Moles that have been on their head for many years have been found to be skin cancer?Do not ignore these changes in the skin

On our face, hands, back, and any skin, there may be moles. It is estimated that there are more or less moles except for the little baby without moles.These moles are large and small, and the number is large. Although there are observations, they will not pay much attention to it. Who thinks that the mole that has been on the head for many years is actually skin cancer?

There is a large mole above Mr. Xie’s ears. At first he was the same as everyone else, and felt that it was just a mole, but after a period of time, someone reminded him that your mole seemed to have become bigger.It is not mole, but skin cancer. After resection treatment, it has been cured and has not developed to a very serious level.

But a blogger in the United States is not so lucky. At the age of 18, she found a strange mole on her body. The surface was dry and itchy, and sometimes bleeding, but she did not check it because she was pregnant at the time, and she was not enough.Money.When the child is born, the funds in their hands are also sufficient. Three years have passed. After examination, the doctor told her that it was skin cancer or the most dangerous one.Stay to other organs.

Do you have a panic when you see here?What to do, there seems to be big moles on myself, willn’t it be skin cancer?This is not necessarily, because the cause of cancer is very complicated, and it is impossible to be cancerous every mole. However, if there are 4 abnormal changes in the skin, it must be paid attention to.

There are spots on the skin, which is slightly protruding, and it feels very hard

Skin lesions have just begun to be inconspicuous, and it is not easy to associate with cancer. After a period of development, there may be spots, highlighting the skin surface, touching the touch feel, which is obviously different from the surrounding skin.Crushes, it is not easy to heal for a long time.If you find a raised and hard rash on the skin, check it in time.

The mole is large, the edges are irregular, and the growth is fast

Although moles are more common, everyone should pay attention to those moles with large size, fast growth, and abnormal shapes on them. Their color may be blue, red, brown, there is a tendency to spread around, and ordinary ordinary, and ordinary ordinary, and ordinary ordinary.The moles are obviously different, and then they must be paid attention to.

There are cauliflower -like ulcers on the surface of the skin, accompanied by infection and odor

This symptom is relatively obvious, and it should be checked as soon as possible when discovery.Normal skin is damaged, and it will heal soon, and it will not emit odor. If it is raised like a cauliflower, there is pus out of it, which smells stinky, indicating that the skin infection is very serious. It may not be good.Suspecting is skin cancer, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

In other words, the manifestation of skin cancer is not only the kind of mole, but also the rash, desquamation, and damage. Any part of any part may occur. It should be discovered and treated in time to prevent it from continuing to develop.

① Long -term exposure to ultraviolet rays

② Frequent contact with chemicals

③ Reason for work Reversed Electricity ionization Radiation

④ Trauma infection is not treated in time

The sun brings vitality to the earth, and at the same time, it also brings a crisis. We have only a layer of fine hair on our skin. There is no enough defense ability.There are 4 people to be vigilant: outdoor construction workers, beach enthusiasts, traffic commanders, and farmers.

There are relatively few chemicals in life. Most of them are in contact with work, and for several hours of contact. For example, when working in a chemical plant, often contacting tar and asphalt, carcinogens may induce skin cells.

At the same time, scientific and technological progress may cause harm to the human body. Now there are increased radioactive equipment. It can be seen in hospitals and nuclear power stations. Persons engaged in related work should regularly check the body to prevent skin cancer.

Skin trauma is relatively common and requires timely treatment, but some people like to let it heal and do not pay attention to waterproof and ash. If the wound continues to purulent or encounters a virus, it may be stimulated.

Don’t underestimate skin cancer. If it invades important organs, it will threaten life, and the degree of malignancy is no less than lung cancer and liver cancer.If you want to be far away from skin cancer, you can do this:

Simply put, it is to cover the skin. The masks, hats, and scarves can be used as a weapon for our sunlight. Although it is a bit stuffy, but for the sake of the skin, you still have to bear it.Don’t think that it is good to apply sun protection. Its disadvantage is that the sun protection is uneven. You should apply it frequently. If you use it, you may explode.

There are a large mole or rash on the skin. Do not pick up with your hands often, or rub it repeatedly. If you grow on the back, be careful when you grow bath.In the place, it cannot be covered with tattoos to prevent the potion from stimulating it. At the same time, the perm frequency should be reduced to prevent moles of the scalp but you don’t know.

In short, the risk of moles in the hands, feet, buttocks, and hips is relatively high. Usually reduce friction, pay attention to protection. In addition, in addition to moles, we must also pay attention to abnormal hyperplasia, rash, skin lesions, do wellThere are abnormal changes and pain to seek medical treatment in time.

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