Miranda Kerr’s third child’s pregnancy belly appeared in the LV party!Wearing a mini black skirt show long legs is still angels

Miranda Kerr was once the pillar on the Victoria’s Terminal. Her angel -like face and a good figure against the sky, coupled with her sweet smile, is really unforgettable!Today, Kerr has become a rich wife. She married Evan, a rich man, and was envious happily.Now the third child is going to have a second child, but the second child had a second child in May last year. Such a chasing speed is really convincing!

On June 27, local time, LV Louis Vuitton held a cocktail party in Los Angeles. For a long time, Kerr, who hadn’t made a public appearance, appeared on a third child on the same day!Kerr chose a small black skirt and appeared. In fact, Kerr has been pregnant for about 7 months, but he still looks so slender.Although it was more fatter than the original, his arms and legs were still very slender. However, his belly still showed his long legs with a big belly.The motherly love was holding the big belly throughout the process, but now the focus of life has been put on the family.

The mini silver bag looks playful and cute, but she laughs so charming. She is also suffering from her face. She looks fatter than ordinary models, but she is now a big belly, but she looks a little bloated.It seems that supermodels are easy to give birth to dolls, and postpartum recovery is also very fast. I am also curious how they do it.

Kerr with black silver stitching high -heeled shoes, big wavy curly hair is so charming.Nowadays, European and American stars do not like big red lips, and nude makeup is popular, but I find that Ke’er and big red lips are really good, the complexion has improved a lot, and more importantly, it is a lot amazing.

After pregnancy, the clothes are still very good. In April, Kerr’s pink cloak skirt appeared. It was also the first time that he was about to be a mother for the third time. The pink was full of the heart of the girl, and we also hoped that Kerr could be able to this time.There is an angel -like face like a female baby, some people inherited!Such a cloak and skirt set off Kerr like a Greek goddess. Today, the rich wife, Coco, really looks more expensive than the original. It has a sense of purity and a femininity.

This is so admirable that such a curve is so charming.Many people say that Kerr had a third child after a few months after giving birth to a second child. Would you like to fight like this!However, he did not escape the rhythm of giving birth to a baby without escaping, but Ke’er herself revealed that he liked children very much. The eldest son was 8 years old!And Kerr’s ex -husband Elf Prince and Sister Fruit will get married right away, each of them is good, how perfect this is ~ What a perfect ending ~

In April, Ke Er also appeared in a small black skirt, but this little black skirt was perfectly hidden!The lace style is very playful, and most of the skirts that Kerr are wearing today are such short models. With white high heels, black and white are always so simple and generous, and will not make mistakes.

It is said that European and American women are very easy to grow old when they are 25 years old, and Su Yan’s Keer is indeed very different from post -makeup. However, when the second child had not recovered before, the gray coat was unveiled, and the complexion was not very good.Fortunately, Kerr’s aura has always been very strong, even if it is plain, it is domineering.

Miranda Kerr’s third child’s pregnancy belly appeared in the LV party!Wearing a mini black skirt show long legs is still an angel ~

However, Kerr is not a full -time wife now. She still has her own career. The skin care brand she founded has never fallen, and she has been promoting her big belly.In a few days ago, Kerri was held for the leather card. A powder skirt appeared. Such Barbie fans set off Kerr’s sweeter and moving.In fact, Kerr who is not in a hurry to recover his figure, now I don’t think of these!Although the supermodel AA has retired, it will still go to the runway, but Kerr almost leaves the catwalk

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