Menstruation is often delayed and can infertility cause infertility?Four reasons for menstruation, girls must be clear

Keeping the law of menstruation is a healthy manifestation, the ovarian function is normal, and the endometrium rules fall off after the secretion of estrogen. The menstruation is approaching every month.Performance, you need to understand the specific reasons. If there are adverse factors, it will be resolved as soon as possible.In addition, many people are worried that menstruation will not be able to give birth. Is it necessary to worry?

For women, maintaining the rule of menstruation can reflect the ovaries from the side, maintain a healthy state of the uterus, irregular menstruation for a long time, and always delayed menstruation and the development of bad habits.Reduce women’s fertility.Therefore, it is necessary to find out the reason and solve it as soon as possible to restore a health state.

What are the causes of menstruation?

1. Emotional fluctuations

There are many reasons for women’s menstruation, which may be excessive mental stress.To maintain health, you should know how to release stress, stabilize emotional control, maintain optimism every day, and endocrine stable menstruation will remain normal.If you are anxious all day and overwhelming unknown worry, you may reduce your resistance, accelerate aging, and endocrine disorders, so that the risk of irregular menstruation is high.It is best to cultivate interests to divert attention. When you encounter problems, you can control the emotion.

2. Drug impact

The abuse of drugs will delay women’s menstruation. If health problems need to be taken for treatment, they should follow the doctor’s advice and understand the specific drug usage and dosage to improve the disease safely and avoid side effects.In addition, it is necessary to use contraceptives to avoid accidental pregnancy, and it cannot be excessively dependent.Contraceptives also have side effects. Although it can effectively reduce the risk of accidental pregnancy, many people will change their menstruation during excessive medication, and subsequent menstruation is prone to irregular menstruation.

3. Pregnancy causes

The delay of menstruation may still be pregnant. For women, the conditions of the body are met in all aspects of the body, and at the same time in the same time, the chance of conception is very high, and menstruation will stop after pregnancy.If you have a sign of pregnancy, you need to check in time.

4. Excessive diet

Many people are worried about menstruation, and this situation may be related to excessive diet.Nowadays, women are more beautiful in shape. I feel that the better the figure, the better, but I do n’t know that it is a health symbol to maintain stability.If you are too thin and control your diet to lose weight, the nutrients needed by the human body cannot meet the needs, which may reduce resistance and even affect endocrine. The risk of diseases in the future.Some people have endocrine disorders after excessive diet, and menstruation will also be delayed.If this is the reason, you need to adjust your diet as soon as possible. The three diets must be regular. The vegetarian and vegetables are properly matched.”””””

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