Men are suspected to be as "pregnant" because of drinking medicine, and the multidisciplinary of Shantou Central Hospital joined forces to successfully treat them.

There is a fragment in "Journey to the West". When passing through the daughter’s country, Tang Seng and Bajie drank the mother river water, and their stomachs were as large as pregnant women.This dramatic scene has recently appeared at Shantou Central Hospital. A male liver patient with a pregnant woman who is as big as pregnant is a doctor.Unlike ordinary patients with liver disease, the patient’s diagnosis and treatment process was a bit twisted. Under the joint infection, video medicine, vascular intervention, and pathology department in the hospital, the cause was finally clearly clear that after careful treatment, he was recovered and discharged.

Mr. Ke, 51, usually likes to "drink a few glasses". He has a staggering amount of alcohol for a long time.Doctors diagnosed as "alcoholic liver cirrhosis, liver cirrhosis loss period, and hepatitis B small three Yangs".In order to further clarify the cause and treatment, Mr. Ke was transferred to the infection department of Shantou Central Hospital.

According to Mr. Ke’s long -term drinking habits and the history of "hepatitis B Xiaoyang", coupled with symptoms such as abdominal distension, jaundice, and signs of liver palm, spider mole, abdominal swelling and other signs, doctors considerSponsor.But a series of inspections showed that Mr. Ke did not have liver cirrhosis.Combined with Mr. Ke’s history of "tuberculosis", doctors have further considered the peritoneal effusion caused by tuberculosis to the abdominal cavity caused by tuberculosis, but the results of the examination cannot be verified.At this point, the common causes have been excluded. Mr. Ke has become a patient with difficult cases. He cannot find the cause, and symptoms such as abdominal pain and abdominal distension have always existed.

Director Chen Ruilie of the Department of Infertility Department of the Infertility Department of the Infertility Department of Wu Lingjie, Chen Yihong, a doctor of the bed, and physicians in the professional group of liver disease Asians discussed, considering that the patient’s small vein occlusal syndrome may be large, so the patient’s abdominal magnetic resonance (MRI) was performed to the patientWith liver pathological puncture biopsy, the cavity vein+hepatic vein photography is performed with the assistance of the chief team of Kima Yantuan.Syndrome, HSOS).After the cause is clear, in order to relieve the symptoms, the infection department has once again combined with the vascular intervention department for perculent intramidate intra -intraocular venous vein.After comprehensive treatment of cause, improving circulation, and symptoms, Mr. Ke’s "‘ belly ’water was difficult to harvest” and finally “‘ water ’fall out of ‘real’ out” and successfully recovered to discharge.

Chen Ruilie introduced that when questioning the patient’s history from the patient, the patient stated that 3 months ago I bought herbs and sparkling wine on the Internet. I wanted to be treated with strong bones. I did not expect to start bloating and abdominal pain and discomfort.Considering the patient’s hepatopromed syndrome is related to taking herbs.

Knowing Duo D: Drinking medicine and wine can easily cause liver vascular disease

Hepative Veno-Oclusive Disease (HVOD), also known as Hepatic Sinusoidal Obstruction Syndrome (HSOS). PulseEndotabolic cell edema, necrosis, falling off and forming microstructure, causing liver vascular diseases that cause liver congestion, liver injury, and portal hypertension.The clinical manifestation is abdominal distension, pain in the liver area, ascites, jaundice, and liver enlargement.Diseases such as Buka syndrome and liver cirrhosis are often misdiagnosed, which affects timely diagnosis and treatment.

The cause of HSOS is significantly different at home and abroad. Most of the cases reported abroad occur after the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells. In my country, most plants containing pyrobe alkali, such as soil three, thousands of miles, pork shit beans, sky mustard, etc."my country’ s Chinese herbal medicine is widely used, and folk also has the habit of drinking ‘medicinal wine’. These Chinese herbal medicines have effects such as hemostasis and pain relief. Therefore, it is inevitable that someone drinks the medicinal wine soaked in these Chinese herbal medicines. It is the medicinal wine soaked in the herbal medicines purchased online. I want to achieve the purpose of "promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, relieving muscles and active".

It is understood that severe liver sinus blocking syndrome can concurrent multi -organ dysfunction, with a mortality rate of more than 80%."We should correctly understand the huge harm containing pyrcoat alkaline plants. We need to use Chinese herbal medicine regularly under the guidance of physicians or pharmacists. Do not abuse Chinese herbal medicine privately." Chen Ruilie suggested.

"I have a drink, but it is also hurting the body. It is just a‘ liver ’.” Chen Ruilie introduced that in addition to prescribing liver toxic drugs, alcohol is also a common cause of liver injury.Long -term drinking (long -term generally refers to more than 5 years, and the amount of ethanol quantity is ≥40g/d, women ≥20g/d, or a large number of drinking history of drinking within 2 weeks, equivalent to ethanol quantity> 80g/d) can cause alcoholic liver disease, far awayPeriod can occur in liver fibrosis, cirrhosis, and even primary liver cancer.In addition, not only the liver, long -term drinking is also toxic for multiple system organs such as cardiovascular system, digestive system, and nervous system, which is not conducive to human health.

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