Miracle!The fetus is severe anemia.

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I have heard of panda blood. Because of the rare blood, this name has been named. However, Ms. Wu’s blood type is more rare than this.Because of this rare, Ms. Wu was pregnant several times, and in the end, she had hemolytic internal hemolysis due to the special blood type, and the fetus was not born.

In April 2020, when Ms. Wu was pregnant again, she rushed to Zhengda San Affiliated Hospital with a hint of hope. In the next few months, a group of experts worked together. In the end, after the fetus was transfushed in the liver vein in her mother’s belly four times,Born smoothly.

"Rh lack of D-is an extremely rare mutant in the RH blood type system." Li Xiaofu, director of the Department of Blood Transfer Department of Zhengda San Affiliated Hospital, said that this blood type serotism characteristics are completely lackingAnd (or) excessive expressions of antigen.The RH deficiency D-individual is very easy to be combined with the anti-C/C and E/E combination of anti-C/E/E with allergens such as blood transfusion, childbirth, trauma, natural or artificial abortion, and ectopic pregnancy.The antibody can enter the fetus into the fetus to cause sensitive fetal red blood cells through the placenta, causing severe fetal or neonatal hemolysis, causing fetal anemia, fetal edema, and fetal death.

It is understood that at 24 weeks of Ms. Wu, the fetus was severe anemia.In order to save the life of the fetus, the fetal medical team of Zhengda San Affiliated Hospital organized a number of disciplines in many hospitals and the province. At the same time, Li Xiaofu also actively contacted Henan Blood Center and major hospitals to find blood sources.

In the next two months, under the supervision of the Lihezhou team of the ultrasound department of Zhengda San Affiliated Hospital, Li Genxia, a fetal medical expert in our province and the mother director of the hospital, led the team to implement four intrahepatic vein for the fetus in the fetus of Ms. Wu’s fetus.Blood transfusion extend the gestational week to 35 weeks.

In mid -December 2020, the fetus was born smoothly. A few days ago, they were discharged home.Before the discharge, Ms. Wu’s lover rushed to the obstetric department of the hospital with Jinqi and Xikan, thanked everyone who helped them.

Author: Li Xiaomin

Source: Dahe News

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