Menstrual blood is black, what does it mean?In these cases, watch it quickly

For our girls, the understanding of menstrual blood color is as tangled as when choosing red (without the meaning of offensive lipstick). The color is too light or black, and it feels abnormalThe same is the same as poisoning.

What kind of red menstrual blood?IntersectionIntersection

As we all know, blood is red.The reason why blood is red is because the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, the higher the oxygen content, the more vivid the color of the blood; the lower the oxygen content, the darker the color of the blood.Therefore, the arterial blood with more oxygen content in the human body is bright red, while the venous blood with less oxygen content is dark red.

Menstruation is a periodic endometrium shedding and bleeding, and the blood will solidify after leaving the human body. When the air is exposed to the air, it will be oxidized, and the color will become deeper and deeper.

If your menstrual blood is eliminated, it is black and the amount is not large, it means that the blood has been blocked in the reproductive tract for a while, and the hemoglobin and iron -containing hemorrin in the blood are fully oxidized, and the menstrual blood will be black.

Different stages of menstruation

The color of menstrual blood is also different

Usually on the first day of menstruation and when it is about to be clean, because the amount of bleeding is very small, the menstrual blood is brown, dark brown or black.The second to three days of menstruation, bleeding is faster, so it is often bright red or dark red, which can be accompanied by blood clots.

Therefore, menstruation does not necessarily mean abnormal.If the number of menstruation is normal (2-8 days), the overall menstrual flow is normal (5-80ml), the interval of the menstrual period period (21-35 days), but the "big aunt" just patronized or the menstrual blood that is about to leave is about to leave.Black, that is a normal physiological phenomenon, without anxiety and panic.

Pay attention to this kind of menstrual blood!

If the menstrual blood is dark during the menstrual period, or that the menstrual blood color is deeper than ever, it is necessary to be alert to whether there is a lesion, mainly these possibilities:

1. Uterine endometrial damage: Due to repeated abortion, intrauterine surgery, infection inflammation and other factors, the endometrium is partially damaged, losing normal periodic changes, the endometrium of the uterine endometrial when menstruation is tide, the bleeding area, menstrual blood, menstrual blood, menstrual bloodThe amount of amount is reduced, and the blood stasis causes menstrual blood.

2. Gulfic adhesion, cervical adhesion: Meridity blood is difficult to discharge and the amount is small, which causes menstrual blood to be dark, often accompanied by dysmenorrhea symptoms.

3. Ovarian functional decline: Ovarian function goes downhill, the level of estrogen in the body is low, and the endometrium cannot proliferate and fall off well, and it will show that the amount of menstrual flow is small.

In addition, it is necessary to specifically explain that if women in childcare, if they are abnormal bleeding and dark colors, please go to the hospital for treatment to exclude pregnancy bleeding, such as signs of abortion and ectopic pregnancy.

Menstruation may be a normal phenomenon, or it may be an abnormal signal of a female reproductive system.If it is just that the menstruation will be darkened at the same time, and the menstrual flow and the menstrual cycle are normal, then everything is good.However, if there is indeed a significant decrease in menstrual flow, the problem of blood stasis and poor discharge, please go to the doctor in time!

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