MIT experiments found that most of the dogs of dogs are related to the owner!

What is the owner in the dog’s eyes?Pick up the shit officer?Mother of the cafeteria?

A netizen said that in the eyes of a dog, she was a dream ambassador!

Because every time the dog sleeps, as long as it touches her mouth, she will secretly hold the dog’s favorite chicken shreds and shake in front of her nose.The puppy immediately woke up, and it was grateful to Dade’s light.EssenceEssence

But from a scientific perspective, is dogs really dreaming?Today we will reveal the answer!

Will the dog dream?

The easiest way to judge whether dogs can dream are to compare dogs and people’s sleep mode!

From a structural point of view, the dog’s brain is similar to the human brain.Like human beings, dogs’ sleep also experiences two stages: non -fast eyes sleep and fast eye movement sleep.

In addition, the dog’s brain wave mode is similar to humans during sleep.They show staged radio activities similar to humans, which means that they also dream when they sleep!

In a similar experiment of human beings, when the subject woke up in fast eyes and sleep, almost everyone could clearly remember that they were dreaming.

If you look closely, the dog’s eyeballs rotate quickly behind the eyelids.This is because the dog is immersed in the image in the dream. This eyeball is a typical characteristic of dreaming.

Surprisingly, dogs don’t dream!

Scientific research shows that the animals that IQ are lower than dogs show signs of "dreaming."

Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology trained mice to complete a specific task in the maze, recorded the brain waves generated by their hippocampus, and compared it with the brain waves during sleep, and found that it was almost the same.

The dream of mice is not only as vivid and complicated as human dreams, reappearing during the day, but also their way of learning and memory.

Therefore, if a brain is so complicated to dream, it will be surprising!

What did this dog dream?

Neurosciences of MIT conducted experiments, and the results showed that most of the things happened in dog dreams were the reproduction of the daytime incident or things.

For example, I dreamed that I had never eaten snacks during the day and quarreled with the little flower next door.

However, it is worthwhile that most of the sleeping time of dogs is mainly related to the dream of the owner.The host play with me, today (next time) how to make the host happy or how to make the host angry again, and so on.In short, I have ideas and dreams every day!

Several netizens also shared their dogs’ dreams at home:

@: I used to cause trouble at home, but after being taught, I always sobbed when I fell asleep that night.This should also be a dream that happened during the day.

@: I think yes.EssenceEssenceSwhaming saliva should be a dream when sleeping.What is delicious?So I think dogs should be able to dream (or maybe because they have too many inner games).

So, give your dog a more pleasant experience during the day, so that you can say "a good dream" to them!

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