Menstruation is delayed and endless … you need to understand these problems!

Source of this article: The Department of Science of the Chinese Medical Association

Menstruation is a barometer of women’s health. It is a particularly important physiological symbol for women of childbearing age, which is related to the health of each of our women.

Many female friends may encounter a variety of menstrual problems, such as delayed menstruation, endlessness, blood clots … Do you know the reason for it?

1. How many days do you need to see a doctor for menstruation?

Monthly should be a monthly theory. It is normal for 20-40 days. If it does not come for more than 40 days, or it is more than 7 days compared with your own menstrual cycle, that is, menstruation is delayreason.

So what are the causes of menstruation?

The first one must consider pregnancy, which is particularly alert to ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy can also cause irreversible menstruation. The fertilized eggs grow suddenly, and they will bleed big bleeding, and sometimes life -threatening, so first of all, you must consider this problem.

The second one is to consider whether it is endocrine disorders, because menstruation is a sign of the normal exercise of women’s ovarian function. As long as there is ovulation every month, menstruation will come.If there is no ovulation, hormones in the body do not change cyclically, which may cause menstruation.

The third is a rare factor. For example, if there are too many people, the uterine cavity has adhesive, which will also cause menstruation.

Of course, there are some mental factors.Nowadays, women are stressful. For example, I have to take the exam, very nervous, or because of weight loss, there are very few meals, plus excessive exercise, our brain will be suppressed.If you are excited about other things, you can’t care about manual menstruation, which will also cause delay of menstruation.

What is rare is that tumors have long, and tumors can also secrete hormones. As a result, it will disrupt its own rhythm and cause delay of menstruation.

So there are many reasons for menstrual delay.

2. What happened to menstruation for half a month?

It is normal for menstruation for 3-7 days.

If it comes to a day or two, it is usually prompted that the endometrium is too thin or the uterine cavity has adhesion, or it is almost the menopausal period, and the ovarian function is reduced.

If menstruation is not clean for more than 7 days, and even half a month, there are still bleeding, which must be a problem.

First of all, you have to consider whether you are pregnant.Some friends will ask, why do you have menstruation when you are pregnant?This is very likely. For example, when pregnancy is not very good, the aura abortion can also bleed.

In fact, the most dangerous thing in this is ectopic pregnancy, and the embryo must not grow well.For example, in the fallopian tube, the fallopian tubes are very fine. When the embryo grows, the fallopian tube will be broken, which is very dangerous.Because the place of pregnancy is not good, the entire function of the body will be worse, and the endometrium of the uterus will not be able to bleed.

The second is to consider whether there is a problem of endocrine disorders.During endocrine disorders, the endometrium cannot be updated well, and incomplete uterine endometrial exfoliation will cause prolonged menstrual time.

Third, there may be tumors, such as uterine fibroids and endometrium polyps. These problems can also cause Lalira bleeding.

There is also inflammation. After inflammation, the endometrium will be affected, and various exudate and bleeding will occur.

Therefore, there are many reasons for the extension of menstruation.

What color is normal menstruation?Is it normal to have blood clots?

Normal menstruation is not bright red, nor is it dark. It is between bright red and dark, and it is relatively old blood.

Because the endometrium is exfoliated, there will be a small amount of bleeding at the same time, and the amount of bleeding is generally between 30-50 ml.

In addition, menstrual blood is not solidified, because the body has a special intelligent mechanism, so that menstrual blood does not solidify. If menstrual blood coagulation is solidified, it will not flow.

Therefore, menstrual blood should be a dark red, not closing.

Occasionally there are small blood clots, and there are not many, there is no problem, because menstruation sometimes has some condensation.In addition, sometimes there are some small pieces of tissue, the same tissue as the meat, which is actually exfoliating from the endometrium as a whole. It is discharged. This is also normal.

However, if there is no blood clot in menstruation, there is a sudden blood clot this time, so be careful. We must determine whether it is pregnant.Because after pregnancy, the uterus will shrink hard without abortion and discharge the gestational sac.However, if the pregnancy sac that is pregnant is just stuck in the cervical mouth, the uterus will constantly shrink and discharge many large blood clots.

If there is a big blood clot every time you come to menstruation, you must be alert to the tumor.Generally speaking, it is a benign, large uterine fibroids, because fibroids can cause endometrial deformation and cause uterine contraction, which will bleed a lot, and there are a lot of blood clots.Patients will have the symptoms of dizziness and panic, which is actually a manifestation of anemia.

What is rare is some malignant tumors, such as endometrial cancer, which will also make the endometrium particularly abnormal, and it will bleed a lot of bleeding and have large blood clots.

Finally, remind everyone that no matter what kind of menstruation, as long as you feel that menstruation has obvious or persistent abnormalities, it is recommended to go to the hospital to find a professional doctor to help us judge the specific situation, so as not to delay the illness and cause greater damage to the body to cause greater damage to the bodyEssence

Author: Bai Wenpei Chief Physician of Beijing Century altar Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University

Review: Zou Liying Capital Medical University Chief Physician at Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital

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