Mom’s habit is 17cm shorter than his peers

"Only three months of children drink porridge?"

When the doctor hears the child’s mother

At this time

I am too embarrassed

The 6 -year -old boy Hao Hao

Because the family’s unhealthy eating habits

Causes long -term malnutrition

Height lags behind the same age and average height of 17 cm

Recently, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital

We ushered in such a "little patient" Hao Hao

He is 6 years old and 3 months old

Height is only 102 cm

And weighing only 16 kg

In the diagnosis, the doctor said that the average height of the 6 -year -old and 3 months should be 119 cm, while Haohao is only 102 cm, and the future height may be only about 150 cm.According to the child’s height prediction, the child should have been about 171.5 cm, and it is more than 20 centimeters short …

"You have reached shorts, and you are shorter than short." The doctor warned in communication with Hao Hao’s mother.Not only that, the doctor also found that Haohao had severe milk caries during further examination, which had a lot to do with the feeding habits of parents.

And in subsequent communication

Parent’s answer

It’s really increasing blood pressure


Mother is vegetarian during pregnancy

Children drink porridge for 3 months

In communication with doctors

Mother said Hao Hao is

Born at 37 weeks of pregnancy

Weight is 4 pounds and 8 two

"Because when I am pregnant, I have a lot of vegetarian vegetarian." The doctor was very shocked. "Don’t you think there are a big problem during pregnancy? Nutrition must not keep up with."

But the answer of Hao Hao’s mother makes people staggering

She said that during the feeding process within one year old

Children "get angry" because they eat breast milk

So I will give my children rice porridge

When only three or four months old

I have begun to feed the children porridge water

In addition, the in -laws are also vegetarian

The child has also followed the light diet since childhood

"Occasionally eat a little food"

After chatting with Hao Hao’s mother, the doctor diagnosed through the condition and suggested that the child injection of growth hormone is recommended, so that the child can make the child 3 or 4 cm a year in order to make up for the slow growth caused by malnutrition.

"I don’t want to fight, because I have always felt that hormone is not good in the impression." After hearing the doctor’s advice, Hao Hao’s mother "heard hormone color changes" like many parents, and hesitated to vaccinate growth hormones to take the child.Essence

In this regard, doctors explained that it is the optimal solution to growing hormones at this time, because children are too tall and have too many people in their peers, and they can only promote the growth of hobbies and tie the gap.

At the same time, it was warned that Hao Hao mother was that if it was decided to decide in this half of the year, the longer it was dragged, the longer the course of the treatment, the higher the cost. When the 12 -year -old child grows up and develops, there is no regret medicine.

Finally, Dr. Jiao still suggests

Hao Hao Mom thinks about it

Don’t let your children and parents

Because he tall and short regrets

Many netizens are "fist tightly"

There are many discussions on Hao Hao’s approach

Think of vegetarian choices, although it is a personal choice

But it should not be selected in the child

Forcibly let him be vegetarian in the case

This pair of children to parents

They are all irresponsible behaviors

@PRND21: This is long, I can see the fist tight …

@: I saw this issue at station B, I have increased blood pressure. I do n’t know where there are such remarks such as breast milk and vegetarian vegetarian.

@素: Ignorance and stubbornness. It is really evil as a parent without a threshold.

@ @DE Chuqing: If you are vegetarian yourself, you can only give children a vegetarian?IntersectionDon’t you know that children need nutrition?IntersectionChildren are really pitiful.

There are people who have also encountered

Also complained in the comment area

It turned out that he was not tall

Maybe a single diet with myself when I was a kid

Only vegetarian has a certain relationship

@: I guess I was too vegetarian when I was a kid, so I was not so high.

@: I was short because I didn’t eat meat.

@: I have a male classmate who has been vegetarian since I am thin and short, smaller than other boys.


In July 2022, the US media "New York Post"

A vegetarian mother

Feed fruits and vegetables for babies for a long time

News about 18 -month -old baby starving

She was convicted of six charges such as first -level murder and severe abuse of children, and will face life imprisonment.Her husband was also facing the same allegations.

In fact, most adults

You can really eat vegetarian

Get the nutrition needed for life

Including protein, carbohydrates

Fat, vitamins and minerals

However, if you don’t pay attention to diet balance

Only eat vegetarian

May cause some health problems

For example, vegetarians may lack certain nutrients, such as vitamin B12, calcium, iron, zinc and Omega-3 fatty acids.These nutrients are rich in meat, eggs and milk. If they do not consume enough nutrients, they may cause health problems such as anemia, osteoporosis, and decreased immunity.

In addition, if you only eat vegetarian food, you may also cause digestive problems.Some vegetarian foods may contain high -fiber or difficult to digest ingredients, such as beans, tofu and nuts, which may cause problems such as gastrointestinal discomfort or flatulence.

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Source: New Evening News

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