Micro novel: Wife is pregnant


Dong Zhiwei glanced at a figure on the way to get off work. The more he looked like his wife Nie Xiaomei, the more he was suspicious, reversed the front and followed.

Sure enough, it was his wife. He followed the car and followed slowly. When he was a hutong near the Summer Summer, the car could not be drove in. When he was hidden, he was in the alley. A man, his wife said to him.After a few words, the two walked into the alley.

He hurriedly got out of the car.

He walked back and didn’t dare to imagine what happened next.

Nie Xiaomei is as timid as a rat. She is willing to come to such a place and see a man. Dong Zhiwei’s heart is uncomfortable. If she really has a man outside, should she divorce her? Thinking of the two words of divorce, Dong Zhiwei is like a knife.twist.


At that time, Nie Xiaomei was a flower in the factory. She was petite, holding a playful ponytail, with a pair of large watery eyes, and lifting it was the loved Xiao Qianjin in the costume drama.

Dong Zhiwei has seen her appearance in Xi’an. She is so beautiful like a fairy. Dong Zhiwei even suspects that she came through the ancient princess.

Dong Zhiwei loves her to live and live, knowing that she likes to eat the most, and skipped the dormitory wall for her in the middle of the night, just to buy a bowl of spicy spicy food she likes to eat, she also quarreled with the vegetable market and people, because she wanted to eatThere were only three crabs left. In order to grab crabs, he scratched each other with another person who wanted to buy.

After half a year of money, she will take her to the names of her hearts of her heart.

In the end, under his persistent pursuit, Nie Xiaomei fell into his house.

Now that this flower is taken away by others, he can’t bear it.


After staying in the underground garage for a long time, he went upstairs, and Nie Xiaomei had returned.

Nie Xiaomei is having a cucumber: "Husband, let’s eat cucumber at night, let’s eat cucumber."

Dong Zhiwei nodded. After getting married, Dong Zhiwei promoted his post, so he asked Nie Xiaomei to be a full -time wife at home. As long as he was on vacation, the two people changed their tricks.

Dong Zhiwei has a lot of entertainment, Nie Xiaomei has many friends, and it is not bad at home. Soon the two are like blowing balloons and become two fat people.He is tall, and his belly seems to be bigger and bigger, and nothing has changed.But Nie Xiaomei is different. She was originally petite, and this fat became a round ball.

Take her out for entertainment. He heard the joke behind his colleagues and took a ball to play every day. Dong Zhiwei couldn’t hang on his face and discussed with Nie Xiaomei to lose weight.

Nie Xiaomei disagrees, saying that her biggest fun is to eat. As long as she is healthy, happy, and what is fat, why care about others.

Dong Zhiwei was anxious, saying that she didn’t pursue, and said that she would divorce her without losing weight.

For this matter, the two made a month’s awkwardness, but the Zhang Ren was reasonable, sent Nie Xiaomei back, and said that he had persuaded Nie Xiaomei to lose weight together.

Afterwards, he asked Nie Xiaomei what he said.

Nie Xiaomei said he didn’t tell him, just lose weight with him anyway.


Losing weight is a bitter issue. Especially for Nie Xiaomei who loves food, Dong Zhiwei sneaked in the middle of the night and caught her to eat.

Nie Xiaomei, who was caught, was sitting in front of the sofa with a pork trotter, and her mouth was lighter. Dong Zhiwei was so angry and funny. She was soft in her heart and said that she allowed her to eat a trotter for a month.

Nie Xiaomei hugged Dong Zhiwei at the time: "Husband, husband, you are so good." The oil on his hand wiped Dong Zhiwei.

How happy they were at that time, but what happened today made Dong Zhiwei be unable to raise interest. He didn’t want to talk, and he turned into the bedroom.

Nie Xiaomei turned on the TV outside and looked at her favorite serial.

Dong Zhiwei was lying on the bed and rotating her head at a high speed. She looked at her cuteness and simplicity at first. She changed in just three years.

