situation like Xiao Luo, and the hospital emergency department also received the same patient.A young guy was also taken to the hospital by 120 for fainting.

The young man said that the stool bleed for more than 10 days. When he went to the hospital, it was hemorrhoids. He thought that hemorrhoids were not a serious illness. He didn’t take it to heart. I did not expect that as long as I went home to go home, I had blood as soon as I went to the toilet.

Yesterday, he went out to play with his friends. On the road, he felt panicked and tightly. Suddenly he fell to the ground and didn’t wake up.

After the consultation was diagnosed, he told patients that he had severe anemia due to hemorrhoid bleeding, and he needed blood transfusion and surgical treatment.

After the guy was hospitalized, the mental state became increasingly improved.He repeatedly sighed that he should not ignore hemorrhoids, and almost caused irreparable harm.

"Hidden" is seriously life -threatening

You need to seek medical treatment in time

The formation of hemorrhoids is directly related to the poor flow of blood flow.The factors that hinder the return of vein include: the lack of cellulose leads to constipation, the anal sphincter continues to be tight during the stool, the stool is too long, the sitting posture is mainly sitting, lacking exercise, excessive obesity, often lifting weight, pregnancy, etc.These factors will increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity, which is not conducive to local blood circulation, and hemorrhoids will be formed over time.

Doctors remind that in fact, hemorrhoidal blood in the stool does not seem to lose blood, and it is easy to cause severe anemia.If long -term anemia is not treated, anemia will not be corrected, and patients will have pale, fatigue, dizziness, tinnitus, blurred vision, dreamer of insomnia, shortness of breath after activityVarious performances.If you do not treat the primary disease accordingly, the progress of the condition will endanger the life of the patient.

After blood infusion, such patients need to be hospitalized, and high nutritional foods can be added after discharge to restore the normal level of hemoglobin.Therefore, you usually have hemorrhoids. Do n’t do medical treatment because it is hard to say because it is difficult to say, so as not to cause greater harm.

Notice!Blood in the stool is another warning of rectal cancer.Because rectal cancer has similar symptoms and hemorrhoids, such as stool with blood or bleeding, anal swelling, bloating, frequent stool, etc., you must seek medical treatment in time.

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