Mom, please don’t ignore breast care during pregnancy

After stopping breastfeeding, many mothers will feel that the breasts are significantly smaller, dry and drooping, and they can no longer be "arrogant".So you can only rely on some "small means" to make your appearance, but when you are frank, the pride is disappearing, and you can only sigh: who is like this, who is called upgrading to be a mother, who is upgraded to be a mother.It’s!

This is one of the reasons why many hot moms have given breast milk now.In fact, as long as we take a little careful care during pregnancy, we can reduce the risk a little bit, and at the same time, we can also ensure that the postpartum breastfeeding will be carried out smoothly.

In the early days of pregnancy, expectant mothers will find that the breasts become swollen and soft, and it is a bit uncomfortable, and the blood vessels are clearly exposed.

Go to the B time of the Baggian Dr. BGD:

1. Use hot water to perform hot compresses and massage every day, and apply almond oil or olive oil to prevent the skin from losing elasticity in the future due to excessive expansion.

2. Choose a good cotton bra.It is necessary to drag the breasts and not sag, but also make the tip of the cup cannot be rubbed to the nipple to prevent the nipples from collapse.At the same time, it is best to take off the bra to sleep at night to keep the blood flow smoothly.

In the middle of pregnancy, the initial pain disappeared, the nipples began to have secretions, and sometimes they saw juice flowing out with hands.In addition to the above methods, do not forget to clean the nipples with clean gauze and warm water, and remove the secretions accumulated on the nipple.

The best time to correct and prevent nipples from being initure in the middle of pregnancy

1. Press every morning and evening. After the hand is washed, put the index finger and middle finger on the nipples, and move it up and down.

2. Buy a suitable pacifier, shine on the nipple, put the nipple on the pacifier, and go outward.

Although there is no phenomenon of nipples, the baby can suck the appropriate nipples smoothly after delivery, and it is also done every day. It feels good.

I found that the breasts became big in the third trimester, so sexy!"In fact, the breast expansion at that time has reached its peak. At this time, we must pay attention to:

1. Massage yourself every day to prepare for milk.The method is: hold the lower side of the breast with one hand, and gently press the other hand from the outside to the inside. Do not work too hard, so as not to damage the smoothness of the breast after suffering.

2. Choose a more suitable bra. At this time, the bras must have a soft steel tray, which can hold the breasts and move closer to the inside. If there is milk overflow at this time, you must use anti -overflow milk stickers.I did not appear milk until after giving birth, and was still anxious at the time.Some expectant mothers obviously found that milk flows out after August. In order to keep the bra, keep the bra, be sure to use milk pads, but remember to change it frequently.


1. Some studies have found that some expectant mothers have fewer milk and are related to the improper wearing underwear, which causes subtle fibers to enter the breast pipe and cause blockage.Therefore, do not wear too tight bras during pregnancy.Don’t wear chemical fiber or wool clothes.When cleaning underwear, it should be separated from other clothes, and each time you wear it, you should shake the fiber attached to the inside of the bra.

2. Breasts are also related to diet. To prevent breast sagging, try to eat less salt as much as possible during pregnancy and postpartum.Foods with too much salt will cause breast sag because of "preserving" a lot of water in the body tissue.Instead, foods rich in vitamin C, such as sorghum and kiwi, can strengthen tissue fiber.

In addition, foods that are very helpful for healthy breasts include papaya, fish, meat, fresh milk, etc., which are rich in protein, as well as soybeans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame and corn, etc.Walnuts are also indispensable.Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli and sunflower seed oil, can stimulate the secretion of hormones; foods with vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pork liver, which helps the synthesis of hormones.Talling upright is very helpful, and laid a hard foundation for future milk production.

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