Men have these five characteristics, indicating that "sperm quality" is good!Easy to get pregnant

Giving birth is the continuation of life, and many families are eager to have a healthy baby.Men’s physical ability is poor, and fertility will also decrease. Most men with strong fertility ability are traceable, and generally have these related characteristics.

Studies have found that the amount of semen, the decline in sperm performance, and the increase in sperm damaged by abnormalities or DNA are related to age presentation.The research team did not evaluate the exact proportion of men’s decline in sperm quality due to age. In the analysis, some well -controlled clinical studies can be observed. Sperm quality continues to decline stably with age changes; others show that after 35 years of ageSome sperm features will deteriorate, and other features have begun to deteriorate after 40 years old.Older men may increase the following risks, including obstetric complications and autism.

Generally speaking, most of the young people are not regular. Staying up late becomes normal. Coupled with the smoke and alcohol without leaving, the older the male tobacco, the worse his sperm density, sportiness, form, and activity will be.Even if the smoke is not big, if you smoke more than 20 daily smoking, it can significantly affect the amount of semen, sperm density and sperm activity.There are also long -term drinking and chronic alcoholic poison. The number of sperm and activity sperm rate is reduced, and the detection rate of sperm malformation and abnormal semen has increased.

Men’s sperm with relatively small life pressure usually better quality, because when a male has a long -term psychological burden and too much pressure, it can easily lead to endocrine disorders, which further affects the production of sperm. Sperm is the key to male fertility. Once the sperm qualityAffected, fertility will naturally decline.

Men who like to exercise are usually self -disciplined. Regular exercise can enhance the physique of men. In addition, sedentary can make reproductive organs in a state of oppression, increase the temperature in the body, and the survival rate of sperm will be reduced.Male friends who often sit in the office are prone to heat dissipation problems in the egg parts, which will affect the quality of sperm.Therefore, male friends should try to exercise as much as possible, not to sit for a long time.

At present, due to the development of modernization, everyone is not worried about eating and drinking, which has also led to excess nutritional conditions in Chinese residents. More and more men are obviously overweight or even obesity, which is often called rich disease.Fat will reduce heat dissipation around the testicular of this low temperature, which will cause the temperature in the scrotum to increase the temperature, which will affect the sperm production and maturity of the testicles.

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