Men enter the female prison, causing two female prisoners to become pregnant?American women’s prison is more chaotic than you think

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In the impression of ordinary people, prisons are often chaotic places, just like Hong Kong films in the last century, bald prisoners, tattered prison uniforms, meals without oil and water, pretty overbearing prison guards, and riots who riot everywherePrisoner …

But in fact, prison is more orderly than most people think.

(Stills of American Women’s Prison)

There is an exception of a prison: that is, the "American Women’s Prison" just detains women.Compared with ordinary prisons, American women’s prison is more chaotic and dangerous.

So someone may be curious: How messy is the women’s prison in the United States?Where will women encounter?

First of all, a topic that women can’t go around are sexual assault.Whether in developed or developing countries, women have been sexually assaulted by sexual assault, which can be said to have always been common cases.

(Sexual threat is the most fearful crime of many women)

In prison, such a problem was enlarged.According to the relevant media, at least 15%of the 200,000 women in the United States have suffered sexual assault.

This data is four times that men are sexually assaulted in prison!What’s even more terrible is that the number of data in this data comes from the same sex!

This may make people a little shocking: women also sexually assaulted women?It is true that according to research, women in prison will become more violent and aggressive. The number of fighting is 1.5 times that of men, and the number of attacks between each other is twice that of men.

The girls in American women’s prisons are not a soft lamb, but a big gray wolf with a large blood basin!

(In a depressed prison, a person’s personality will change to a certain extent)

Stati Roganz is a female prisoner who has been humiliated and infringed by women.She can still remember the tobacco flavor in saliva when she was humiliated at the time, and for several hours of sexual abuse.For her, this is a kind of torture.

Can’t you ask the prison guard or manager?Many people have such innocent thinking, but in fact, American prison guards are not good.

In the proven allegations, 58%of the violations were made by prisoners, and the remaining 42%of the sexual assault charges were derived from the staff.Considering that there are more quantities and no significant evidence, and the protection of officials within the United States, this data may be far beyond imagination.

(The judicial system in the United States is biased, and it is obvious that they will not bid to sinners)

In 2011, a female prisoner named Michelle in the United States was imprisoned for nearly six months.Obviously, she did not commit a felony, and the place to hold her was not an extremely evil place.

But even so, Michelle was still unforgettable for that time: she remembered the beatings and abuse of each attack, and the staff’s contempt and behavior of her.

Michelle is also not an example. She is one of the American prisoners who have been violated.In the Federal Prison of California, California, the more terrible and more appalling cases occurred.

(Dublin Federal Prison)

Federal prison technician Kylins was accused of sexually assaulted two prisoners in 2020, and 49 -year -old priest Haheus was charged with sexual harassment prisoners in 2018 and 2019.

What’s more creepy is that the prison chief of the prison also participated in sexual assault on female prisoners.His behavior even went to the next level, reaching the point of sexual abuse.

For example, he has forced the female prisoner to take a picture and store it in his mobile phone and computer.He had used his power to intimidate the victim and let her give up the idea of allegations.

(American female prisoner)

Even after all of this, Garcia was promoted!This is all due to the two faces he disguised: Garcia has repeatedly published a topic of cracking down on prison abuse in public.

The Federal Prison of the Dublin is deep, and ordinary allegations and complaints are simply.In 2017, a female prisoner stated that she was sexually assaulted, but her complaint was notified by the prison.

Even her legal adviser did not stand on her side, but chose to help prison guards threatening her together. This kind of scene was just suffocating just to think about it.

(It has nothing to do with graphics)

In 2019, a female prisoner was raped by a maintenance worker. She wrote a lawsuit of a prosecution document, but she received a three -month separate imprisonment and prison -those who violated her were not punished.

Instead, she spent a lot of money and a lot of time to find an excellent lawyer and did a useless work.

Even if the staff’s claws are avoided, this does not mean that the female prisoners have obtained the security: they have an endless hurdle, that is, the American prison therapist.

The female prisoners who were originally rescued after being injured and infringed will be attacked and violated there: this is enough to make any healthy person desperate.

Due to frequent rape, sexual assault, and abuse cases, the Federal Prison of Dublin is also known as the ‘Rape Club’. This is enough to show the facts of prison staff in prison and the facts that American female prisoners have faced.

(Internal prison)

In addition to the ‘magnificent large number’ of the US judicial system itself to prison staff, prison officials who are good at creating ‘evidence’ for themselves are one of the reasons why the Federal Prison of Dublin can stand for a long time.

They will carefully select evidence to get rid of everything for themselves, such as traditional confession, manufacturing is not present, etc. This is one of the important reasons for the US judicial system to misjudge the Metropolitan Federal Prison.

Some officials even felt that the employees of the Federal Prison of Dublin were the young man of ‘honest and diligent "and a diversified employee.

This situation lasted until 2020, and only four related personnel were arrested.But even after being arrested, the administrative judge still couldn’t believe that the staff in the prison would make a female prisoner. Such a terrible thing, they still felt incredible.

(Compared to prisoners, prison guards are more trusted)

Where there is oppression, there is resistance.Faced with the insulting and sexual assault of the staff, did the female prisoners not think of resistance?There must be.But in addition to being unequal. In addition to the status of both sides, there are still many things that hinder the resistance of female prisoners.

For example, the mouth -watering power in the hands, as well as the derivatives brought by power -supplies.

