Mom cares about a little trick, what should I do if my baby eczema?How to care for the baby to recover as soon as possible?

The baby has eczema, itching and uncomfortable, but there are many novice parents.Eczema is a common baby disease, and almost every baby has eczema.The baby’s eczema is a perverted reactive skin disease. At first, the skin became red and rash, and then the skin was rough and desquamated. In the event of heat and wetness, the eczema could be significant.

For infants and young children, the main cause of eczema is the diet. The younger the older baby, the greater the possibility of food allergies to cause eczema, such as milk and eggs, which are more likely to be allergic.

Why do you have eczema?

This is likely to be related to the mother’s diet. During her mother’s pregnancy and breastfeeding, I ate too much high -protein shrimp, seafood or spicy food, and babies will also be prone to eczema.

how to do if my baby has Eczema?

If the baby’s eczema is not serious, use a deep moisturizing cream to help the baby moisturize the skin. Within 3 minutes after the baby is bathing or washing his face, the moisture is not completely dry.Essence

If your baby’s eczema is full of body, you must go to the hospital for treatment. Under the professional doctors, use drug treatment.

When the baby eczema, the mother should not worry, try to keep a relaxed mood as much as possible.

Washing skin wrinkles

Babies with eczema should pay attention to keep the skin clean and dry. When parents take a bath, they need to use warm water to use a bathing agent without alkaline.For the folds of the skin, pay special attention to cleaning. The bath should be rinsed and the hair should be cleaned every day.

Wipe dry in time after sweating

Babies with eczema are more sensitive to the skin. Parents in life should often pay attention to changes in the hot and cold temperature and humidity around the baby to reduce the stimulation of the baby’s skin.After the baby is sweating, wipe the sweat in time.

Don’t be too high indoor temperature

The baby at home has eczema, and the room temperature should not be too high. Otherwise, the itching of eczema will be added. In the environment, the allergens should be reduced to the maximum extent.It is necessary to ventilate the room, not to smoke indoors, no carpets indoors, cleaning is best to wipe it, avoid dust, or use a vacuum cleaner to handle the dust in the house.

Clothes should be breathable

Usually, the baby’s clothes should be light and breathable. Wear cotton clothes. Do not wear chemical fiber clothes for your baby. Chemical fiber clothes are not breathable and will add eczema.

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