Men have long abstinence, sperm only does not produce, what will happen in the end?Reminder: 4 major consequences to know

Li Ming (a pseudonym) is the only child of the family, and has received special care and expectations of his family.Since getting married, his family has begun to urge him to ask for children, but Li Ming thinks that his career has not been stable, and he wants to wait.However, the urging of his family made him feel unprecedented.

In order to improve his sperm quality, Li Ming heard a saying on the Internet that long -term abstinence can improve the quality of sperm, so he started long -term abstinence.He will only be in the same room when his wife ovulates, and other times keep restraint.Li Ming firmly believes that this approach is correct, which can improve the quality and density of sperm and make his children healthier.After a period of time, I went to the hospital for examination and found that the quality of semen had declined, and he was surprised.

Will men’s sperm be constantly generated?

Men’s sperm will continue to occur, but with the increase of age, the number and quality of sperm will gradually decline.

The generation of sperm is a continuous process. Sperm is constantly produced and mature in the testicles, and then is discharged from the body when transported to ejaculation through the vasal tube.Newborn sperm cells need about 72 days to mature, and they will be stored in sperm libraries after maturity.Therefore, even if men are constantly excreted semen, it will not affect the generation and storage of new sperm.

However, with the increase of age, the number and quality of men’s sperm will gradually decrease.Some studies have shown that with the increase of age, the number and quality of sperm will gradually decrease, resulting in a decrease in men’s fertility.This is because with the increase of age, the metabolic ability of men’s body gradually decreases, and the function of testicles will gradually weaken, which will affect the production and quality of sperm.

Men’s abstinence, sperm quality is better?

Ascetic can improve the quality of sperm to a certain extent, but you need to pay attention to the control of abstinence time and not overly.Moderate abstinence can allow sperm to accumulate in the body and improve the density and quality of sperm, which is conducive to conception and eugenics.However, if the abstinence time is too long, anti -effects will cause the number and quality of sperm, which will affect fertility.

What are the effects of long -term abstinence?

Long -term abstinence will have adverse effects on men’s bodies, mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

Sperm quality decreases: Long -term abstinence will cause sperm to accumulate for a long time in the body, which will affect the quality of sperm.The number of sperm may increase, but the quality will decrease.This may affect men’s fertility and reduce the surrogacy rate.

Semen abnormalities: Long -term abstinence can cause hormone levels in semen to disorders, causing semen abnormalities.This will not only affect the reproductive ability of men, but also increase the risk of diseases such as prostatitis.The muscles of the seminal vesicles may also become excessive tension, which leads to the discharge function of the seminal vesicles, which will cause chronic seminal vesiculitis.

Sexual dysfunction: Long -term abstinence can adversely affect the sexual function of men, which leads to reduced sexual desire and impotence.This is because the generation of sexual desire requires a normal physiological mechanism. Long -term abstinence will make the body adapting to the state of low sexual desire, thereby gradually reducing sexual function.

It is easy to cause diseases such as seminal vesiculitis: long -term abstinence can also cause diseases such as seminal vesiculitis, and in severe cases, it will affect the reproductive health of men.This is because the accumulation of sperm in the body is too long, which makes the seminal vessels in a high pressure state, which is easy to infect bacteria and cause diseases such as seminal vesiculitis.

Men’s 5 "killing" behavior, usually pay attention to

In daily life, there are some habits and behaviors that may "kill sperm", leading to a decline in sperm quality and affecting fertility.The following are the five "killing" behaviors that men need to pay attention to:

Smoking and drinking: Smoking and excessive drinking may have a adverse effect on men’s reproductive systems.The chemicals in tobacco will cause the number of sperm and quality to decrease, while increasing the risk of diseases such as seminal vesiculitis; alcohol will reduce the number and quality of sperm, leading to an increase in sperm malformation rate.Therefore, men should try to avoid smoking or quit smoking, and moderately control the amount of drinking to protect reproductive health.

Excessive behavior: Frequent sexual behavior may adversely affect men’s sperm quality.Although sexual behavior itself does not reduce the number of sperm, excessive behavior may cause problems such as decreased sperm movement and rising deformity rates, which will affect men’s fertility ability.Therefore, men should control sexual desire to avoid excessive frequent sexual behavior.

Long -term hot bath: Long -term hot bath will increase the temperature of the testicles, which will affect the sperm production and exercise ability.Therefore, men should avoid taking hot baths for a long time, especially during pregnancy.

Insufficient sleep: Insufficient sleep can affect the sexual function and fertility of men.Long -term lack of sleep can reduce testicular function, affect sperm production and quality.Therefore, men should ensure sufficient sleep time and maintain good sleep quality.

Do this well -conservation sperm

Sperm is an important part of the male reproductive system and is of great significance for male health and fertility.In order to protect the health of sperm, men can take the following measures:

Healthy diet: Reasonable diet structure has an important impact on the generation and movement of sperm.Men should pay attention to eating foods rich in nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and protein, such as green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts, seafood, lean meat, etc.

Moderate exercise: Moderate exercise can promote blood circulation and metabolism, and help improve the number and quality of sperm.Men should choose the way of exercise that suits them, such as walking, running, swimming, etc.

Smoking restrictions: Tobacco and alcohol have adverse effects on the production and movement of sperm. Men should try to quit smoking as much as possible, or completely quit smoking.

Avoid tights and sitting for a long time: sitting pants and sitting for a long time will increase the testicular temperature, which will affect the production and movement of sperm.Men should choose loose and breathable clothes to avoid sitting for a long time.

Control sex: Excessive life can lead to a decrease in the number of sperm and decline in quality, affecting men’s fertility.Men should control sexual desire to avoid excessive life.

Moderate abstinence: Moderate abstinence can accumulate sperm in the body and improve the density and quality of sperm.However, too long abstinence can also lead to anti -effects, affecting the generation and movement of sperm.

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