Men’s surgery ligates. After a year, the wife aborted after pregnancy. The court ruled that the hospital compensated the couple

It is not very insurance for husband and wife life. If you don’t want children, you must double insurance.

In December 2019, the man Huang (a pseudonym) spent 2,000 yuan in a vascular ligation surgery in a hospital in Xiamen.

At the beginning of the 21st year, the wife found that she was pregnant. After consideration, the two decided to kill the child and brought the hospital to court.

When Huang said that when he was ligation at the time, the doctor told him that he could contraception within three months, and then he no longer needed.

Unexpectedly, his wife was pregnant, which caused trouble to their lives.

The hospital informed Huang’s review report for half a year after surgery showed that semen was retained.

The doctor informed that it would need to be excreted 10 times in 3 to 6 months. The ligation surgery rate was not 100 %. It may naturally heal naturally in two years after surgery.

Although the hospital informed the relevant risks and precautions of the operation, it was not possible to provide a knowledge letter signed by Huang.

To this end, the Huli Court believes that there should be Huang’s informed letter in the hospital, so that the work in the hospital can be done.However, there is no knowledge letter in the hospital now. There is no corresponding evidence to prove that the hospital fulfills the obligation of the notification, so it is found that the hospital has not fulfilled the obligation.Make Huang did not take contraceptive measures, and his wife was pregnant for abortion.The hospital infringed the health of the couple and assumed the liability for infringement.

The court ruled that the hospital compensated the couple’s losses. Huang was 4947 yuan 6 cents 8, and his wife was 9718 yuan 3 cents 2.The hospital compensated for a total of 140,000 yuan.

When some netizens just saw the title, did they think that the husband had a ligation and his wife was still pregnant. Is it the wife who is not loyal to her husband?

However, Huang did not doubt his wife, indicating that Huang loved his wife very much, was willing to ligate himself, and his wife was pregnant after ligation. He first found a hospital instead of suspecting his wife.

It can be seen that such a marriage is convincing and worth having.

There are not many such men today!I am willing to ligate and don’t hurt my wife.My wife is pregnant and I won’t doubt it, this is a good man!

Between husband and wife, you should understand each other and trust each other, and there will be no contradictions.

Because of this, the man’s pregnancy after ligation was pushed up on a hot search by netizens. They agreed with men’s goodness to their wives. They lied their wives to pregnancy. Many people would suspect that his wife was unfaithful.

However, Huang found the theory of the hospital. Why the ligation and pregnancy of his own, causing his wife to have a miscarriage and affected his health.He completely trusts his wife.

Therefore, the comment area is praised by Huang’s words. They all say that he loves his wife to believe his wife and not let his wife suffer.

The hospital did not do a little bit. After collecting Huang’s surgical fee, the result was unexpected.Let the couples take money as people, and there are nutrients after the flow of people.

The court’s verdict is right, so that they can be popular!

Otherwise, Huang spent 2,000 yuan, and his wife was pregnant for thousands of people.

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