Men, if you love your woman, don’t let her go to the ring!

I think that many girls are like me, and they have been dazzling to the word "upper ring" since I was a child, because from the sensible self, we know that our mother has been on the ring, but we have never thought about this.Question: Is the Shekuan be good for women?

In fact, since childhood, I thought that after women had birth, for contraception, the upper ring was a normal behavior. However, recently, because I have gradually understood the gynecological knowledge, I understandHarm, then today, Xiaobian will take everyone to increase their posture!

First of all, what is Shekuan?What does the birth ring look like?

The "ring" scientific name is an in -palace -saving device, placed in the uterine cavity of the childcare women, and achieved the purpose of contraception through mechanical stimuli and chemical interference.Poor reactions of general drug contraception.The contraceptive ring is placed in the bottom of the uterine cavity.On the fifth day of menstruation, the first user can place it in the deepest part of the vagina (the vagina after the vagina).Because the ring is small and deep in the vagina, there is no obvious foreign body sensation in the same room, and it has no impact on sexual life. If there is an impact, it can be taken out when sexual intercourse, and then put it in after sexual intercourse. It does not affect the contraceptive effect.The one-time birthplace needs to be replaced once every 5-7 years, and the long-acting contraceptive ring can generally contraception for 20-30 years, or even more than 30 years.

Below, the focus is here. What are the harms of the health of our women’s health?

Common side effects after the lane:

Because a foreign body is placed in the uterus, a process is needed to gradually adapt. Therefore, during this period, some women will have mild low back pain, a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and increased leucorrhea.Therefore, after surgery, you need to rest for 3 days. Do not do heavy physical work within 1 week. He is banned and sexual life within 2 weeks, and then goes to the hospital for review.

It is easy to Shehuan, but it is extremely difficult to take the ring!

If the time is relatively long, the contraceptive ring has been trapped into the meat, and it can only be pulled out with meat.There are so many blood flowing, the whole person’s face is pale, and it is no different from the birth of a serious illness.

Moreover, the Sheung Wan does not guarantee that the uterine is always in the state of inflammation to achieve the purpose of contraceptives. The ring is still pregnant, and there will be gynecological diseases, ectopic pregnancy, and uncomfortable bleeding.[Reminder: Women must do routine gynecological examinations every year after going to the ring, and check the location of the ring]

Nowadays, the hospitals and Shanghuan are considered small surgery. The planning room in the outpatient clinic can be operated. Most disinfection will not be very strict, so the incidence of gynecological diseases has increased every year.

Seven major disadvantages after women on the ring

1. Pain in lower abdomen or backache

After the ring, the internal palace’s health device can easily cause contractions, which can cause minor lower abdomen pain or backache.

[Treatment method] First use anti -inflammatory drug treatment. If the symptoms continue to alleviate, a proper model can be replaced.If the B -ultrasound is confirmed to move down, you must go to the hospital to correct the position of the birthplace.

2. The endometrium is oppressed

The intra -uterine -saving device can cause compression of the endometrium. If the endometrium is not adapted, local congestion, edema, and even ulcer bleeding can occur.

[Treatment method] This situation can be healed after a period of time, and treatment can also be performed if the situation is serious.

3. Increase leucorrhea

When the uterus is stimulated, the cervical secretion increases. Generally, the symptoms will gradually decrease after 3 months.

[Treatment method] After a period of time, endometrial tissue can adapt.However, while leucorrhea increases, it is necessary to seek medical treatment in time when discomfort such as fever and lower abdomen pain occurs.

4. A small amount of bleeding

Because the intrauterine hedging device can cause the uterine shrinkage while rubbing the endometrium of the cervix and cause bleeding.

[Treatment method] If there is not much bleeding, it does not need to be treated, and it can usually return to normal after a week.If a small amount of bleeding occurs, you can use physiological saline to clean and venous compression to stop bleeding.

5. Infection

This situation mainly occurs during the Sheung Wan and the Ringhuan.Because the endometrium is relatively fragile, if the bacteria and viruses are brought into the uterine cavity during the rings can cause the side effects of infection.

[Treatment method] In order to prevent infection, doctors will strictly disinfect women’s vulva, vagina, and endometrium to avoid infection when they are in Sheung Wan to avoid infection.If women have the history of reproductive tract inflammation in the past, or premature houses, frequent intercourse after the ring, or frequent intercourse can cause infection.

6. Increased menstrual flow

This side effect mainly appeared in the first three months after the Sheung Wan. Due to the excessive changes in the body balance, the menstrual cycle of women will be prolonged, or there may be irregular bleeding.

Some people have a lot of menstruation every time, and they last for a long time. What should I do? First, take medication.Correct medication should be used in ibuprofen, Tusheng, and anti -depression.Such drugs inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, and the reduction of prostaglandin can effectively reduce uterine bleeding.In addition, anti-fibrous drugs such as amino acetic acid and hemostasis sensitivity will not enhance uterine contraction, and the effect is better.In addition, Yunnan Baiyao has a good effect on promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding and rotting new effects.If the medication is not good, you should consider that the size of the uterine form may not be compatible with the size of the birthplace. If necessary, you can change a ring. After changing the ring, the ring will not always be pressed in the same place.heal.It really doesn’t work, you can use other contraceptive methods.

[Treatment method] First of all, take medication treatment, and consult the doctor to recommend taking the appropriate amount of ibuprofen, Tusheng, and anti -pain.If the medication is not good, it should be considered that the size of the uterine form may not be adapted to the size of the birthplace, and it can be changed if necessary.

