Mom is 28 weeks of pregnancy, you have to pay attention to these points, otherwise your mother and baby are prone to accidents.

The most dangerous time for pregnancy is the time of 28 weeks of pregnancy to the week after pregnancy.During this time, the baby and mother are prone to accidents, so mothers must pay more attention to this time to ensure the health of the baby.When the perinatal period, my mother must pay attention to the following aspects.

Regular examination

Different matters need to be paid attention to in all stages of the mother’s pregnancy. For example, check the fetal heart in the early stages of pregnancy, and then do B -ultrasound, four -dimensional color ultrasound, and so on.The purpose of each check is to ensure that the baby and mother are healthy. The closer to the production, the more the mothers have to go to the hospital to check the physical condition, especially when the periopecling period is.Dangerous, Mom remember to check the body to ensure the health of the baby.

Stay away from pollution environments

The living environment of mothers during pregnancy is relatively noisy or frequently exposed to radiation, and the fetus is prone to deformity.The entire process of pregnancy, especially during the perinatal period, is best in a more comfortable environment, so that the mother will have a good mood to be healthier.

Prepare to produce items

When the mother arrives, she is very close to the baby. At this time, the mother must prepare for production and the items needed for confinement.The more pregnancy, the more inconvenient mobilization is; and during the confinement period, mothers cannot have too much activity.Therefore, mothers need to prepare a production bag, put on mother’s change of clothes, wash supplies, and baby’s clothes and urine.

Postpartum mother is best to be hospitalized for observation

One week after my mother gave birth to a baby, it is best to stay in the hospital.Production will make the mother a lot of blood loss. The mother is weak and it is not suitable for walking around. Moreover, the mothers have just gave birth to their babies, and their bodies are still very unstable.Not surprisingly.

Don’t be cold after giving birth

During the confinement, cooling is a serious thing for mothers. At this time, the mother’s body is particularly weak, and there is a wound on her body. If it is attacked by the cold wind, the mother can easily drop the sickness.Every time I get cold or when the weather is cold, my mother will have pain.

When the mothers get the siege period, they must pay attention to the health of themselves and their babies. Think about it at this time when I am pregnant. Do not let your baby accident because of his mistakes.If you have any discomfort, you can go to the hospital for examination to reduce unnecessary anxiety.

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