Miracle baby!"The lightest in the country" has passed a heavy life and death in 145 days!

I only stayed in my mother’s belly for 24 weeks

Beibei (pseudonym) can’t wait to "check out"

Weight weighing only 350 grams at birth

His vitality was so fragile when he was born

The sound of closing the door is slightly larger

Maybe brain bleeding

The hand of the medical staff is a bit unclean

It may cause systemic infection


This "slap baby"

After 145 days, I have passed the heavy life and death

Long to 3.04 kg

Recently, I finally finally followed Fudan Pediatric Xiamen Hospital

(Xiamen Children’s Hospital)

Be discharged smoothly

According to reports

This is the success of our country’s treatment

Minimum birth weight premature babies

"Children have not given up, how can parents give up!"

If the doctor’s words give your parents confidence

Ms. Zhuang, who lives outside Xiamen Island

The road to breeding is extremely difficult

Last year, she managed to conceive her baby, but various diseases followed: hypertension during pregnancy, nephropathy syndrome, severe eclampsia …

In a short period of time, she has an abnormally increased weight, coagulation dysfunction, a large amount of thoracic ascites, and the function of multiple organs. The baby cannot absorb nutrients in the palace, chronic hypoxia, and limited growth and development.The obstetrics team of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen Medical College was treated, and Ms. Zhuang’s condition was still progressing.If the baby is taken out of the baby in time, the mother and son are hard to protect.

Ms. Zhuang and her husband consulted a lot of information and learned that this was like this, and the baby’s survival rate was only more than ten percent.Even if the hope is slim, they don’t want to give up.Subsequently, the obstetrician contacted the Fudan Pediatric Xiamen Hospital (Xiamen Children’s Hospital) Newborn Medical Center experts for consultation and discussed the inter -hospital referral treatment plan.

Facing Ms. Zhuang, who is extremely anxious, Huang Ying, director of the Newborn Medical Center, cheered them. "The child has not given up, how can you give up if you are a parent! If you are at ease and give birth to the child, we will do our best to protect him!" Huang YingSome words made Ms. Zhuang and her husband more firm confidence.

Huang Ying’s "Xinxin Pill"

It’s not thrown out at will

In the 9th years of opening, the premature babies of Xiamen Hospital of Fudan Pediatrics (Xiamen Children’s Hospital) reached the advanced level of domestic domestic treatment, and more than 160 cases with a total of less than 28 weeks and a birth weight of less than 1,000 grams were successfully cured, of which 23 weeks of fetal ageTwo cases, 2 cases 24 weeks, 12 cases in 25 weeks.

Professor Zhuang Deyi, the first executive dean of the hospital, introduced that as the National Children’s Regional Medical Center, the hospital also led the establishment of southwestern Fujian pediatric medical courses. Members of medical consortiums opened a green referral channel to share high -quality resources in Fudan University Affiliated Pediatric Hospital.The second hospital is one of the members of the southwestern Ministry of Fujian Medical Connect. There are many cases of dangerous re -born children who transfer to the Xiamen Hospital of Fudan Pediatrics (Xiamen Children’s Hospital) through the green channel. The two sides cooperated with each other and accumulated rich experience.

Life relay opens the green channel

Careful treatment of repeated life and death

January 15

Caesarean section surgery is performed at the second hospital

Operating room

Fudan Pediatric Xiamen Hospital (Xiamen Children’s Hospital)

Newborn transshipment team is waiting

at the same time

Medical staff of the newborn medical center of the hospital,

The rescue equipment has been prepared

At more than 10 o’clock that night, the medical staff transferred the newborn to Xiamen Hospital (Xiamen Children’s Hospital) neonatal intensive care room (NICU) through the green channel.

Little guy’s fetal age 24 weeks

Weight only 350 grams

The skin is like cicada wings

The blood vessels are as thin as hair

How to build venous pathways

Become Yokoham in front of the medical staff

The first problem

Beibei, who was just born, was in poor development of the whole body and his life was extremely fragile.

The hospital dispatched the backbone of doctors to successfully complete the umbilical vein tube with skilled skills and timely infusion of drugs.Considering that Beibei is extremely fragile, conventional blood testing can cause ischemia, and the nurse leaves a small amount of blood for trace blood tests when setting up the tube.

After the establishment of the vein pathway, various treatment measures are carried out in an orderly manner.After 48 hours, Babe had lung bleeding, and the heart of the medical staff let go of it slightly.This is very dangerous for Babe, with a mortality rate of 50%, and may need to be transfusion and rescue at any time.

However, the umbilical vein pathway cannot be infused and blood transfusion. Therefore, the nurse once again challenged the difficult puncture and tube, and successfully established an axillary vein pathway under the axillary of Beibei to transform blood to win precious timing for lung bleeding.

One week after Beibei was admitted to the hospital, the medical staff successfully implemented PICC management and established a path of life for subsequent treatment.