Not only does it like to steal good things at night, but I still have to steal people now, but also pretend to be so troublesome. As the saying goes, women’s hearts and submarine needles are really elusive.

Whether he wants to divorce, he hasn’t thought about it yet, but one thing he decided, he must catch the appearance of Nie Xiaomei and the man, so that she has no room for justification.


The next day, Dong Zhiwei asked for leave, and did not tell Nie Xiaomei. He followed her for a whole day without finding any connection with her with other men.

Dong Zhiwei simply invited the annual leave.

On the tenth day, he hid at the door of the community and found that Nie Xiaomei opened her little Polo out of the door.

Dong Zhiwei’s sixth sense told him that he was able to catch the form today.

Nine days before Nie Xiaomei went out to ride electric cars, or gathered with girlfriends, or went to the mall to shop. Today, she wore a purple dress and a large sunglasses.

It is said that the woman is to be happy, and think that the purple dress spent more than two thousand, Dong Zhiwei was panicked.

In order to follow Nie Xiaomei, Dong Zhiwei specially borrowed his colleague’s car and wore colleagues’ clothes. He wore sunglasses and found a shading hat.Seeing that Nie Xiaomei’s driving route seemed to be a sub -regulatory building. He was smart and approached the road. He drove the car to the parking lot in advance. He entered the alley and found a shop to hide.

Sure enough, Nie Xiaomei also came to the alley, and she walked under Dong Zhiwei’s eyelids.

The one with Nie Xiaomei was the man last time. Looking at the man’s fat head, he walked like a penguin, Dong Zhiwei scolded Nie Xiaomei what to look.


Following the two, watching them were talking, seemed to be very affectionate, Dong Zhiwei couldn’t wait to tear up the two.

I love you to death."

Dong Zhiwei rushed into the back yard with his mobile phone, but the next scene made him stunned.

Nie Xiaomei and the man stood in a huge room with a variety of snacks. Nie Xiaomei was pushing a shopping cart to buy, and he chose to talk to the man and boast of the man.

Nie Xiaomei saw Dong Zhiwei, first stunned, and then saw the mobile phone holding in his hand, and was angry.

"Dong Zhiwei, your eight -generation ancestor, follow me, doubt me, I want to divorce you."

It turned out that when Nie Xiaomei returned home, her dad told her that Dong Zhiwei was a potential stock and could not divorce easily. Moreover, Zhiwei let her lose weight is also good for her, letting her not play with a child’s temper.

Nie Xiaomei thinks about it. When he got home, he implemented his dad’s plan to repair the boardwalk and crossed Chen Cang.It is clearly promised to lose weight, but if you eat what you should eat in your back.

Dong Zhiwei greeted Laozhangren in his heart, and finally understood why his weight came down, and why Nie Xiaomei couldn’t reduce it.

"Then what do you come here?"

"I brushed the snacks here on Douyin, and I was super cheap. I contacted him. I have to come to some goods every few days. Recently, I am particularly greedy for these snacks and I can’t stand it.Come and eat, come and buy, hey, don’t talk about my question, say you. "

Dong Zhiwei couldn’t help crying, but she was also glad that she was really stealing.

The matter was clear. He naturally knew how to deal with it, and quickly apologized to Nie Xiaomei, saying that he passed by accident, and he was afraid that she would be deceived.

Brother Chen, who sells snacks next to me, seemed to look at him with a smile: "Little brother, let your wife check it, her stealing method is not normal. When I come to me, I first dazzled three old bread."

Ah, that is not the big stomach king.

Dong Zhiwei led Nie Xiaomei to the hospital for examination. The doctor told him that Nie Xiaomei was pregnant and trigger.

No wonder she can eat it so much, so rude.

On the way back, Nie Xiaomei asked him if he wanted to lose weight.

"Don’t decrease, don’t decrease, what should I do if we hungry our son." After being twisted, he immediately changed his mouth "Ah, no, you can’t be hungry to my daughter -in -law."

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