What’s in the prison?Unbearable foods, poor materials, maybe there will be countless cockroaches on the bed: Who would like to stay in such a place?No one wants.

(The violent female prisoner)

But the prison does not want to come. If you want to improve, in order to improve your life, sex has really become a resource that can be exchanged.Many people regard this as a way to make a living. They use physical exchanges with their body and actively cooperate with those staff.

In this way, they can get cigars, drugs, burgers, perfumes, and even cash.Many female prisoners tend to be a heron, because this will make them feel: they still live in a normal world.

(Supermarket in prison)

Some people can even leave with enough money: a prisoner named Kimelle said that he took away $ 6,000 when he left the prison. Most of these prison guards were given by those prisoners who violated her, but this did not bring her to herThe sense of victory.Instead, she felt like an antelope, and the staff was a lion.

Cigarettes are hard currency in prison. It is really described in Hong Kong films. Most things can be priced with cigarettes.An anonymous person revealed that a prison guard used cheese burgers and cigarettes in exchange for port service, while cigarettes were sold by servicers to buy a necessity such as toilet paper and sanitary napkins.

Materials are just an extension of power. The objects that truly have power are far from such complicated ways. They only need simple intimidation, and even the temptation is eliminated.

For example, in the Rowville Correctional Council with 2696 prisoners, male officials with rights will enter the bathroom when the prisoners take a bath and choose ‘goods’ to prepare for their relationship.

(Women’s prisoners are not free anywhere)

This was originally a normal right: because the prisoners were in a relatively closed, unregulated environment at that time, the authorities were afraid that the prisoners would use prepared tools to escape from time to time when bathing.

But this normal right is ultimately used to satisfy the selfish desires of some officials.According to the official documents, the sexual behavior in the prison is almost "ubiquitous", and even in the middle of the night, the guards will enter the cell and take the female prisoner away.

In the eyes of these people, prisons filled with female prisoners are not imprisoned prisoners and places for prisoners to change from new opportunities. They are more like a high -level and free sex club.

Perhaps the only luck is ordinary female prisoners who are weak and not very beautiful. They do not have to bear sexual assault, but they are treated by the prison guards.

(In women’s prison, it is not attractive to become an advantage)

This twisted phenomenon has gradually formed a culture: sexuality is used as a resource that must be exchanged.If you do it, you have everything.If you don’t go, you can get anything.

In prison, female prisoners need to face the sexual threat of prison guards, prisons, and therapists, and facing the scene of selling sufficient supplies to sell their bodies.

But when the night came, the iron door was locked, and the female prisoner returned to the cell, and everything was trapped. This phenomenon seemed to disappear briefly -at least in the dream, they could sleep well.A wonderful life.But is this really the case?

Obviously, this is not the case.In the LGBT group, that is, the political correctness of transgender people has gradually swept European and American countries, and the cells cannot become a shelter for female prisoners.

(LGBT Rainbow Banner)

They will face a more embarrassing, terrible fact: how to face the ‘he’ around them, and the cross -gender.

Cross -sex, as the name implies, is a person with gender cognitive disorder, such as boys who think they are girls, girls think they are boys, etc.The current method of dealing with the United States is to put in prisons based on gender identity.

Don’t you think you are a woman?Then live with a woman with a woman!This is to avoid the decisions of anti -intellectual protests to avoid annoyance.

However, such a decision obviously brought enough damage to the female prisoner: In February 2020, a women’s prison in Illinois, USA exposed such a fact: a prisoner of prisoner claimed that he had been sexually assaulted by a transgender prisoner.

(Cross -sex prisoners in the United States)

After being sexually assaulted, the female prisoner protested to the appeal, but was pressed by the Correctional Services Department. Under the pressure of the superiors, the female prisoner was forced to become a "voluntary violation".Is it called sexual assault for women?It’s not written in the law!

This is not just an example.In 2022, a black -transgender named Demin Mino made two prison friends successfully pregnant during his sentence. This incident happened in the only women’s prison in New Jersey: Edna Mahan Prison.

Although the prison claims that the two pregnant female prisoners are voluntarily related to Demmy, considering that the female prisoner of Illinois has been ‘voluntary’, whether the two pregnant female prisoners are indeed true, it remains to be considered.

Fortunately, this time the US authorities did not let go of it. On June 28, 2022, Demi was transferred from female prison to male prison.On Twitter, Demi expressed his anger for the matter, and claimed that ‘hate to the real me must stop’, which is obviously dissatisfied with the authorities’ approach.

(Cross -sex prisoner Demi)

He still wants to have a dream of three thousand in the ancient emperor’s harem in the women’s prison.Maybe after being transferred to a men’s prison, his thoughts would converge slightly.

But it is not all. The transgender people living in women’s prisons are all harmfuls.There are also some people who have endured the disdainful eyes of others and are in a weak position when they have a relationship.

That was in March 2021, a cross -sex female prisoner was violated by roommates within 24 hours of entering the prison.Nor willing to provide him with any help.

It is very difficult to understand whether this transgender person is located in men’s prisons or women’s prisons.Smith, a professor at the school’s law school, said that this may represent the "systemic" problem of sexual assault in the US prison.

It may be possible that only the United States is setting up a "transgender prison" to specialize in cross -gender prisoners, and this chaos can gradually calm down.

(Perhaps many people are looking forward to the arrival of cross -sex prison)

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