Ultra -premature babies are often accompanied by cerebral hemorrhage and are not treated in time, leaving sequelae such as cerebral palsy.The medical team is closely monitored and evaluated, and the treatment plan is adjusted in real time. Beibei’s cerebral hemorrhage has not deteriorated, and the nervous system is not obviously damaged.

Huang Ying introduced

In the process of treating Beibei

The grasp of "degree" is very important

The infusion speed is slightly faster, and the blood vessels may burst; when the upper ventilator, the concentration of CO₂ is high, the blood vessels will explode, the concentration is too low and ischemia, and the high and low will damage the brain."The less treatment is, the better, and sometimes we need to reduce operations. Excessive intervention will bring more damage."

Wu Yongfang is a doctor’s bed doctor.She used the concepts and technologies that she learned in the Shanghai General Court on Beibei."We pay much attention to Babe’s nutritional problems. Due to chronic hypoxia in the palace and limited growth, Beibei’s intestinal function is very fragile. At first one month, 1 ml of milk will be bloated every 3 hours.Pinded and balanced vein high nutritional support, regular monitoring of growth and development indicators and internal environment stability, formulating individualized nutrition plans, adjusting the feeding plan in time in a timely manner, Beibei continues to grow along its own growth trajectory. "

Break into life and death

I can drink 40 ml of milk when I was discharged.Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Xiaozhen

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"Give the child to the children’s hospital

Parents rest assured!"

Every day Beibei’s Nicu is tormented for Ms. Zhuang. "I look forward to the doctor’s phone, but I am afraid that the ringtone of the mobile phone will sound." I heard that Shanghai authoritative experts were diagnosed by Beibei, and Dr. Xiamen was formulated for Beibei.After the treatment plan, the hearts of Ms. Zhuang and her husband finally were a little more solid.

Medical staff carefully treats, help Beibei through life and death

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last month

Ms. Zhuang received a notice

Beibei’s condition is stable

Parents can enter the family participation ward

Accompany the baby

She was happy and nervous.For the first time holding her soft and small body in her arms, she didn’t dare to move.Under the guidance of the medical staff, she gradually learned to feed Beibei and how to deal with it.

"The medical staff here is not only clever, but also very intimate. Every baby takes care of his children carefully. Various details are in place." Ms. Zhuang said, "I used to worry about the baby who was sleeping at night and crying at night.No one coaxed, seeing the working status of the medical staff with my own eyes, I want to say to parents and friends, ‘Don’t give up the baby baby who arrives easily, rest assured that the children are handed over to the children’s hospital, and we are waiting for the miracle of life together.’ ""

Ms. Zhuang and her husband gave the banner to the medical staff.Photo by Xiamen Daily reporter Huang Xiaozhen

The level of treatment of premature babies increases

Reflecting respect for life

"More than 20 years ago, five or six hundred grams of premature babies could be saved. Not only did parents, but even medical staff felt incredible." Zhuang Deyi struggled in the field of newborn medicine for decades and witnessed the development of newborn medicine in my country. Said, "In these years, the country has attached great importance to the treatment of premature babies, medical technology has made rapid progress, and the social security system has become increasingly perfect. More and more premature babies have been scientific treatment. Respect reflects the progress of social civilization. "

The successful treatment of 350 grams of "Ling Baby"

It reflects the effectiveness of the construction of the National Children’s Regional Medical Center

The overall treatment of the hospital

Before the opening of the Xiamen Hospital (Xiamen Children’s Hospital) in 2014, Xiamen had only 0.26 pediatricians per 1,000 children per 1,000, which was lower than the average level of the whole province.

In order to make up the shortcomings of the pediatrics, the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government adopted the "Municipal School Cooperation" model to jointly build Xiamen Children’s Hospital with Fudan University.9 years of hard work, the hospital has developed booming under the leadership of the Pediatric Hospital affiliated to Fudan University to cultivate a group of "permanent brand" local medical talent teams, which drives the rapid improvement of regional pediatric medicine, forming a copy that can be replicated and promoted "Fudan Pediatric Model ".

The hospital’s premature birth treatment reaches the advanced level of domestic. It is the Xiamen Newborn Quality Control Center. It has a key laboratory in Fujian’s newborn disease.(ECMO) High -precision technology, the newborn ward is the first to reach the three -level C standard (the highest level) in southwestern Fujian, and it is possible to get a high level of treatment in the nearby in southwestern Fujian.

In recent years

Xiamen Children’s Hospital Newborn Medical Center

Repeatedly breaking the province’s lowest weight,

The youngest newborn newborn recovery record

In 2016, it was 25 weeks after the treatment of the fetus and the birth weight of 530 grams.

In 2017, successfully cure the fetus for 24 weeks, and the birth weight of 590 grams was super prematurely.

In 2020, it was successfully cured for 23 weeks of fetal age and a birth weight of 470 grams.

In 2022, he was successfully cured for 24 weeks of fetal age and a birth weight of 530 grams.


Those little babies who used to hang one line

Now they are growing healthy

It is embracing their own brilliant life

Text: Reporter Chu Yan Correspondent: Cai Huizhou Chen Ping

Source: Xiamen Daily

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