Mom Bao Nan was pregnant for 20 days, his wife was pregnant, suspecting that the child was not his own, and a paper appraisal was dumbfounded.

Mom Bao Nan was pregnant for 20 days, his wife was pregnant, suspecting that the child was not his own, and a paper appraisal was dumbfounded.

Chapter 1: Destiny intertwined

There are always some stories in life, which is unexpectedly sighing.In this impetuous society, everyone carries their dreams and desires, but reality is often not satisfactory.The protagonist of the story is a young mother, named Li Yu, and his wife Xiaoyu played with him.

Li Yu is a maverick person. He has a deep relationship with his mother, and is nicknamed "Mom Bao Nan" by human beings.However, he did not exclude the restraint of marriage. On the contrary, he was eager to spend his life with his beloved person under the testimony of his parents.So, in the afternoon of a spring day, Li Yu met Xiao Yu, a gentle and pleasant woman.Their encounter was like the arrangement of destiny, making Li Yu feel that somewhere in his heart finally found the ownership.

Chapter 2: The joy of flash marriage

When love comes, people are always happy to chase happiness.Li Yu and Xiaoyu decided to enter the palace of marriage less than a month after getting along with each other.The decision of flash marriage surprised many people, but their friends also bless them. After all, love is beautiful, and marriage is even more promised to the future.

The wedding was carried out in a joyful atmosphere. Li Yu’s mother had tears with her eyes, sending the most sincere blessings to her son.Xiao Yu’s family is also very satisfied with this gentle son -in -law.For a while, they became an enviable pair.

Chapter III: Pregnancy of Pregnancy

Shortly after marriage, Xiao Yu’s good news came, and she was pregnant with their children.The news made Li Yu excited, he knew that he was about to become a happy father.Every night, he will personally prepare a bowl of hot soup for Xiaoyu to take care of her.Xiaoyu looked in her eyes and moved her husband’s intentions.

However, as the day of pregnancy passed, Xiaoyu’s mood began to fluctuate.Sometimes she woke up in the middle of the night and shed silent tears, but Li Yu couldn’t understand the reason.He began to feel that he did not do enough to take care of the rain, so he cared more carefully.

Chapter 4: Suspicious Bud

On a full moon night, Li Yu walked in the park with Xiaoyu.The moonlight reflects the happy smile of the two.However, at this moment, there was a sudden doubt in Li Yu’s heart.He couldn’t help but doubt whether Xiaoyu’s pregnancy was really the result of his expectation.

At the beginning of such doubts, it was just a weak wave, but over time, it gradually grew wantonly in Li Yu’s heart.He felt that Xiaoyu sometimes avoided himself mysteriously, and avoided some issues.He began to pay attention to Xiaoyu’s every move to try to find what clues.

Chapter 5: A terrible discovery

One day, Li Yu accidentally found a small rain medical record at home.The physical examination of Xiaoyu was recorded before marriage.He looked at the medical record intently, and his mood fell into the bottom of the valley instantly.It turned out that before getting married, Xiao Yu was pregnant and had an abortion surgery.

Li Yu was shocked by this discovery. He tried to talk to Xiaoyu, but Xiaoyu avoided seeing him, avoiding him on the grounds of illness.Li Yu’s mood became heavier. He began to blame why he did not understand the past of Xiaoyu before marriage.

Chapter 6: Vortex of Doubt

The mystery of his wife and the secrets of the past put Li Yu into a vortex of doubt.He was struggling in his heart, he didn’t know if he should ask the truth, and worried that this would hurt his wife’s feelings.However, he had doubts about the child’s blood, and this doubt could not be easily thrown.

Under the pressure of emotion, Li Yu finally decided to treat Xiao Yu frankly, and they sat down and talked about it.

Xiaoyu finally confessed her past experience. She said that her pregnancy was a mistake she used to, and abortion was to prevent the child from hurting.

Chapter 7: Revelation of the Truth

After listening to his wife’s explanation, Li Yu felt the turbulence of his heart. He understood his wife’s hard work for the child, but at the same time, he could not release the concealed experience.The trust between husband and wife seemed to be severely shaken.

In order to understand the doubts in happiness, Li Yu decided to conduct a parent -child identification.In the face of this decision, Xiaoyu was afraid of it, but also understood the difficulties of her husband.She agreed to Li Yu’s request, after all, she also hopes to find an answer for this marriage.

Chapter 8: Decision of Destiny

After waiting, the results of parent -child identification finally came out.The fact shocked them. The child who was pregnant in Xiaoyu was really Li Yu’s biological flesh.Looking at the appraisal report, Li Yu’s doubts and resentment disappeared instantly.It turned out that all this was just a misunderstanding caused by doubts.

After learning the truth, Li Yu and Xiao Yu’s heart finally connected again.They understand that they need more trust and communication between each other in order to walk through the bumps and storms of life together.


Love and marriage are a landscape. They will experience the twists and turns and bumps of thorns, but they will also have gorgeous scenery.On the road of life, we will inevitably make mistakes, and the key is whether we can face it calmly, understand and support each other.Just like Li Yu and Xiaoyu, when they were relieved from doubts, their love rejuvenated her vitality.Love is the power to finally resolve all doubts, and it is also the vow of the hand of the child and the old man.May every marriage have a firm trust and create a happy story that belongs to each other.

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