Milk tea and Qiang Dong met that they were married and had children to be derailed to Liu Qiangdong.

"Plagiarism must be investigated"

In the early morning of December 22, 2018, from the Office of the Prosecutor’s Office of Hengneoping County, Minnienfelis City, the investigation results of the Liu Qiangdong incident that took three and a half months, it was decided not to prosecute.crime.

Result of the Prosecutor’s Office of Hengneuping County, Minni Apolis City, USA

Later, Liu Qiangdong’s agent lawyer issued a public statement: He stated in his statement that after dinner, girls took the initiative to invite Liu Qiangdong to enter his own apartment. Everything happened in the room was voluntary.They are very active, without any reluctance.

All of the above means that Liu Qiangdong’s rape case for three and a half months was officially closed.The surrounding people’s hearts of Liu Qiangdong’s rape cases were unlocked.This article tries to sort out the milk tea girl and Liu Qiangdong for netizens. From recognizing today, what kind of interesting stories have happened in the process of their lives.I want to review the dramatic collision experience of milk tea girl and Liu Qiangdong with a wave of three waves.

Let’s briefly come to personal profile:

Liu Qiangdong was born in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province on February 14, 1974.In 1996, he graduated from the Sociology Department of Renmin University of China.

Zhang Zetian, born in Nanjing on November 18, 1993, is a celebrity.In 2009, he became popular because of the photos holding milk tea, known as the "milk tea sister".In 2011, Zhang Zetian attended Tsinghua University.

0. Prelude

The school flowers of Nanjing Foreign Language School, the captain of the school’s aerobics team, won the runner -up of the national gymnastics, a national first athlete.He once rejected Zhang Yimou’s invitation of Zhang Yimou’s "Jinling Thirteen Sisters".The host of the "Strongest Brain" derivative show "Burning Brain Brain", Tsinghua University Xueba, Columbia University high student.This is the heroine of our article, president of Stone Investment Group, senior engineer, vice chairman of the Jiangsu Provincial Stage Art Association, director of the Jiangsu Provincial Electric Sound Association, Zhang Lihou, executive director of the Jiangsu Entrepreneurs Association, Zhang Zetian, a collection of "White"Fu Mei"+"Smart" is a pure Zhang Zetian with a body.

On July 3, 2009, Zhang Zetian’s classmates re -divided the class because of the new semester of high school and took photos of each other; then Zhang Zetian uploaded his milk tea photo to the QQ space, and then the photo was transmitted by the Internet.The milk tea girl Zhang Zetian was born.

Collect "Bai Fumei"+"Smart" for pure milk tea girl

Pure milk tea girl

1. A wave of love waves

Let’s talk about the love waves full of love.

Zhang Zetian in love

Zhang Zetian in love

The love relationship between Liu Qiangdong and Milk Tea started from studying in Columbia University.In 2013, Liu Qiangdong went to Columbia University to study; in September of the same year, Zhang Zetian studied at Columbia University as an exchange student.The two met at a meal organized by a friend.Zhang Zetian, the milk tea sister who rarely released advertisements on Weibo, posted’s Spring Festival Gala advertisements on his Weibo, praised Liu Qiangdong’s kindness, humility, calmness and persistence, etc.JD CEO, who has learned from Brother Grandma, has exchanged. Others are kind and humble, calm and persistent, and love life. I believe the spirit of Leader is the spirit of this team. "

Two men and women who knew each other began their Romantic love long river.

2. The first wave of Sanlang, walk into the palace of the marriage hall

Leving your certificate becomes a legal couple

After Liu Qiangdong and the milk tea sister Zhang Zetian, after receiving the certificate, at the Australian wedding scene on October 1, 2015, Liu Qiangdong was wearing a handsome suit.The two of them sometimes kissed each other, and their affectionate stare reveals each other’s strong love.

From the veil to the veil open the veil

Entering the palace of marriage, swearing, kissing, marriage

3. The second wave of Sanlang ushered in the crystallization of love

Earlier, the milk tea sister Zetian was taken out of the dinner and was suspected to be pregnant. Later, the milk tea sister generously acknowledged pregnancy.On the evening of December 15, 2015, some netizens broke the news through Weibo. The milk tea sister was pregnant with a big belly photo, and said: "Milk tea sister’s belly is so big, Dongge will go back to accompany her after opening!she"

In the photo, Zhang Zetian wore a white navy uniform. The big belly protruding was already obvious, and it should be like five or six months.Liu Qiangdong held the milk tea sister’s waist face to face, and put her face on the face of the milk tea girl intimately. It was very sweet and affectionate.However, Zhang Zetian was still thin, and she was slender, and she couldn’t see that she was already a mother.

The 22 -year -old milk tea girl Zhang Zetian from Liu Qiangdong, who was in his 20s, to his belly.Walking in front of their peers step by step, netizens have to call it "the big winner of life", and they have sent blessings.

Third party is breeding

We have a third party

2016 milk tea girl Zhang Zetian gave birth to a little baby.JD CEO Liu Dongqiang also has a title -promoted to the dad.

On the day of Mother’s Day on May 14, Zhang Zetian, the milk tea girl, rarely took out her daughter’s photo.In the photo, she and her husband Liu Qiangdong pulled the lovely daughter on the left and right, holding a small hand, holding a big hand with a small hand, and a warm and happy picture.One of the photos Zhang Zetian wore a red top wide -leg jeans and a large hat, looking fashionable and casual.Her daughter was wearing a small white top and a black princess skirt, which was very cute.

The Music House is happy

4. The third wave of the Sanlang, the heroine of the male protagonist in the United States derailment

This third wave returned to the scene of this article, Liu Qiangdong was derailed.This wave is a bit big.Let’s see how our milk tea girl chopped waves.

Zhang Zetian’s circle of friends in the Mid -Autumn Festival implies that Liu Qiangdong has been forgiven

On September 24, 2018, at the Mid -Autumn Festival, the milk tea girl Zhang Zetian posted in the circle of friends, "I wish to keep the clouds and see the moon", and attached a family to take a photo of the moon cake together. It seems that her sister has forgiven Liu Qiangdong.The following is a detailed detail about "Suspected Zhang Zetian’s circle of friends in the Mid -Autumn Festival implies Liu Qiangdong".

As can be seen from the screenshots of the circle of friends provided by netizens, the milk tea girl with the name "Xiaotianzhang Nancy" posted "As long as one family is together, it is successful" "The family of three holds moon cakes.

In other words, Liu Qiangdong has returned home to spend Mid -Autumn Festival with his family.At the same time, Zhang Zetian already knew that Liu Qiangdong recently encountered sexual assault storm incident, and gave her husband Liu Qiangdong a support attitude, and chose to "keep the clouds and see the moon."Milk tea girl is beautiful, beautiful, a kind woman.

Milk tea girl strong makeup appears

However, some people have recently taken photos about the thick makeup of milk tea girls. From the photos, the pure and lovely milk tea girl in the past has passed away.How nostalgic for our former and cute milk tea girl.

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