Middle school teacher was reported by his wife: Suspecting female students and getting pregnant

On May 10th, Zhongjin.com said that the family is ugly. Many women have paid a lot for their children and even for their families.The last one who is ugly is yourself.Yesterday morning, at the entrance of Huai’an No. 1 Middle School, someone pulled a banner with a banner, saying "In -service Teacher Wang ×× Wind and Woman’s derailment in the wedding", there is a printed thousand -character complaint next to it.

Zhu Dejun, vice president of Huai’an No. 1 Middle School, said in an interview with reporters yesterday afternoon that the school teacher Wang has been suspended and suspended by the school.The report, after the school’s detailed investigation, report to the competent authority for further treatment.

Wife complaint

Wang’s wife said that she married Wang in 2005 and had a 11 -year -old daughter. The family had a happy life, but on the evening of March 22 this year, Wang suddenly told her "Let’s separate it".After questioning, Wang admitted that there was a woman outside, and it was 98 days pregnant, and said that the woman had been abandoned twice for him. Because this time was likely to be a boy, he must stay.Wang refused to reveal the name of the woman.

After several investigations, Wang’s wife found the 21 -year -old woman -Liu Fang (pseudonym). What surprised her was that Liu Fang was still studying in Zhenjiang and was previously a student of Wang.In the communication with Liu Fang, Liu Fang said that she did conceive Wang’s child.Wang’s wife couldn’t believe this was a fact. She found Liu Fang’s family. Liu Fang’s mother admitted that her daughter was pregnant and said that she would stop the further development of the matter.

What makes Wang’s wife puzzled is that she almost gets to get off work with Wang every day. How can he have time to be with Liu Fang?After questioning, Wang told her: "I go out to find her without class."

School response

The teacher involved has been temporarily suspended, "Then you look back, for home, for children", "Do you think I can still go back", "I love you", "she loves me more" … Wang’s wife also took it outShe had a conversation with Wang on WeChat.Wang’s wife said that in order to give himself a fair treatment with his child, he decided to report his husband in real name.

Is Wang’s wife’s so -called "prosecution" true?The reporter came to Huai’an No. 1 Middle School to interview yesterday afternoon.

"This is a incident caused by family contradictions." Zhu Dejun, vice president of Huai’an No. 1 Middle School, told reporters that the incident is currently in the investigation stage.According to him, in fact, on the morning of the 9th, Wang and his wife met at the gate of the school. Later, Wang left.After the incident, at 8:30 in the morning, the school held the principal’s office meeting to discuss how to deal with the matter. First, Wang himself suspended and suspended his job, and ordered him to go home to deal with the family contradictions.

According to Zhu Dejun, in order to ensure that there is a fair handling result for the parties, the school decided to investigate the matter. At 10:25 am, he opened the phone of Wang himself, but Wang said that the facts did not match his wife’s report.Essence

Preliminary investigation

The two did have the same school. "The school asked him to write a detailed written report about the matter." Zhu Dejun said, but Wang’s mobile phone was shut down on the afternoon of the 9th, and it was estimated that the family contradiction was being dealt with.

According to Zhu Dejun, after a preliminary survey of the school, Liu Fang is indeed a 2011 student in Huai’an No. 1 Middle School and is currently studying in Zhenjiang.As for what the current relationship between Wang and Liu Fang developed, because Liu Fang is no longer the student of the school, the school is not easy to investigate her.As for whether Wang has taught Liu Fang, because the school was often divided into class, the school was also investigating.

"Wang ×× is still good in all aspects." Zhu Dejun said that one thing to be sure is that Wang was a teacher of the school during his studies at Huaian No. 1 Middle School.According to reports, Wang, born in 1977, graduated from Huaiyin Teachers College. In 2011, he entered the Huai’an No. 1 Middle School from other schools as a physics teacher in high school. He was also the head teacher.The school will report the investigation to relevant competent authorities to deal with the matter.(China Gold Network on May 10)

How to deal with the relationship between husband and wife

1. Respect each other and respect yourself

Respecting each other is the prerequisite for the harmony between the husband and wife.The harmonious communication between anyone needs to be based on equality, let alone the relationship between husband and wife.

In the life of husband and wife, you cannot "overwhelm the west wind" or "overwhelm the east wind". None of the other party should overlook itself above each other.There are some male comrades with a big man, and maybe there are some masculinity. He always thinks that he is the master of the family. Everything is the same as he said.There are discordant factors.

There are also a few Hedong lions, who cares about her husband like a child, likes to restrict the freedom of her husband, and even in front of colleagues, teach the husband and not give him a man.What’s more, he was serving, so that her husband lost his face in front of his colleagues and couldn’t look up.Both of these methods are not desirable. Husbands and wives should be a united as a whole, instead of distinguishing from expensive and low.

2. Appreciate marriage and appreciate each other

When many husbands and wives talk about their own partners, the disadvantages are endless, and they can’t wait to fall for three days and three nights.In their eyes, it seems that their partner has no half -point advantages.In fact, the husband and wife must learn to appreciate each other.As a husband and wife, the two have a new family together, and have gone through the storms of life for decades. Don’t always stare at each other’s shortcomings. They must learn to appreciate the advantages of her (him) and give praise from time to time.

People like to praise, even if they are adults, they want to be appreciated by others.For example, his wife has worked hard to burn a table of dishes, and you have to enjoy with an appreciation, praise, and gratitude.You can say, "Wife’s craftsmanship is good, and the cooking dishes are delicious."Her heart will be very useful, and the enthusiasm of doing things will be higher.

When the wife is wearing a beautiful clothes, you may wish to offer your praise in time; when the husband solves a small problem, you may wish to express your worship appropriately.Don’t think that this is a small trick disdain, the harmony of the husband and wife relationship, often rely on these to learn more harmoniously.

3. Think in other places and understand each other

Marriage is not only a combination of two people, but often the fusion of two families.As a family, the goal is the same, that is, work together to create a warm peace nest.Men want their wives and children to live better, and they think more about how to make money desperately to make their wives and children better material life.He will put more energy on making money, and does not have much time to take care of his family.As a wife, to understand the husband, when the husband dragged his tired body home, he made a cup of tea for him and said something.

As a wife, he has to work, but also take children, busy housework, and very hard. Her husband must learn to be considerate of his wife.In the process of being busy with work, try to spend time to accompany his wife, because in addition to material enjoyment, women also need spiritual comfort, and do not ignore the feelings of the wife.As a husband and wife, think about it often, stand more with the other party’s position, and think for the other party.

4. Home and everything, learn to be tolerant

no one is perfect.After a romantic period of love, he finally became a family. The mystery between lovers slowly disappeared, and the shortcomings hidden in love began to expose.The true self is presented to the other party.Sometimes you feel disappointed and regret how to marry (marry) such a person.At this time, you have to understand that people will have shortcomings. People with no disadvantages are the biggest disadvantages.Now that you accept her (he), you have to accept all the other party, including shortcomings.

To be a little more generous, you must have the amount of capable people. When the other party is wrong, you should not be reasonable, don’t be aggressive, hold the other person’s shortcomings.When the two have different differences, when the attitude of both people is relatively peaceful, they can communicate with him or her.Affirm the advantages of the other party, and in a timely manner that if you can do it, you will be happier, and the effect of solving the problem may be better.

Putting forward his hopes and suggestions, the other party is easier to accept.Both husbands and wives should pay more attention to, and when there is a problem, try to reflect on their behavior first.If a slap is not loud, there is a problem, and the responsibility must be both parties.(China Gold Network on May 10)

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