Men from a non -marriage policy: I ca n’t get a woman to give birth to a woman when I do n’t get pregnant

Recently, the Sichuan Health and Health Commission issued the "Administrative Measures for Sichuan Province’s Maternity Registration Service", which canceled the restrictions on whether the registration object was married and attracted attention.

In terms of social phenomena, there are many cases of non -marriage and fertility:

1. House together but not ready to get married, and do not want to kill the child;

2. I can’t get married for an appointment, but the woman wants to be a mother again.

3. Active or passive becoming a third party’s pregnancy;

4. Passive pregnancy, but various reasons (such as the thoughts that do not give birth, etc.) have children alone;

5. Single women buy sperm at foreign sperm banks as IVF and successfully get pregnant;

Make men more responsible. Don’t think that the woman’s accident is only the only solution to the woman to get the fetus.

Although I am pregnant, I always feel that he or she is not his own destination. Although everyone is together, the conditions for marriage are far from arriving.Come down.

If the man supports it, it is naturally a good thing. The child is recognized by both parents. Regardless of whether he is married, the child’s parents are clear and the support is clear.If the man does not support and the woman has the right to give birth to a child, the man should also bear the responsibility of support.This gives women greater rights to determine that she is still born with this child.This makes men be more alert to the protection of the woman. I can’t simply want to get pregnant. It is a woman to get fetal.Maybe there will be fewer men in this world.Of course, kind men should not be pulled down to the water for a lifetime because they don’t pay much attention.

Should there be a less behavior of the artillery?

I think that in this case, I think the child should be spread on the man in this case. It seems to be voluntary at first, as if it is understandable.The children’s hukou will be completely voluntary in the future.If the man is unwilling to bear it, it seems that it is full.The child’s hukou is located in the mother’s house. In the future, only the property of the mother will not hinder anyone.However, in essence, the blood relationship is recognized. As long as there is a blood relationship, the responsibility must be liable, so there are more concerns about the artillery, and you will be a father if you do n’t do it.

The third party may be more.

The third party’s pregnancy may be that the woman knows that she is still active, and it may be that the woman is deceived and passive.However, the law also recognizes the relationship between blood, and non -marriage children have the right to inherit the same inheritance as the children of marriage.Therefore, there is one more agreement before marriage. The common property of the two can only be inherited by children. When you sign this, you can rest assured that no one can divide your QQ.But without such agreement, non -marriage children will divide the property that should belong to the children of marriage.

Parent -child identification business up

This does not understand this.

The biggest loss of a child is definitely the woman. If there is a responsible father, who wants to be a single mother?It’s not the last resort.

Not to mention the situation of being injured. If the woman is really willing to give birth to a child, the child’s rights can only rely on the law.I hope that this situation should be legally executed by most of the responsibility for raising, and the hukou follows the mother to enjoy the same rights in the inheritance of heritage, but what can a rapist have the ability?possible.So it is best not to do this.I hope that there will be a little less rapist?

However, there is another rare situation, that is, family contradictions, seizing the marriage certificate to prevent the processing procedures; now the woman can apply for the childbirth as long as it is registered online to support women’s dominance of their own fertility.If you are born, you can do it with who you do.

But in the end, the woman’s economy is the final say. If you think that the regulations can really help you, you have to have that ability to shoot.If your marriage is a parasitic marriage, if your love relationship is parasitic love, then no matter how just you are, how can you help you, because you have given birth to the child alone, and everything in the follow -up will not be pushed.Who will walk into this dead alley again.

Therefore, this regulation must be more important to see women independently than marriage, and it will also stimulate these people to spontaneously give birth or more.When children grow up, this is the ultimate big name that really stimulates childbearing.Hope!

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