Mo Pangsan "Life": Men and children may betray you, only they will not

Knowing heated discussion: "What is the most perfect life in your opinion?"

In many answers, I saw a different answer: how can there be no perfect life, life has never been perfect, but it is a lifetime and ups and downs, and everyone is trying to live a good life.

Indeed, a person’s life is long and short. From a child crying to the twilight flower armor, the life encounters that everyone experienced in the long way of life is different.

But the end of our life is the same.

No one’s life is perfect, and no one’s life is terrible.

In the vast universe, we are small as even like a floating dust. After experiencing years of wind and frost, we will fall into a place in the world and become eternal.

In "Life", in "Life", in the life of a noble girl, Jana, explained the significance and value of people’s life in this life.

As he said in the book: "Life cannot be as good as you think, but it will not be as bad as you think."


Girls’ Love Fandering

Ya Na was born in a family of old -fashioned nobles. Her father, Baron, advocates theory and formulated a whole set of plans for Ya Na’s education.

He wants to cultivate his daughter into a kind, upright and gentle woman.

At the age of 12, Ya Na was sent to the monastery to go to the monastery at the age of 12. Since then, a five -year time for banning and isolated from the world.

Ya Na, who grew up in such an environment, is simple and kind and has a beautiful fantasy about love.

Ya Na has a maid who grew up together and has a bamboo horse, a tall girl with a strong body.

In the young age, at night, they had fantasized beautiful love together.

Ya Na fantasized in her dream what the white horse prince who spent the rest of her life will look like in the future.

She is looking forward to living with the people she loves in the future, and she also looks forward to raising a pair of children with the other half to raise a pair of children.

Although all this is the dream of the Ya Na girl, it is also what the kind and simple Ya Na thinks of life.

Ya Na’s parents also fell in love with each other. Their family sold the original manor and moved to Baiyang Tianzhuang to live, living calm and fulfilling.

Until Ya Na and the Baron had a Massman in one Sunday, the younger Yu Lianda Lamalr was introduced by the priest.

Yu Lian was gentle and beautiful, and Ya Na was deeply impressed by him.

The Baron also appreciated this young man. Since then, Yu Lian has become a frequent visitor to Baiyang Tianzhuang.

The two young people got closer and closer. In the pursuit of even the company, Ya Na quickly fell in love.


Exposure of ugly face

Shortly after Yu Lian and Ya Na were together, she proposed to Ya Na.After that, they quickly engaged and held a wedding.

It seemed like a dream for Ya Na. She and her "Prince White Horse" entered the marriage, and she also changed from a girl to someone else’s wife.

Ya Na is still looking forward to a good life in the future, looking forward to entering the marriage life of her dream during her girl.

Before entering the marriage, Ya Na was like a flower protected by her parents in the greenhouse. She was pure and kind, and at the same time fantasized the beauty of future life.

But everything is different from Ya Na.

Since the wedding night, Yu Lian has become unfamiliar with Ya Na. Ya Na has rejected even contact with her body. She is still so strange to her feelings and desire for the two.

It wasn’t until their honeymoon trip to Kosajia Island that the newlywed couple played the water when they played water in Yougu Spring.

But Yu Lian after marriage is very different from before marriage. He is no longer gentle to Ya, and he has only asked her for her own sensuality.

Yu Lian became stingy and rude. After the honeymoon returned, he no longer went to the Ya Na room, and he no longer deliberately decorated his appearance.

At the same time, Yu Lian entered Baiyang Tianzhuang as a son -in -law, in charge of Baiyang Tianzhuang, and treated the maids to be humble, and the same is true of Ya Na and her parents.

Ya Na has tolerated this kind of Yu Lian.

We are often stunned by love and can’t see the true face of a person. Yu Lian’s camouflage and insidious, Ya Na’s kindness and simpeance, their combination is destined to be the beginning of tragedy.

Ya Na’s little maid Rosali became more and more strange. It was not until Rosali accidentally gave birth to a child that Ya Na discovered Rosali’s abnormalities.

Rosali did not mention who the child’s father was, and Yu Lian resolutely wanted to drive Rosali and children out, which was a scandal for their family.

But Ya Na accidentally fell asleep in Rosali’s room, and then found that the abnormal relationship between them was.

