Method and conditioning method of irregular menstruation

Our women come to the aunt every month. When they come to the aunt, there are many physical symptoms of women, such as weakness and no energy.But do you know what hazards of irregular menstruation? The symptoms of irregular menstruation are delayed or advanced menstruation.Or more and less menstrual flow.Then let’s explain its hazards and conditioning methods.

1. The harm of menstrual disorders around 30 years old: The skin obviously appears in the skin, relaxation, dullness, and no light pores, rough pores, rough, acne and other abnormal phenomena.The deposition of toxins in women’s body is not good for detoxification, aging, and infertility with the uterus and ovaries.

2. The hazards of menstrual disorders between 30-40 years old: endocrine disorders, such as irregular menstruation, elderly spots, dry vulva, decreased sexual desire, etc., have obvious decline in secondary symptoms, weakened those who are weakened, and women with menopausal symptoms.

Third, the hazards of menstrual disorders between 40-55 years old: women with menopause symptoms such as insomnia, decreased energy, memory loss, and osteoporosis;

Fourth, the harm of menstrual disorders over 55 years of age: the renal function declines sharply, and the ovarian has basically shrinking middle -aged and elderly women.Khan, red skin, etc.It usually occurs between 45 and 52 years old, due to the decline of ovarian function.Fifth, more menstrual, less, and sparsely cause infertility months to pass through for many months. It means that the menstrual cycle and the number of menstrual periods are normal but too much. It is generally considered that the menstrual volume can be diagnosed as more by the month.

What to eat for menstruation

1. Ejiao

What we all know is that Ejiao has the effect of beauty and beauty, so women eating more Ejiao is greatly beneficial to the body.The same is true for friends with irregular menstruation. Ejiao can not only make us glow, but also help us regulate endocrine, thereby improving irregular menstruation.The best time to eat Ejiao is before and after getting up in the evening and after the morning, so there are many benefits to taking Ejiao.

2. Motherwort

Motherwort is a Chinese medicine, and its main role is to regulate women’s menstruation, such as dysmenorrhea, unstable menstrual period, etc. Therefore, if you want to treat irregular menstruation, you can try Motherwort granules if you want to treat it. You can rush tea every day.Drink so that you can see obvious improvements in about a month.Of course, you must pay more attention to rest and prevent excessive fatigue.

What is good for menstruation? The best food is to condition it by yourself.Usually, especially the menstrual period to protect your body, do not touch cold water, do not excessively exhaustion, and do not eat too exciting foods. Paying more attention to rest is a vital role in conditioning menstruation.It should be noted that choosing Chinese medicine as much as possible instead of western medicine, which is the best for our body.

After reading the article, everyone knows the harm of irregular menstruation. If menstruation is often irregular, it will make it difficult for ourselves to get pregnant, so we must adjust our bodies.It is the most responsible. There is only a method of conditioning. The article is very clear.

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