7. Birthifier falls off

After being put in the uterine cavity of the ring, for some reason, it runs out of the body quietly from the uterus. This is what people call the ring fall off.Some people can discover time when the ring falls off, but some people do not know at all. When they are pregnant or do the ring follow -up inspection, many people worry about it.So what causes a circular falling? How can it be effectively prevented? There are several factors that cause the ring falling off: there are several:

(1) The cervical mouth is too loose, which is the main reason for the ring falling.

(2) The uterine shrinks, and the ring slowly descends until it is discharged from the body.

(3) The size and type of the ring are inconsistent with the uterine cavity, causing the uterus to shrink and drain the ring out of the body.

(4) The position of the ring in the uterine cavity is incorrect. As soon as the uterus shrinks when the menstruation comes, the ring is easy to fall off.

(5) The quality and type of the ring also have a certain relationship with the falling of the ring.The metal single ring and other rings used in the past are easy to fall off.

Find a doctor in time to find a doctor for examination. As long as you understand the reasons for the ring falling off, through the joint efforts with medical staff, you can definitely reduce the occurrence of ring falling.

[Treatment method] Check it to the hospital regularly, check it within 3 months after being placed, and review it once a year.Pay special attention to whether the breeding ring pops up during inspection. Once it is found, it is necessary to take measures to make up or change other contraceptive measures in time.

8. Pregnancy with a ring

Placing the in -palace is an ideal contraceptive method, with an effective rate of more than 90%.However, there are also a few women who are still pregnant after being placed. The reason is as follows:

(1) The in -palace of the palace has fallen off, but I did not notice it. This is the most common cause of contraceptive failure.

(2) The position of the internal internal breeding device is relatively low. It is close to the cervical mouth, and the effect of inhibiting the fertilized eggs and the development of development.

(3) The size and size of the in -palace and the size of the uterine cavity are not adapted, or that the birthpool has been deformed or even broken, and the contraceptive effect is lost.

[Treatment method] In order to avoid the above situation and reduce pregnancy, you should go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis. Check it every year within 3 months, and review it once a year.When checking, pay special attention to whether the birth ring is popped up. Once you find that the pop -up should take measures to make up or change other contraceptive measures in time, there are women who have fallen off and pregnant women who have fallen off. After being placed again, the examination should be strengthened.

Possible side effects

1. Perform perforation: The mechanism of uterine perforation is not clear. It is generally believed that it may be caused by the size of the uterus or the operation of the doctor.In addition, when women exercise violently, the birth ring in the body may also cause damage to the uterus due to physical inertia.The uterine contraction of unknown causes may also squeeze the birth ring and cause uterine perforation.

2. Damage to other organs: In a few cases, the internal internal internal breds will enter the abdominal cavity after the perforation of the uterus, which will cause the abnormal level of the birthplace.The birthplace may be different in the bladder, pelvic cavity, and intestinal membrane.

3. Excessive menstrual volume: Part of the in -the -palace internal breds contain copper ions, and copper ions have cytotoxicity and hemolysis effect, which causes excessive menstrual volume, which is normal.

4. Ectopic pregnancy: If the embryo is bed in the fallopian tube without reaching the uterus, the result is ectopic pregnancy.The principle of contraceptives in the in -uterus is to change the environment in the uterus and cause miscarriage, which only plays a local role in the uterus, so it can only prevent normal pregnancy in the uterus and not ectopic pregnancy.

5. Endometrial fibrosis lesions: The internal internal breds belong to the foreign body in the human body.The foreign objects in the human body will cause mechanical damage and chronic inflammation and fibrosis lesions of local tissues, which is already medical common sense.After 10 to 12 years, the endometrium will occur fibrosis.

6. Bringing ring pregnancy: Bringing pregnancy is also known as a pregnancy.Because the contraceptive perfection power of the in -palace is lower than that of oral contraceptives and sterilization, women still need to take precautionary measures after the ring with the ring to prevent the ring from getting pregnant.

7, soreness: After the ring is put, some women will experience soreness and discomfort on the lower abdomen or back. This is because the contraceptive ring placed in the uterus is a "foreign body" for the uterus, especially when it is large or low in position. The uterus is the uterus.Exclusion this "foreign body" causes contraction, causing contraction pain.

The benefits of the Sheung Wan: One of the benefits of the birth ring is to avoid going to the hospital for abortion again and again.As we all know, the worst damage to women’s bodies is the most serious damage to women’s bodies is to accidentally hurt the endometrium base layer, which hinders the endometrium regeneration.As we all know, every menstruation of women fall off the upper layer of the endometrium and excrete it; after that, the endometrium is divided into the endometrium from the endometrium base layer of the endometrium.Therefore, after the menstrual period after menstruation, women after menstruation fall off, and the endometrium base layer directly contacts the nursery. The birthplace is directly killed by mechanical scratches and the cytotoxic effects of copper ions to directly kill the endometrium base layer layer layer layer.EssenceTherefore, after 10 to 12 years of women, women have fibrosis lesions.

Having said so much, we just want everyone to understand one thing.If you make a decision, avoid serious damage to your body.

After all, what sisters need are not on the ring, but contraception.Here we also remind you of male friends to treat her wife and love her, and don’t want her to go to the ring!After all, there is no money for condoms!

Little friends, remember to forward it to your circle of friends after watching it!Let more sisters know the disadvantages of the Sheung Wan, and let more men know how much their lover of Sheren loves him!Caring for women’s health, starting from refusing to go to the ring ❤

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