Ya Na was hit. She wanted to jump the cliff to end her life, but was rescued. After that, Ya Na was ill.

Ya Na, who was born with a serious illness, found that she was pregnant.

The Baron saw that Ya Na, who had taken care of her carelessness, was treated like this and wanted to punish it.

However, the priests have long been weird about the adultery. He regards Yu Lian’s behavior as a mistake that men will make, just as the baron itself will derail and violate the maid.

Ya Na and the Baron can only be helplessly forgive.

Ya Na’s parents found a family for Rosali and gave her a high dowry to let her marry her. This is also the last kindness to Rosali.


Good and evil will end up

Ya Na had already produced a child with Yu Lian, named Paul.

The arrival of the child made Ya Na re -ignite the hope of life. She no longer put her thoughts on her body, but loved her son wholeheartedly.

The marriage broke all the beautiful fantasies of the Ya Na girl. The birth of her child was full of expectations for her beautiful life, and her love for her son was almost enthusiastic.

Yu Lian was still embarrassed to this family, but Ya Na didn’t care so much about his behavior.

And Yu Jiangshan was difficult to change his nature. He and the lady of Earl Fville stole affection. All of this Ya Na looked at it, but she disagreed.

Ya Na’s mother died unfortunately. Ya Na was immersed in the pain of losing her mother, but found the evidence of her mother’s secret when sorting out her mother’s letter.

Everything looks so beautiful, but everything is hidden in the unknown dirt and secrets, just like Ya Na’s parents. They are kind and pure in Ya Na’s heart, but they betray each other to betray each other.Essence

Ya Na’s fantasy of beautiful love was completely broken.

Paul’s serious illness was frightened. After Paul’s illness, Ya Na had the idea of asking for another daughter, but Ya Na could not do a relationship like a mother.

With the help of the priest, she finally conceived her child as expected.

When everyone, including Ya Na, felt that happiness was about to fall. The secret of the secret of the Lian and Mrs. Fuville was reported by the new Prototyy. They were revealed by the Count Fville to push down the cliff, and they died miserable.

Ya Na was extremely painful, and under extremely sadness, she had a miscarriage, and there was a miscarriage. She had a dead baby and a girl.

Even if Yu even betrayed her, after even her death, Ya Na recalled her beautiful times with Yu Lian.

In this relationship between Ya Na and Yu Lian, there was no cling to be evenly matched, nor did she understand. The kind Ya Na was deceived by Yu Lian’s appearance and hurried into the marriage. This is also the main reason for her tragedy marriage.


Drowning the evil fruit

From the day of Yu Lian’s death, son Paul was the source of hope and happiness that Ya Na lived. Ya Na gave all his love to Paul.

But the full moon is lost, and the full love is overflowing.

Paul has not been loved by his father since his birth, and now he suddenly becomes a single -parent family.

Mother’s doting makes Paul’s hand -to -hand, no learning, and elope with prostitutes at a young age.

Paul was obsessed with gambling, was trapped in speculation, and owed a debt that owed a ass, but Ya Na couldn’t bear her son.

When the family was chaotic into a pot of porridge, the little maid Rosali returned, and did not hesitate to help Ya Na sell Baiyang Tianzhuang.

Baiyang Tianzhuang is a place where Ya Na and Rosali grew up from a young age. There are the most innocent and beautiful memories of young master and servants.

But how can I repay the huge debt owed by Paul?

Rosali helped Ya Na buy a small house again, and hugged the child of Paul and prostitutes back.

This is the last beauty and hope for Ya Na in the cruel life.

Ya Na emotioned, "Life is not as beautiful as imagined, but not as bad as imagined."



Everyone has the right and freedom of controlling their lives, but we always experience a lot of pain and growth to truly understand that life is not all beautiful for us, but it is not all dark.

Only after we embrace the truth of life, we still love the mentality of life, can we live ourselves in this noisy world.

Keep your good sincerity, do not easily pin the hope of life on anyone. Only you can determine the fate of your life.

May everyone gain their own happiness in this ordinary life.

mutual encouragement.

Author: Zhou Yao, a member of the Reading Club.Cultivate in the dust and survive in the vulgar world.

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