Men seek medical treatment, "stool bleeding" every month, but it is actually a regular leave!Also found the uterus …

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A young man

I found that there is a uterus after B -ultrasound

At the age of 16, I came for a holiday

But chromosome is displayed as 46xy

Determined as a male …

Men’s B -ultrasound has a uterus

At the age of 16, I came for a holiday

On the evening of February 9th, the surging news reporter learned from Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine that the obstetrics and gynecology department of the hospital took such a special case on the eve of the Spring Festival.Pay attention to the disease of "gender deformity".

Byloid malformations can also be called sexual development abnormalities, which refers to the reproductive organs that have both sexual characteristics of men and women. This is a type of deformed deformity of congenital reproductive organs.Such cases are rare clinically. Qiu Lihua, chief physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Renji Hospital for more than 20 years, has also encountered such a case for the first time. He has only seen it in medical textbooks in the past.

Qiu Lihua told the surging news reporter that this is a young man who is only 26 years old. When he came to the hospital to see a doctor, because he was a man’s identity, he could not register.After the end, see it for it.

According to the man’s self -report, he has stools bleeding at a certain time since he was 16 years old, like a holiday, accompanied by lower abdomen pain.In order to treat lower abdomen pain, he came to the hospital for treatment.

Discovered by a doctor’s examination

The man chromosome 46xy, looks like a man, has a short figure, has reproductive organs, and has a male penis. Usually, it is discharged from the anus. There are many complications such as hypertension, asthma, deafness and other problems.Earlier, I have also been diagnosed in many hospitals, and I have also understood my condition.

After further B -ultrasound, it is found that

The man was also found that there was a uterus, and there was a lump next to the uterus. It was suspected to be a glandular tissue.

In response to this case, the hospital conducted a multi -disciplinary discussion.According to experts such as gynecology and urology, the patient also needs to further determine the condition through a series of imaging examination, urethral mirror, urethral angiography, surgical detection and other methods.

First of all, we must figure out what the lumps next to the uterus are. This sex gland may often cause cancer. In general, we recommend removal. At the same time, we also need to ask the patient in advance to ask the patients in the future, what kind of gender we want to go in the future, what kind of gender to go in the future.Life.

Qiu Lihua admits that the disease of "gender deformity" has been introduced in medical textbooks. It is divided into true bisexual malformations and pseudo -sex deformities. True bisexual malformations are mainly related to the number of chromosomal bodies and structures.Or 46xy, or two chimeric; pseudo -gender malformations can be divided into "male fake gender deformities" (testicular tissue, sex chromosome is XY, with women in internal or external genitals) and "female pseudo -sex deformities" (some ovarian tissueThe sex chromosomes are XX, and the outer genitals are masculine to varying degrees, and their figures are short).

Qiu Lihua explained the men’s cause

On the one hand, endogenous factor, sex chromosome distortion, and abnormal diseases of gonadification;

On the other hand, exogenous factors, such as drugs that have sex hormones during pregnancy, etc.

Similar cases have also appeared

There are men and women in patients

"Guangzhou Daily" on March 10, 2015 reported

A 19 -year -old patient went to the Foshan Maternal and Child Health Hospital for examination because he did not come to the Foshan City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, but found that he had a gender deformity. The doctor removed the unlimited reproductive glands."" ".

In 2016, China also reported

Institute of urology at the Sixth Hospital of Fuzhou, a 12 -year -old child with pseudo -sex deformities in men performed a highly difficult plastic surgery. This child was raised as a girl from an early age, but then male characteristics appeared.Doing hormone examination confirmed, suffering from male pseudo -sex deformities.

"Qingyuan Daily" on September 1, 2017 reported

A child with a 10 -year -old child in the urology department of the People’s Hospital of Qingyuan City has been raised as a girl after birth. Until gradually growing up, the family found that it became more and more like a boy.It was a son, but he had severe congenital urethral cracks and male pseudo -sex deformities. Finally, he recovered the man.

"In response to such cases, from the perspective of treatment, it is mainly through surgery to remove its gonad to solve the problem of lower body bleeding, and combine the patient’s self -awareness of gender to determine whether the penis is retained and whether it is transformed by a femaleThe clitoris and the vagina. After a joint surgery of the urology department, the urology can eventually come out of the urethra. "Qiu Lihua further said.

Qiu Lihua particularly emphasized that for such rare cases, especially for psychological treatment, including the gradual establishment of patients’ identity and acceptance of self -identity, and better social publicity and popular sciences on such diseases.Let the public understand that this is a disease. It cannot prejudice or discriminate against such groups, allowing them to grow in a good living environment and treat them in time.

Source | Surging News, Newsfang

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